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David, my link above shows Kate Smith singing those words you speak of.. Versus...BEAUTIFUL...

This would be even better for an anthem... Revolution's Coming

I don't think this is in keeping with what I think is our objective. This spews

hate for the rich. Who are they? What is the definition of rich and where do

you/we draw the line? This shows a Banker (presumably) being dragged out of

a building for a beat down. That is not keeping our actions within the realm of

the Constitution. Nor is the destruction of Personal Property shown in the video.

Not all so called rich are the enemy of the USA. Some are in fact the epitome of

what Capitalism and Free markets within the USA are all about. Who pays for

Revolution's, the so called rich. George Washington was a so called rich person

in his day. He was destitute at the end of the Revolution for not taking a salary

as a General (or President) and using his wealth for food and salary for his soldiers

until he had no more to give. He didn't even have funds to repair his Mount Vernon

home when the Revolution was over. I can't understand half the words this guy is

singing, maybe that's just me. Anyway, I like "Don't Tread on US" and its video better.

Yes, it says it all.

i JUST CONTACTED THE SINGER OF THIS SONG....I believe somehow he sent this song to me awhile back and said use it freely, but I could not remember, so I am awaiting his reply to the question if we can use this song for OAS!

Yes, song is excellent, also has a contemporary sound and is not like a whiny Liberal protest song.

I don't think this is what we're trying to accomplish.

Although it may be what will happen if we don't do something first.

Larry, et al.....This is an anthem without  a capital A.  It does match the Miriam Webster definition of anthem; however, it IS the weakest definition.  The more strict definitions incorporate divinity.  This anthem would NOT be my choice.  I understand that you would probably desire a modern instrumental combo (combination) for accompaniment.  That could easily be done.  The melodic line is boring and being in a minor key does not help.  For instance, Lee Greenwood's God bless the U.S.A. is in a major key as is one of Sean Hannity's theme songs for his radio show: Independence Day by Martina McBride.  Furthermore, the text indicates that the opposition only need concern themselves with us, that it is we who are powerful.  I suggest that they opposition needs to worry about us because God is working through us. Given time to develop and compose a text, then apply that text to a suitable melody, and finally set that melody to a suitable popular style accompaniment would be easy if given the time.  Rushed products are not usually the best. This "anthem" is acceptable, but certainly not great.  The minor key will stop spirit boosting.  I could create a laid-back team camaraderie at best.  At this late hour, I know of nothing better.  ChoirMaestroJack@.... 

G. Miller has a good idea in Ed Bobet by citing his quote.  I could not get this to work but I believe he is at .  This would work nicely.  Better yet, I like carolyn Hamilton's suggestion of God bless America as it is a song we all know already, it incorporates God into our stance, it IS in a major key for liveliness ad uplifting, and contains a rousing closing which would aid in spirit boosting.  Good comments and suggestion from both of you!  Bravo!  ChoirMaestroJack@....

No, is the email address for an excellent sound company- Entertainment Technology. The owner, Bob Spittle, says that he has a booking for the very next morning in California, so he couldn't do the OAS 5/16 gig .



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