‘If Conservatives are Smarter than Socialists, Why are they Losing?’



Are you sure there are two competing sides in the American battle for freedom and liberty? Or are those two sides in the battle pushing towards the same end?

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Don, You stooge look at the article!!!!! Larry posted it, your photo is from his CAMPAIGN PLANE from 2008. Your photo is not up to date and you did not even take the time to investigate the propaganda you are spreading! You are part if the problem we are having in this country right now.... some jackass running around spouting his fool head of about all the shit he does not know! What i posted are photos of the two planes that ARE used as Air Force 1 and its back-up, what you posted was a plane that is not even the same size. The article Larry posted is the plane you photo came from and you respond with out even looking at any of the evience proving you to be WRONG, but claim your shit don't stink. NOw until you can pull your head from your ass, don't go away mad.... just go away! Your article claims that the plane is a 757...that is NOT what is used as Air Force 1.... it is a 747-200B designated design is a VC-25A. So not only can you not vet the information..... the source you get it from can not.

Sorry about not addressing the person to whom i was responding too in my response, i will be more attentive to that in the future. But i have had it with people like this that make more work for all of the rest of us.

You are Welcome, i am happy to help in any way i can.

Thank You

Having been in this battle long before Obama was President, I have noticed several things. Conservatives often cannot keep their debates based on IDEAS  but eventually end up hurling personal insults at one another. This accomplishes nothing but anger. And we seem to be less accepting of different interpretations of the Constitution. Instead of talking them out, the insults begin flying!  I have witnessed so many sites go under because the administrator would not tolerate a difference of ideas - I am not speaking of rudeness, personal attacks, trolls, etc. but they are quick to ban differing ideas and membership dwindles. As a precinct executive committeeman, I know that Republicans just refuse to organize and work as the Liberals do. It makes me so sad! 

Now, before I am attacked, those are just my thoughts. I know many will disagree. I hear often that God will take care of us. I believe HE will but I also believe HE expects us to work for it.. HE didn't bring down the Walls of Jericho without requiring something of the people.

We must prove our faith in God by being kinder, gentler, more forgiving, and working FOR HIM! We must band together, stop drawing lines in the sand which blow away with the first slight breeze and draw our line in granite! Then we shall prevail!

Perhaps I did not state my position clearly! I agree with you entirely! A line in the sand is willy nilly and goes which ever way the wind blows! A line in granite is well- defined and does not move. It its NOT all accepting! I became a State Delegate so that I could rid my party of those who are only Conservative at election time, in front of the TV cameras, and then go back to DC and vote with the Liberals and meet with Obama behind closed doors!

To me a Conservative is God-fearing, believes that Congress makes the laws as our representatives, the President executes them and defends our Country and SCOTUS determines if a Congressional law meets Constitutional standards. They do NOT make their own laws. Congress is allowed to make laws only on the enumerated powers given to it in the Constitution. The rest are up to the people and the States.

We do NOT allow other countries to take our land via treaties or military pacts.

Is this an incorrect definition of a Conservative?



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