‘If Conservatives are Smarter than Socialists, Why are they Losing?’



Are you sure there are two competing sides in the American battle for freedom and liberty? Or are those two sides in the battle pushing towards the same end?

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Conservatives are not any more smarter or any less smarter.  They just have a better relationship with GOD...

Its because their are more socialist out there with their hands out for the goodies and really dont want to earn or work for the hand out to make it into the middle class. Plus  our gov is not wanting people to work until the MB take control of the country other wise they loose it all... And if you are not a MB you will be taken out like they have done in Egypt today...

 The sad part is Republicans are taking us down this path to socialism, only they are doing it a little bit slower.

Well It looks like between Obama an his muslim friends we are going to be in combat trying to save our county before long. When israel get hit they are going to strike the US and we have to stand or become another arab country....

I dont believe the polls at all, they can be and are manipulated by the pollsters. Remember what happened in 2010, it can again happen in 2012. The conservatives are mad as hell but they dont stand on the corner and scream and yell like the lefties do. We must pray that the conservatives get out and vote as they did in 2010. We can take our country back but we must put all of our support behind whoever wins the primaries. We must vote in a conservative house and Senate, especially the Senate. We need to do our best to get rid of the incumbents and the rinos. The media all said Reagan didnt stand a chance but it was a landslide victory. We can do it again.  we must get obumer out and as many damocrats and rinos as we can. Pray that our country returns to its true roots our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and he will protect us!!!!!

The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY  is not going to protect us until we get off our butts and work for our country. Then HE will help us - just as he did Jericho!

We need the Third American Revolution.

I hope people take the time to actually read this article and then pass it around. JB is correct and this is what i have always corrected people on. The difference in any form of Democracy and a Republic have been twisted so that people no longer understand or know the differences. The key to all that we face is understanding the difference in a Republic which with our form of a Representative Republic just to the left of Anarchy and all other forms of Governance. Anarchy is akin to nothing more than just chaos run a muck with in the borders of any country/society. You can look at several instances of this in Africa now. There is lawlessness all around and it is a fend for yourself society. When you go to the other side of the Republic, no matter what form you look at, they all lead back to a Oligarchy of some sort eventually. When you take what some call our Democratic Republic, of which it is not, it will lead to a Democratic platform that rules by popular vote and not the Rule of Law. That Democratic Society will then lead to a few taking control which is where the Oligarchy takes hold. When you look at any of the forms of Government in the world today they all fall under that form of governance. Socialism, Communism, Fascism, a Monarchy or any other all fall under the umbrella of an Oligarchy at some point where a very few rule over all and take all.

When our Founding Fathers gave us the Constitutional Republic, they knew that it would take the work of all the citizens to keep it and be involved in it for us to keep it. What has been at work here in America is the slow subversion of many people to look away from that so that small changes could be made until one day, the Republic is no more and America has its own Oligarchy under one name or another.


Don I  believe  THE MESS CALLED AGENDA 21 IS WHATS driving the train. This haas been going on for a century and finally agreed on in the 1990s at a meeting in the South Americas. Might Goole Agenda 21 and see what it say's . Funny too we never heard anything about Agenda 21 until this last election of 2008. Them progressives have been working on this many many years. The meeting in the South Americas was between the most eliete in the world making their last stand to create and agree on a one world Government. . Everything else is falling into place..   The younsters are now dumbed down there are not many patriots being Carter done away with the draft. Many patiots came from the drafting days of selective service. Rats figured that out long ago thats why Carter was instructed by the Illuminatte to get rid of it and also to give up the panama canal . He was a clutz in our eyes same as Obama is a nut case. However their peers liked them both because they chipped away at the American way on and on. I think everyone in DC is a progressive communist bastard or other wise which ever the shoe fits.

Twana, I've been in the marketing business some 50+ years.  If there's been one constant throughout my experience, it's been that people do not read.

They either listen to their friends at church, at the bar, or at work... Seldom do any of them have an original thought in their head.

The only reason places like this message board exist, is that folks like us are bored or can't sleep, or both.

Steven Elliott is correct...  We need another Revolution...

Molon Labe!

Twana, I didn't say life is useless... Or that this site was useless... Quite the contrary.

What I said was that few people were paying attention, and that fewer still understood what they were reading.

Have a great day!

And Merry Christmas!

Twana, the point is that WE read. WE must spread this message of true liberty. WE must speak at every opportunity to those who dont yet get it. Many of the dumded down will listen if WE tell them the truth. This site gives me informational ammo.




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