I posted this Discussion earlier today with a Discussion Title that was pretty bland.

Here it is again because I believe these words will be useful to our Restoration and the Title is more appropriate:

Dear Family,

I Am a 67 year old Veteran and father of 7.

I Am crying tears of joy right now.  

I have had a feeling of patient panic most of my life waiting for my brothers and sisters around the world to "Just Say NO!" to the virus that has infected our beautiful planet.

I understand there are many mixed emotions right now and I would like to offer some of my insight into how we may best achieve our restoration of lawful Constitutional and Representative government.

I have been aware of what was going on in this world since 1959 when I was 12 years old.  I have been an "activist" since then.  I was raised in the North woods of Michigan and I know what I feel like when I Am free.  My freedom does not contain any element of dictatorship from outside.  None.

FIRST:  Go to D.C. if you can.  The more people there initially will deter the "Corporation" from shooting at us.  KNOW that many Patriots are at home supporting you, and watching.  If the "Corporation" (another term interchangeable with "Corruption") chooses to violently react to our Constitutional and Lawful Demand for a Redress of Grievances then the True Militia and every Resident of every State may and should come to our aid.


"to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances” means the People, with evidence that the government is abusing its constitutionally limited power, have the Right to submit a Petition for a Redress (remedy) of the constitutional wrongdoing, that government has an obligation to honestly respond to the People’s Petition and, should the government ignore the People, the People have the Right to enforce the Right of Petition by retaining their money until their grievances are Redressed. 

Basically it means that if the federal government is exceeding the authority granted to it under the constitution (which it does regularly by the way) the people have a right to formally complain and the government must repond. 


SECOND:  Be yourself.  Do not be afraid.  Remember:  The "Corporation" will try to make your Truth sound like Hate because "it" Hates the Truth.  Do not deviate from what your conscience tells you is right.  Our conscience is our internal guidance system, the "still small voice" that tells each of us what is really right or wrong.  Find it (your conscience or "still small voice") and follow it.
As our Constitution is the foundation of our Republic: our Conscience is our foundation of our personal and free being.  If you haven't listened to your conscience lately, stop what you are doing and invest the time.  This is important. 
If a "Corporate Representative" tries to stop you from Petitioning the Government for a Redress of Grievances they are absolutely wrong.  Know this.
If "they" say, "sorry mam, I'm just doing my job", tell them to quit being sorry and be an American.
Or better yet, ask them if they are an Oath Keeper.  Hand them a note conveying the "to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances" and remind them they have sworn an oath to protect this Constitutional Right.
THIRD:  Stand Firm and be respectful.  The brothers and sisters who may stand and appear as opposition merely have been on a leash for so long that they do not know of any other way.  Give them time to understand what is happening and they will support you.
Be patient and persistent.
Leave your freaking guns out of the area.
This is not a war.  It is a simple Demand for Redress.
It will not become complicated unless the "Corporation" will not "allow" us to remedy the Constitutional wrongdoing.
WE, THE PEOPLE, will say what happens in this country and if anybody or anything says different they are wrong.  Hand your Representatives a reminder, "Representatives, Represent Us".  Duh?
In an News interview with Dick Cheney during the Iraq War, Dick was told that, 67% of the American People did not support the war.  His answer was, "So What!"
What is going on right now is our answer to "So What!".
Stand firm and be respectful.  Be patient until everybody understands that this is simply the people telling their representatives that they are not doing their job.  And a few have violated their Oath of Office and will be dealt with in a lawful manner.  And We the People are in charge of this Free Nation.  And there is no "law", "code", "Executive Odor", or "Exceptions" to this.  Not even if the "Corporation" twist it around to make everybody afraid and tell them it is for their "own good".
Fourth:  Those of you "investigating" us Patriots or paid to "oppose" us:  get your whistles and start blowing.  Your conscience will tell you what is the right thing to do.  Listen and pay attention.
There will be a test at the end of this event.
My life is and has been dedicated to the preservation of liberty and peace.
Those of you dedicated to Terrorism and Fear, please leave our Planet.
De Opresso Liber


Miracles are normal.

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  • Also very Important:  Read the OAS Submission To Congress so you know "exactly" what we are doing.


    And read "to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances” description above in my original post.

    Know it.  This is what we are legally in Washington, D. C. for.

    "Hey boys and girls:  You broke the law"

  • Will someone contact March Against Monsanto ( http://www.march-against-monsanto.com/p/learn-about-monsanto.html ).

    I don't have a facebook account and it is required to communicate with them on their website.

    They are having a nationwide march on May 24th in most major metropolitan areas.

    We should invite them and/or make sure they know about our "Petition for a Redress of Grievances" since they will be in D.C. anyway.

    The very same people who put Monsanto's Executives in charge of our Agricultural Department are the ones we are demanding accountability from.

    Our relationship?  We are focusing on the head of the octopus and we support them in their activity to cut off a tentacle. 

    The best way to end Monsanto's poisonous influence in our lives is to remove the Corporate Representative Government that supports it's criminal activity.  


    And then ask them to stand with us when they come to D.C.

    Or tell them we love them and keep up the good work.

    Or take a break and go march with them.

    Communication at this moment is of up-most importance. 

    There are so many different groups of people protesting and demanding different things.  They will not achieve true reform until we fire the illegal corporate representatives.

    The government "for the profit" needs to be corrected to "for the People" before anybody in Washington, D.C. will care about "LIFE".

    Imagine:  A Farmer at the head of our Agricultural Department.

    Restoring Representative Constitutional Government would put a farmer at the head of our Ag. Dept.

    This little blurb is an invitation to contact The March Against Monsanto organizers/people and see if there is any way we could support each other.

    I invite you to research other organizations who could accomplish their goals by Restoring Representative Government.

    Nuclear, GMO, Environmental, dream up who is doing what and contact them.

    This is part of our outreach plan:  Outreach.

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