I have many people on my confidential email list that are notified when I post a new article on my blog involving Constitutional issues. No one else has access to the list and I don’t do forwards. However, several years ago I began having problems with some of my emails being blocked. It started with members of the U.S. Army who had subscribed to my blog using their military email addresses had my emails blocked.

          When this occurred I received the following notifications: “The message that you sent to an user with subject "The Politics of Fear" was not accepted for delivery since it contained URLs that Army Cyber Command has disallowed.” Apparently someone in Obama’s Pentagon has decided that American soldiers should not be allowed to read articles about the Constitution they have taken an oath to defend. My inquiries to Army Cyber Command about the reason for this were ignored.

          A few months later similar inquiries made to AOL were ignored when my emails to subscribers with AOL email accounts were being blocked. I experimented with these emails and finally determined that it was my signature on my emails that included links to my blog, the United States Justice Foundation, the Constitutional Law Alliance, and even to my books were triggering the blocks. We changed the URLS to those links and that seemed to solve the problem, at least temporarily.

          However, recently I have been getting additional indications that my emails are again being blocked. This is occurring with Comcast emails, and now with some Verizon emails. In the case of Verizon some of my subscribers have reported they receive my emails on their Verizon account, but they are blocked when they try to forward them to their contacts.

          Also, I have noticed that in the past when I made a new post to my blog, I would usually receive email comments from scores of people on my list. That has recently fallen off to just a hand full. Now I have been getting info that my emails are being blocked to addresses that do not appear to be connected to Google addresses and even addresses that are not connected to the large servers. I suspect that I have not received notifications of all of the emails I have sent that have been blocked.  

          I have received confirmation today that his problem is being experienced by other conservative blogs, websites, and newsletters. This is clearly an all-out effort by internet companies to censor the Internet and try to eliminate the free speech of those of us who dare to disagree with the leftist agenda.

           The purpose of this article is to inform Americans of what is happening and to ask for the help of my subscribers. Please acknowledge that you have received the email informing you of the posting of this article. That way I can isolate the emails that are being blocked. I am also sending out the emails without my signature containing URLS so I can try to determine if it is those or my email address that is triggering the blocking of my emails.

          I will inform you of the results. I am far from being an Internet expert, so I would also appreciate any suggestions about how to protect my emails and blog from these attacks.

Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly blog



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I have had problems forwarding articles from WND ( World Net Daily ) to other friends on Yahoo. We should not be surprised Obama used the IRS to go after groups like True the Vote and others and no one has been held accountable. Our elected representatives put their hand on the Bible and swear an oath to PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION ....yet very few actually stand by their oath. I knew Obama would not from the start and he never intended to follow the Constitution . My fellow citizens I ask all of you to read the articles on World Net Daily about the plans of this administration to bring in thousands of refugees from Syria , Somalia , Iraq and even Iran. Not persecuted Christians of course ...but Muslims. Don't think for a moment that jihadists won't come over with them like they are in Europe right now. This is the transformation of America ...that Obama said he was going to do along with the Democrat Party. Oh, we don't decide which refugees get chosen ,..the UN does that ,...the Feds simply have to verify them ....good luck with our government doing that ...did they connect the dots before 9/11. So, the UN ...NOT AMERICANS ,...are deciding who comes into our Country now as refugees ?

Michael - this is only ! my opinion regards WND - not advising anything here.

WND is directly tied to 'Click-Bank' - a financial outreach to sell WND materiel to the internet. Nearly all 'headline news' is already detailed, in more depth, by & through Net sources, preceding WND newsletters. Most often, WND news is an introduction to purchase a WND publication; republished publication from other sources; or 'close-out' materiel from other sources.

When you try to forward articles from WND, your are also forwarding links to Click-Bank. I've experienced that a wide number of e-mail servers, web sites, company servers would block these links. Forwarding the same 'news' from other sources are not blocked.

