• A great anthem Larry...........we probably need someone or some outfit to help us at D.C. with a sound system that will play songs like this one...........

    Where is that source?   Anyone??

    • This would be a great spirit booster not only for U.S., but others who could hear it while seeing U.S. in D.C. I believe it would move others to join U.S.

    • Harry: try He has done patriot events for us in the past. He may need help with expenses.

  • I like it, gets my vote.

  • What a fabulous tune and a hard charging ballad for our message to the Constitution destroyers every where

  • damn right , that would make a great anthem . there was also a few 2nd Amendent songs to go along with this one

  • I strongly agree that this should be "our" national anthem!

  • Strongly agree with this being our Anthem.

  • I think this was already submitted for to be used by OAS.   I got an email from someone, could have been the person making this song.    They said to use it for OAS freely.  I wish I would have kept the email or remember who sent it to me.

  • Hi All,

              The USA already has an Anthem. There should only be one Anthem.

    "Don't Tread On US" would make a great "Motto", just as the Boy Scouts

    have "Be Prepared" we should have "Don't Tread on US"! This goes well

    with the Gadsden Flag, Don't Tread on Me". The fact that

    "Don't Tread on US" has lyrics that fit in perfectly with the OAS objective is

    fantastic! If calling it a Motto is too corny, then call it "A Call to Action", or

    "For the Republic" or some such thing. Each Branch of the Military has its

    own song.  They call it a Hymn vs an Anthem or Motto. Should "Don't Tread

    on US" be OAS's Hymn? That probably makes more sense. Again, please lets

    just have the original USA Anthem be the only Anthem. That's my 2 cents. I

    hope you will consider it.

    God Bless all and OAS's objective.

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