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I'm curious to know why so many members have not joined PFA State Groups

PFA members,

I do not understand why so many of you have not joined your state groups. Would you, if you have not joined your state group, please take the time and share with me why.

For everyone...if you think there is something better we can do for/in our state groups please also share that information with me.

Thank you,


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Twana, I think I have joined. There are so many groups out there it's hard to keep up.
Amen, Beverly, amen.
Again I say Amen! We are trying so hard to be involved with every group and blog out there to revamp our party, ideals and goals, I have a hard time keeping up with who is who. I wish we could just gather all them into one cohesive unit. I do recieve the emails and keep up with what's going on but don't usually get a chance to post blogs in response to everyone. I'm still with you. Here with Bev in IL.
For me... it was that my old system was Millenium Edition and it wasn't until I upgraded to XP that I was able to join the state group. Before, every time I clicked to join... nothing would happen. So this site might not be compatable with what people have running at home computer system wise.
I think we are doing pretty good here in Florida by comparison with other states (89! members).
I believe it will be helpful if we could break states down into counties, or congressional districts like some other sites have. States are big and you have a better chance of relating to someone closer. Also a lot depends on how prolific your state leader is in distributing locally motivating information.

I for one can tell you that there are alot of people who are disgusted with the political correctness with the Texas Group......I for one am included in that. I belong to so many "internet groups" that it has gotten silly.....I get 150 e-mails a day, half of them are repeats!!
Get's old......I prefer to clean my food and wait for the UN troops to start arriving.
Hi Twana,

If we click "stop following" then we will be totally uninformed and then why bother to join? I hope this does not sound snotty. I did not intend for it to come accross that way. Thanks.
But then you have the choice to go into the website and read the threads.
(Knowing Streetsweeper, I don't think PC would be correct for him.[Unless it's a new beer] We've spent time together, in DC.)
To Streetsweeper: Love you, Bro. Keep on keeping on!
I'm with Beverly ... I've lost track of which groups I've joined and which I haven't.

I think we all wind up picking a select few groups for deeper interaction after experiencing the various groups.

I've been spending most of my time at
Twana, I'm with Beverly also. I just can't keep up with all the sites, as great as they are. My own personal life has grown very complicated on top of it. I'm going to Dollard's site too.
I am currently involved in the as an Arkansas 1st congressional district coordinator, I know that involvement is low on all these movements. I would suggest that maybe some of us combine to exert a stronger voice. I simply do not have the time to spend running to all these sites, and furthermore, I think we would spend more time just going from site to site, when we should devote our time to what is improtant- defeating the liberal and socialistic idealogy that has permeated every aspect of our government and ultimately, our lives. I will join the Arkansas group, but as I stated before, I just don't have time to justify involvement in every site. I am in no way slighting or belittling this or any other site. It is simply that I got involved at I appreciate this site, and do read some of the blogs, I wish I had more time, but it is just not possible for me to get more involved in more than I am now.



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