Constitutional Emergency

If you want to be on the Operation American Spring Prayer Team Please alert us to this here

This is what we are looking for in a Prayer team for OAS. 


We must have our works be blessed by God and in God's will. Thus we need all you PFA Prayer Warriors to fulfill this mission of non-stop prayer from now in the beginning stage, through the planning stage, the boots on the ground stage through the completion of missions. Then we need to all rejoice in thanksgiving and honoring God. 


We need full covering prayer. Please let us know in comment section below if you will commit to this work. Thank you so much. 


If you are not interested in this work then please do not post in comment section. We are not seeking that information only the information I asked for above. Thanks for helping out.

Twana Blevins













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The Apostle Paul plead " the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing,and that there be no divisions among you,but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind,and in the same judgement." ! Corinthians 1:10 anyone who has had a Unit Command ought have training in unit cohesiveness. Those hot heads counselled that they will not be tolerated.Easier in the Military where one had the full force of the US Government backing them.But doable even on main street. Harry Riley and our leadership will have what it takes to answer these hotheads.Those who answer the call ought be accountable  in helping with that not encouraging dissent--by holding to the documented goal of the operation.Your prayer  is answered  even as it was spoken.

Would like to be the prayer team.

   "But the people called  must be trained to respond with clarity when others ask WHY we answered the call. And with that clarity comes unity. ONLY  if we are of ONE mind and that  requires clarity can we stand as ONE.Brush fires-- dissent -- confusion-- even honest inquiry  from outside are easier to deal with if there is clarity of mind."

   Has you develop the new page, Robert, the training of yourself, and that of training, earlier received from Patriots, an American republic, will guide, and clarify the new page. There is not a single one of us, U.S., with all the questions, and answers, but each one of us having a part to play of a Trust we are not "left" alone, in a box. When the results of permanent disabilities began to box me in, some 30 years ago, it was, and is past training learned, not just of myself, but of the many along the "Way" who have been right there, at that moment, of their talents, choices, and the One compassionate spirit driving them, driving us all. The "republican principles" endowed of The Creator, has the Gold is refined, the slag poured off, has the dust shaken off, the door closed. United We Will pray, "see, and hear", not for ourselves, but the whole, with each one of us, U.S., sharing, and adding to One's Glory just has designed.

Count me in too please.  God Bless everyone.


Is there any way to live a normal life anymore? Very sad...


Hi Twana,  Where do I sign up for Operation American Spring     Video and Public Relations?   There wasn't any breakdown of what exactly you need but those are the 2 on the list that I think I could be a good can contribution for the group. Let me know when you have a chance.  Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!  God Bless  ;) 

I've been praying daily for family, friends and country - would be proud to be a Prayer Warrior.  Count me in!

Where is our sight? What happened to everyone and our Prayer Team?

count me in

Cheryl, at the top of page is the American Spring button, and holding cursor over it gives the drop down menu, with button for prayer team. If like myself, and the flurry of activity started with OAS, I'm about praying all the time that I can keep up.Thank God for so, so many that are called of this Truth. For so long I, we, went along to get along, and the adversary has taken full advantage of a swinging door, and its winds coming, and going, while carrying the dust having been shaken off long ago.



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