This is for folks to check in here that believe our government did the 9.11.01 terrorist attack upon our country and that muslims did not.

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Denise Baran - Good statement - if you start aligning yourself with iran and muslims.....they have done a good job at BRAINWASHING you!!!  You start believing this's like a frog in a frying pan.  Start doubting muslims did it alone and start believing America helped........your being fried sheeple!!!!  No wonder o'butt-head has so many followers aka sheeple here in America!

I am a doubter more than a truther.  I think there are a good many things we about which we have been lied to.

Well, There had to be a backer, and there was a do'er...... Muslims were probably the doe'rs...... guess who were  the backers.... 

Ethel,  you took the words out of my mouth!

I believe mUSLUMS carried out the attack.  The funding and training was provided by the fEDERAL gOVERNMENT.



Why would the federal  government blow up and attack our own Country?

Ditto the last comment. Look at how many other attacks have had prior gov. knowledge of the attackers: Boston bombing, Fort Hood, underwear bomber....

On 911 I was flying as a B-737 Captain for America West Airlines which is now U.S. Air. Three months before that I ran into one of the hijackers in a bar in Scottsdale, Az. The reason I remember him is because he and another guy were drunk and playing pool and bragging that they were pilots and training on the B-757. We played a few games against them and found out that they were from Saudi Arabia and didn't even have a private pilots license or worked for any airline. I thought this was pretty odd at the time. As the evening wore on they became very vocal and starting bad mouthing the US so we chased them out of the bar. I later recognized one of the guys picture as one of the hijackers.
As far as the B-757 that crashed in the field in Pennsavania, I was on the accident investigation panel at America West and read the accident report. One of the engines and part of the cockpit were found over a mile from the main crash site. This would lead you to believe that the engine and part of the cockpit was blown off at altitude. The report was never made public but there are many who believe that we shot that one down and let the other story stand. These are the only truths that I know about. Of course I would not put it past our government, especially this administration to murder their own citizens to cover something up.

Thanks for your first hand account. I had read about that and also read that the cell phone technology at that time did not support the alleged calls from the aircraft, and that there was very little wreckage found at the scene as it was scattered through adjacent wooded areas. Also, the holes in the wall at the Pentagon (which amazingly enough only destroyed the Naval Intelligence area that had been investigating the disappearance of billions of dollars and other financial crimes) were not wide enough to match up with the wing span of a commercial airplane... more that of a drone.

I am in for the whole nine yards, and those who do not believe that "WE" did it, had better do more research and wisen up.

Who's WE, is there a mouse on your shoulder? Muslims did it and no one else, not Bush, Cheney or anyone who is not a hadji scumbag

I agree with you Don Moore!!!



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