Constitutional Emergency

If you want to be on the Operation American Spring Prayer Team Please alert us to this here

This is what we are looking for in a Prayer team for OAS. 


We must have our works be blessed by God and in God's will. Thus we need all you PFA Prayer Warriors to fulfill this mission of non-stop prayer from now in the beginning stage, through the planning stage, the boots on the ground stage through the completion of missions. Then we need to all rejoice in thanksgiving and honoring God. 


We need full covering prayer. Please let us know in comment section below if you will commit to this work. Thank you so much. 


If you are not interested in this work then please do not post in comment section. We are not seeking that information only the information I asked for above. Thanks for helping out.

Twana Blevins













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Merle, My Patriot Warrior friend. Thank you. I was doing that, but it was going to other places. I must be tired or?? Keep prayers coming, Ill be on later.

I will be a Prayer Warrior
Iwill pray. Any particular group time?____

Thank you,

At the top of the main page you will see a section called American Spring. Just float your cursor over that and you'll see Prayer Warriors. Click on that and add a Prayer for protection and guidance. We need to be directed by God in all thing for our groups success and strength. Feel free to add articles , Prayers, Book you've read to discuss or topic on things needed , etc... Nothing can be wrong as long as its right. Welcome  to anyone &everyone with a heart for prayer.. This is most important for the protection of our Warriors. God Bless and keep us all safe.We will be attacked on spiritual fronts.

Psalms 14:1

I recently finished the book:: Harbinger. Has anyone read it? I would recommend it for everyone on this team and all Patriot's. I believe it was prophecy in our times sent for all of us to turn this evil government back to it's Founding Principals. We could read together and go over the importance that needs to be brought to our leaders, before they  go.

I'm still trying to figure out this Prayer location myself. There seem to be four different areas? i am  trying to be in Prayer and scripture for strength and guidance.

Cheryl, I have read the Harbinger and it is, like you have said, an interesting book.  It gave me much to think about and even pray overt.  One of the points the author brought out was (my words, of course) how after the Twin Towers were attacked, a prevailing attitude was "We will rebuild bigger, better and taller...we will show them!" and how that attitude is not in line with the way God thinks.  I had to pray about it!  The bigger, better, taller to show them was my attitude.  At first I thought the author was all off base but then, as I prayed, the Lord revealed to me His character and how He wanted me to be like Him.  Then He showed me, through words from the Harbinger, how we as a Nation had forgotten all about Him and were building everything in our own might and not His.  I had to pray for forgiveness. 

Having said all the above, which is true...I would like to say:  There are many books which are good and they have words which draw us close to Him...but no book has everything for our edification and encouragement than His Book.  I humbly suggest, in this group, we stick with using the His Word for our source of strength and mutual encouragement.  The Lord God will always give us the right Word.

Judy, I of course agree the Bible is the true word of God, only.

If you have a problem going outside of that, I will agree. 

My concern is some Christians look at the Harbinger not as prophecy but instead as words of a man who is twisting the Word of God.  I do not necessary represent that opinion but I think, in the interest of unity, it would be the better way to stay with the Bible and particularly sharing meaningful verses as has already been done.

Okay Judy, I sure don't want to cause an un- united front. I wanted just the opposite. I have been praying for all of us to turn from our wicked ways as one, and to face our Father, humbly with repentance, and to ask for forgiveness.

The Israeli's missed so much and have suffered so greatly, because of that arrogance of their Rabbi leaders.   I sure wanted us as Christians to not miss something that has been right in front of our faces, all along.

I was only hoping to help, and take a look at something that was sent to us a very long time ago in Ancient History. I am a studier of History and Tyrannical Governments. I have a passion and conviction how the Bible is always the leader in our History. I have been recording the History that we are presently making. Some day my son will write a book, far after I am gone.  Ironically it seems that you and I just got into the History books. I had felt that there was a possible answer to our present problems, and that we may have been over looking them. I was led hear years ago through a special friend. I have been a silent by stander for many years.

Maybe I was wrong and this is not the correct place for me? Sorry to have interrupted, I have learned that sometimes silence is golden. I may have regretfully stepped on some toes. Forgive me. God Bless you all, you will be in my prayers.

History is one thing, prophecy is something else.. It is important that we do not confuse the two..  The Bible tells us that "There is nothing new under the sun". That means that whatever has happned will happen again..  Mankind has an inherant need to explain his surroundings and his circumstances, and sometimes use the Scriptures to make their point. That does not make them right, and it does not make them prophets..

We do not know God's will or His plan for us. What we do know is that everything God wants us to know is located in one place, and that is the Bible. It is our History, our Present and our Future all in one place...  It is all we need.

I could not agree more Judy...

   I will definitely need to pick up, and read, Harbinger, Cheryl, has everyone one of us, U.S. patriots here, are "gathering" of each ones specific purpose, spirit, just has designed. Not a single one of us can have all the knowledge, and answers, but each one of us with our specific talents, a working, and learned wisdom of life's choices, not to be ignored by a Perfect Creation, but United of its Glory. Has we all move ahead on this straight, straightening path, our assembled American Spring has begun, its fountains operation is never lacking, or its continuous flow of Water missing any of the nations essential vitamins. 

Count me in.



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