If you want to be on the Operation American Spring Prayer Team Please alert us to this here

This is what we are looking for in a Prayer team for OAS. 


We must have our works be blessed by God and in God's will. Thus we need all you PFA Prayer Warriors to fulfill this mission of non-stop prayer from now in the beginning stage, through the planning stage, the boots on the ground stage through the completion of missions. Then we need to all rejoice in thanksgiving and honoring God. 


We need full covering prayer. Please let us know in comment section below if you will commit to this work. Thank you so much. 


If you are not interested in this work then please do not post in comment section. We are not seeking that information only the information I asked for above. Thanks for helping out.

Twana Blevins













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I am in.

I'm already a Prayer Warrior, but would love to join you guys here as well.

     I'm more than happy to join, pray, and act of Prayer Warriors, Watering, and Sustaining our Life of Truth. United "of, by, for"  the Word mountains of roadblocks are removed, has its Light's radiance exposes, and dries up the stagnant valley's swampland, 

count me in....


Count me in as well.

Twana, I would be honored to join the Prayer Team.. I actually started Praying for OAS the day I got Col. Riley's e-mail.. 

I pray so add me to the list.

YES!  I was wondering what we could do to help.  I've been home

taking care of my aging mother, and can't attend rallies, etc.  But,

I ABSOLUTELY can do prayers.  Thanks for reminding us how important

that is!!!!

Marilyn Calkins

Prairie Village, KS

Count me in. 

As Catholic Christians, encouraged by Pope Pius V, armed themselves with rosaries back in 1571, they prayed to Jesus and His Mother for protection and victory over the bloody Ottoman Empire.  They were greatly outnumbered in battle, but, in five hours, won a victorious battle, saving Western Europe from being overrun by the Turks. (Muslims) 

Yes, Twana, I will be happy to pray for this war, armed with my rosary. 

Bless you Marra...........

As with our leader-Harry-- Bless you Marra--your reflection brings to mind a fact we do well to remember.As with the Catholic in 1571-- so too is true of the Jews when they were attacked in 47--and again in 67.--And one  can even remember similar stories from American history  when the Army under Washington remembered God ....how many times did General Washington acknowledge God's Invisible Hand  --God's Providence during that War?But Mara your account from 1571 is particularly apt under this present darkness. For Islam has been at War with the West since  Before any in Europe knew of this New Land. --as your account gives a glimpse of our history before Christopher Columbus sailed past the Towers of the Alhumbra (the fortress at Grenada) And had cause to remember the victory  over the Moors (Having been eyewitness to the surrender)



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