‘If Conservatives are Smarter than Socialists, Why are they Losing?’



Are you sure there are two competing sides in the American battle for freedom and liberty? Or are those two sides in the battle pushing towards the same end?

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I have seen a picture passed around on Facebook. It had the donkey, elephant and snake on it. The donkey was progressive, the elephant progressive lite, and the snake free.


  dOES NOT SEEM TO ME THAT ONE IS ANY SMARTER than the other. What does come to mind is the idea or threats andcoercion from the left  leadership to the right.

Take Scott Brown for an ( EXAMPLE ONLY ) he is fairly new to Congress FROM LAST ELECTION. He is an attorney he also is a Jag Officier in the National Guard hol;ding Rank of Lieutenant Colnel. During his first few weeks in Congress the health care bill was voted on. He voted yes on that bill. He rauns a a Republician. Had all this hoopla "I will not support this ealth Care.

 The story goes on to say the Govenor of Mass. Offered to send him on orders to Iraq or Afganistan or some other military mission if he does not support Obongos endeavors. Guess what he is a turn coat putting his personal interest before the people . Last week or two weeks ago he voted yes re the military being able to detain civilians indefiently. So being the Rats have an upper hand via coercion and threats that would make the law makers really uncomfortable in life style. They all buckle and go along with the administration. Had he not voted the way he did he woud have been in the Sand Box. And some one else would have been in the Congressional seat he won through winning the Mass. People confidence. Shame on the Rats Govenor in Mass. He ruined a good man.  Its nothing to do with being smarter but the ability to manipulate the lawmakers be it money or via coercion. tHIRTY YEARS THE rATS HAVE BEEN IN SOME SORT OF MAJORITY OF POWER IN dc. They all are Commies , or some other new word that indicates the same . Our students are dumbed down as well as the last generation and a half OF STUDENTS

Paul I do believe you are dead center of target. Just listening to all the wanna be's during the debates and also when they are doing mono campagin speeches . Everyone of them talk about taking something away from the people that the people have already paid for or; are paying for .

For the sake of promoting their agendas to come  exercising borth parties future endeavors. I like the barter system and freedom. The oath I took in my earlier years still stands . Once a soldier always a soldier..Thanks For your post.

While I am not a fan of Ron Paul at all and I don't think he has a chance of winning, as I listen to the debates I am led to one simple conclusion. RON PAUL IS THE ONLY WHO HAS EVER READ THE CONSTITUTIION!  His mantra "IT IS UP TO THE STATES"  upsets people because that means they have to leave the couch and do something! Heaven forbid that happen! I spent a decade studying the Constitution and teaching it - our candidates are clueless! Stop reading the "5,000 Year Leap" and READ THE CONSTITUTION AND THE FEDERALISTS PAPERS!




Well, after reading your reply several times, I wonder if you read my post.

.1,  The Constitution was written by men who believed in GOD!  God did not write it.

 2. God DID write the Ten Commandments and gave them to Moses

  3.Your point is? I am not going through 6 or 7 steps to download a program to read an article that few places can open.

I have the letters, dairies, journals, etc. of the Founding Fathers telling me THEY WROTE THE CONSTITUTION! And they did it with a great believe in the CREATOR!. 

Definitely a unique thought on our Constitution and one I have never heard in my decades of study of American history and its beginnings. Nor as a lifelong Christian - and very active in my Lutheran Church.


   Robert I took the time to check out the attachment you posted. It turns up as FLASH TRASH, Broken VIRUS etc. Not sure what your point is here in your post ie thread. However appears to me you could learn something from what Mollie B55 wrote. Easiest way for me to relate  to your message is 1 is incoherent 2 makes no sense as to what your point is nor  what your Hypothisis is . As for me I have not way to read between your lines.............. Have a nice day.

Sting has it about right.  It is obvious to anyone who takes the time to think honestly that the politicians in both parties have other than Constitutional imperatives as their main concern.  I keep repeating that you can't win in a rigged game and the game of government in this Country today is rigged from the ballot box up.  It is going to take something more than traditional confrontation to rid ourselves of the perpetual politicians infecting our Constitutional Republic.  They are NOT going to allow their power, along with their thrust towards an all powerful global authority which supersedes our Constitution, to be minimized.   Those are the facts.  The solution to the problem is obvious to those who live in reality. 

This just shows that he thinks of himself as a Dictator and not a leader... Just a sample of what he is trying to do to America.....

Did you post this without checking into to it first? A poor photoshop of a plane that is NOT the same design as Air Force one and you want to be take serious. The Paultard comments are one thing, but to discredit yourself this way makes you laughable. The Aviation codes for the two 747's that fly for the POTUS are SAM28000 and SAM29000. The photo you have posted here shows the code to begin with what appears to be a 35 and ends in a 4. SAM27000 was retired not to long ago and replaced and many photos of it are still available. When looking at the window layout and the door on this photo it does not match the layout of the VC-25A (Boeing 747-200B) that are what is used currently. Look at the tail in this photo and notice the 28000 on the tail, the absence of the door and the layout of the windows in the photo.and here is the photo of 29000 from the tail.

Notice the Air Force insignia on the side of the plane, the designation numbers and the American Flag on these two photos? They are pictures of the REAL Air Force One and back-up, your photo is that of which a fool passes around making all the rest of us look bad!




 LOL HERE IS A LINK THAT TALKS ABOUT THIS FLAG BEING CHANGED OUT. hOPE THIS HELPS. May be a propaganda or instigation for what ever reason. Does not really make him any more electable eh or does it  if he did change the flag on AF 1.?


Thanks for posting this. I had not seen this article, but it clearly shows the plane is NOT Air Force One, but the plane used by the Campaign of Big Eared Barry.

The article is also from July 21, 2008.... not from a day or two ago. The picture posted by Doh! above is the same plane and goes to show he fooloishly took some BS and ran with it instead of taking the couple minutes to vet the information out and make sure that what he passed on to others was legitimate information.

Thank you for taking the time to do what needs to be done more often.



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