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I'm curious to know why so many members have not joined PFA State Groups

PFA members,

I do not understand why so many of you have not joined your state groups. Would you, if you have not joined your state group, please take the time and share with me why.

For everyone...if you think there is something better we can do for/in our state groups please also share that information with me.

Thank you,


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Twana, I think we lost a lot of members the five days we were down. Many previous members probably "gave up" and just did not rejoin. I know some who did not rejoin because of some of the foul and "uncivil" language that is sometimes used by some members; they just did not want to read or get involved in that kind of talk or BS. I fear it will take awhile to repair the damage that was done when we were forced to regroup. People do "lose faith" sometimes when they think they are spinning wheels and not getting any where. We need to focus more on facts, on correct information that needs to be shared by all, and with constructive actions that we can take to combat the situation and restore our country to it's former greatness. We need to functon as a team, working together for a common cause, and stay away from name calling, putting others down, and petty and foolish chit chat that contributes nothing to reaching our objective except generate hundreds of extraneous e-mail alerts. People get to the point that they just start deleting e-mails when they get so many that the don't have time to follow or view them all. The groups that are growing by leaps and bounds are the groups that are practicing these principles. Too bad we could not interact with all the like-minded groups and become a united front dedicated to a peaceful revolution such as the one Dr Martin Luther King succeeded in doing.
Hey Twana......... the re-organized PFA, had a CONDITIONS CLAUSE(S) .... placed on it.... something to the effect
.......... GO PC , BE PC ....STAY PC...
the buzz I got from folks who DROPPED OUT.... was ,....
PFA went soft, wimpy, PC and was converted to KEYBOARD CAFE CHATROOM,,, with little or no... personnel going to actual Events, Rallys, Protests....etc...

case in point ... WE TEXANS have a volatile sitch in AUSTIN Legislature.......I called for PFA members to GO to AUSTIN
& Lobby in the Halls of our State Capitol ........ I THREW THIS OUT TWICE .....!!

we cannot effect any real improvements ........without ...GETTING IN THE FACE, AND ON THE MICROPHONE,
the KeyBoard and the Phone Call ............can be deleted / hung up and forgotten

WE ARE GOING TO AUSTIN .......TOMORROW ........... TUE. 4-7-09
leaving Houston at 5 am. sharp ............... To Speak, Lobby, Prompt, Prod and DEMAND ...LAW AND ORDER ..!!!
How many Tx. Patriots will be there ........who knows,,,??
but I damn sure will be
Hi name is Sandy Stuart...I live in Ormond Beach and am doing my part..I went to the tea party in Orlando in March and I will be at Orlando city hall on tax day for another rally by tea party group in Orlando. I have an appointment with Senator Martinez tomorrow and will share my thoughts with him...and MY tea bag is on it's way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and I have joined the 912 project and plan to go to Washington I believe it is going to be in Washington in September with Resistnet...waiting to hear from Darla...all my best ..sandy
Twana, I have been very active with a motorcycle club defending America. Though I subscribe to 99% of everything here, I cannot be a contributing member to every organization that I support.
It has been my opinion that we need a organizational summit meeting for leaders of the patriotic resistance. We all need to be reading from the same page and come to a consensus regarding strategy.
Having been at this for some time, the problem we have seen is egos and lunatics (1) getting in the way, (2) giving us negative publicity, and (3) creating infighting that distracts us from the primary mission.
Even on this forum, hnorable, clear headed individuals are attacked by those who have little self discipline. The enemies of freedom have a ally in those of us who lack self control.
I will contribute whatever experience I have to the degree that you request it.
I cant seem to find the link to join state group
What is the purpose for joining the state group and further, how does one jump between state discussions and the larger discussions? My dilemma was at first the lack of simplicity in joining a state group, but further then with understanding how to access state discussions as opposed to all the discussions. Does each state have a particular set of discusssions that can be jumped to? How does one know if he is involved in a state (or better regional) discussion as opposed to a national one AND does he not limit his contacts if his discussion is merely for a particular state in the first place?

I think it is essential to have statewide discussions, but better countywide ones where the emphasis is to set up events and meetings. But would this not necessitate (and presume) that folks are accessing the more limited regional discussion boards here? I guess I am still confused in some part about the nature and strategy of the community.

At the top is "ALL GROUPS" Could there not be an EVENT GROUPS, or STATE GROUPS menu? Thanks for your thoughts. Roy
The obvious problem for Patriots is that:

1. an underfunded organization is led by people who are not full-timers and therefore are fully subject to many responsibiliities which must be prioritized, with monied priorities probably coming first.

2. well funded NWO efforts, like the Soros financed efforts, like Acorn type groups, have organizers who get paid (whenever necessary - though obviously inspiring volunteers is the endgame for all monied efforts) consistently and continually work at it and do not have a divided set of priorities. Therefore they can continually morph, evolve, centralize and update efforts as their "progressive" strategies (and focus study groups) require.

3. A further issue is how tiring it is to cut between all the semantics of the politicians who continually decieve by use of good words. How this affects is that discussions are using many varied nuances based on the diverse experiences and understandings people have BECAUSE the heart of the enemy's effort is ALWAYS first a war of words to keep distracted if not confused about how to rally around a set of principles. CASE IN POINT: We are not a democracy but a republic though Bush must have said it thousands of times publicly. Misinformation is a great means to weaken the opponent because he must spend time RE-educating and RE-establishing true terms and true history.

4. We must be committed and very sacrificial with time if we hope to make particular differences.

5. Also we must have leaders with keen strategic foresight. For instance, how could it have been overlooked that we should not have KEY P.R. people in place, dozens of them specifically focused on doing crowd numbering studies scientifically for the Sept 12 rally and then pressing the scientific data in the media, when we KNEW this would be so critical. Was there noone with foresight on this matter? These things simply amaze as well as fluster me! As if we are virtually leaderless....

Not trying to be negative, only address seemingly self-evident problems that increasingly become important.
Okay here is one idea. Focus all discussions of ONE particular set of discussions toward action-oriented, BETTER events setting discussions. Meetings by the people, for the people, ALL the time - with discussions about how to do PR work, how to access the news media, how to call reporters and put in newspapers press releases, how to hold successful events.
ITS ALL ABOUT ADVANCE PR WORK, specific efforts NOT toward politicians, but toward news media outlets and individuals in a way that is developmental, keeping the endgame in view, re-igniting a love for and study of the US Consititution and its core values/morals and history. Or is is too late with Obama now knocking it down one more level, every day, purposefully? Sure we went bankrupt in '33 and therefore have no longer been technically governed by Constitutional principles for numerous reasons, but we will leave that there. We must love and promote it.



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