 As regards "an oath to PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION..", question must be asked as to WHICH  Constitution. Is that -  the original Constitution OF America of 1774? Or, is it the [corporate] Constitution FOR America of 1871-1874? If it is the latter - our elected representatives who immorally choose to be directed by 'corporate Constitution' and the corporate-international financial controls - then, they're following an unpublished agenda. What do you think is the reason for 'citizens' petitions' hardly ever be brought through as a law? Massachusetts Speakers of the House routinely trash these & they never get a hearing. As far as the UN controlling more & more of America's national policies - ever since Roosevelt era politics, that's the game plan to begin with in America's governance.As far as importing [not 'immigration' ] tens of thousands of 'refugees' from the Mid-East & Africa - that's a well controlled plan conceived decades ago.

   As it relates to we veterans of America - we've got to get back to basics & lessons learned, principles & defenses / offenses trained, and disciplines & intelligence learned. With other patriotic Americans, we must ! prepare & choose the means, the direction, the place & the level of resistance.

God bless, & help with intervention, our America.

 Myself, and learning, some time ago, of monitoring communications done by the fed, through normal phone lines, long before the internet was what it is, today, didn't bother me much, while secured with the trust, it was American patriots, protecting patriots. Now, thinking back, about that wall of electronics, the construction crew I worked on, was constructing, and pouring cement, to securely harden its location, in an out of the way location, it tells me a lot, today. I remember, some years back, reading links from Trev0r L0udOn, and his talk of needing to set up locations, and servers, outside of America, why he was doing so, to get his message out, about the obamanation. A completely separate nation of individuals, regulators of DC agencies, who the public does not have any control over, or trust, has we once could have of a publicly established, controlled military, with American security, protections, a republics duty, responsibility. Has it is, today, and its factious, political scene, our only trusted securities are one, on one, of a trusted congregation, and its One Governing Law, being wisely kept separate from government intrusion, has its One majority unites of, by, for the truth of this nation. A heart of communication, reaction, and knowledge of friend, or foe, that can't be divided, or limited of itself, having everything in order, just has designed, with its already established abundance of goods, and services, needed to provide, protect of Ones Providence.

Thank you Merle Preedom for your writings. I'm not fully sure of all your writings. But, I think I get the gist of it. As regards off shore [communications ? ] of servers, of ?radio communications - a number of short wave stations have moved off shore, & or, out of the country. They adjust frequencies to beam to a continental site which then relays the signal to a radio tower [? repeater] which relays the frequency out for broadcasts. Several of these have had to switch across a band of frequencies due to FCC and gov. blocking.

Nearly all communications are vacuumed up by any of several Fed dept.s at this time. Most large Net servers have become complicit with gov. requirements to push the whole beam of their traffic to the Feds.  As far as member to member communication on a site like this - usually no problem in sending / receiving emails. Whole site is monitored [and nearly all "right-wing", conservative sites] by Fed.s, by "non-gov. org.s" in full complicity. All goes into an unimaginably large data holding 'tank'. This is run through with data "checkers" at millions + bytes per second - flagging 'red' words, phrases, symbols, icons, images, 'coded words', and remotely similar. "Orwellian" predictions are already well surpassed to some n-th degree.

   Let's just try to cope. Your "one of a trusted congregation, and its One Governing Law...." - that's already been compromised by millions of believers. They've "humanized" their religion many times over. Many sects of, for example, Christianity, are compromised, secularized, diluted, 'humanized', 'liberalized'. - yes, leftists call that "liberated". So too with Judaism, New Age cults, etc. etc. etc. "One trusted congregations" are mostly infiltrated, monitored, recorded. Canada, in ?2012, arrested a cleric who spoke from the pulpit strongly & firmly against homosexuality, liberalism, & kindred 'culture spirits'. He's not allowed to 'sermonize" any more. Similar has occurred here in America. Media just doesn't report that; And, for the most part, it's prohibited from "social sites" articles & comments.

   And, HOW ?! are we American patriot citizens going to reverse this destructive spiral ?! Pick from a hundred or so straws - very few of them will work.



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