Increase in MEMBERSHIP!!!!

     I had question concerning "rate of increase " with the membership . Kevin McLellan answered me with some stats  that he had just from the middle of Dec.till  Jan 9th.... I took those numbers and  did what I thought might be correct percentage...I came up with a 32.7% increase ..From Dec20 (2600) to Jan 9th  (3868)... I am certainly NO mathematician  ... I have a hard enough time remembering my phone number!! BUT..I am surethere are some of you out there that  are much better   ALREADY  I know my numbers are wrong because as of this morn (1/11)  theres a hundred more....

   The BOTTOM line here is lets get this percentage higher!!!  I know there's a lot of you already doing your very best ..... I see the post of people doing just that!!!    WE NEED THS TO WORK!!!  OUR numbers  will be our best weapon!!!    Everyday the lies and deceit just mount....we can ONLY rely and count on ourselves.... FORGET the media !!!!  Those idiots are more concerned with BRIDGE TRAFFIC going from Jersey to NY....meanwhile we have people without healthcare, REAL scandals affecting people, soldiers fighting & dying on foreign soil...UNEMPLOYMENT  going thru the roof and were told it's getting better.....Hell ... I don't  have to tell you .... we all know..!!!!      MAY16 ...lets make the  FRONT LINE   1600 Pennsylvana  ave!!!......

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  • Amen Stephen.

  • Thank you Stephen for posting this.  When I joined PFA on 12//20, I did not immediately notice the number of members. In the next few following days, I noticed that there were 2,590 members.  As I was defining my role with PFA/OAS I thought that watching this number might be an interesting way to track our growth, both as a group and as an internet presence...and WOW!  As of this moment, on 1/13/14 our membership number has grown to 4,135, we have the potential to have grown 100% in one month (even I can do that kind of math)...that is so encouraging!  And, when I started watching the search engines, we had the #1 spot if you searched for Operation American Spring in quotes.  Now, we have the first five PAGES of any search engine!

    Do not let negative or unverifiable comments get to you.  We the People...the Sleeping Giant, are awakening in staggering numbers. Follow your Moral compass and it will lead you to others.

    • Kevin,

      Even this doesn't tell the true numbers. Keep in mind that we have some members that head-up their own organization. So one member here at PFA could be representing 5,000 people. Pretty cool... huh?


      • What a GREAT point! I can't believe I left that out of my dissertation.  Yes, David we are on an exponential growth curve accounting for all that have not "signed in"  but are showing up.  Our numbers, as trackable should give one a warm feeling inside, we are not alone, We the People are being drawn to each other because while we are all individuals, we are all One Nation Under God

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    • I understand, and Yes, I am ready. Dying for my Country is so much better than living for someone else's whim.

      • Same here. I will not be run-off by threats.

    • Thank you for the post.  We don't want what we were promised (by this administration). We just want the Constitution to be the Law of the Land and we are referring to it to ensure it.

    •  I watched the video and also went online  and found even more info on the  "B E F "..there are some contrasting points that should be made  between OAS and the BEF... First off  The era of the BEF (the Great Depression)  was not as info oriented as today's average citizen is. There were times when a lot of rumors and down right falsehoods were being published and reported. That resulted in reports of the protest  being formed by "communist sympathizers"    

      That Being said, the  "clearing"  was in-excusable!!  It certainly put a tarnish on some of the greatest military people of History that I looked up too!  I can't imagine what was going through the field soldiers minds to put a bayonet to a starving VET.  

         Secondly,  this time around OAS has  the support of some high ranking  military people FIRED  because  they don't fit or disagree with the President's   Domestic & Foreign  policy plans.  It's not about money or funds owed to vets ,( although the cuts the sitting Congress and Obama have done are "life threatening"  to many vets). THIS time it's about the "FOUNDATION of the United States of America,.  It's all of the above, plus the fact that OAS is a movement AGAINST a "fundamental change" which is nothing more than move to Communism and a DIRECT threat to our CONSTITUTION!    We currently have a sitting President that  disregards Constitutional Law and interprets things in it to  serve his agenda...or "Fundamental Change" The irony here is this imposter President is supposed to be a Constitutional Lawyer. This is nothing more than a blatant lie, if he had even a layman's knowledge of the Constitution we would be better off.

         I appreciate the review of the 1932 BEF  (PROTEST) and scenes of "Hooverville"  but other than it's going to be the same city,   WASH DC ,  I find that this will be the only similarities.

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