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I have many people on my confidential email list that are notified when I post a new article on my blog involving Constitutional issues. No one else has access to the list and I don’t do forwards. However, several years ago I began having problems with some of my emails being blocked. It started with members of the U.S. Army who had subscribed to my blog using their military email addresses had my emails blocked.

          When this occurred I received the following notifications: “The message that you sent to an user with subject "The Politics of Fear" was not accepted for delivery since it contained URLs that Army Cyber Command has disallowed.” Apparently someone in Obama’s Pentagon has decided that American soldiers should not be allowed to read articles about the Constitution they have taken an oath to defend. My inquiries to Army Cyber Command about the reason for this were ignored.

          A few months later similar inquiries made to AOL were ignored when my emails to subscribers with AOL email accounts were being blocked. I experimented with these emails and finally determined that it was my signature on my emails that included links to my blog, the United States Justice Foundation, the Constitutional Law Alliance, and even to my books were triggering the blocks. We changed the URLS to those links and that seemed to solve the problem, at least temporarily.

          However, recently I have been getting additional indications that my emails are again being blocked. This is occurring with Comcast emails, and now with some Verizon emails. In the case of Verizon some of my subscribers have reported they receive my emails on their Verizon account, but they are blocked when they try to forward them to their contacts.

          Also, I have noticed that in the past when I made a new post to my blog, I would usually receive email comments from scores of people on my list. That has recently fallen off to just a hand full. Now I have been getting info that my emails are being blocked to addresses that do not appear to be connected to Google addresses and even addresses that are not connected to the large servers. I suspect that I have not received notifications of all of the emails I have sent that have been blocked.  

          I have received confirmation today that his problem is being experienced by other conservative blogs, websites, and newsletters. This is clearly an all-out effort by internet companies to censor the Internet and try to eliminate the free speech of those of us who dare to disagree with the leftist agenda.

           The purpose of this article is to inform Americans of what is happening and to ask for the help of my subscribers. Please acknowledge that you have received the email informing you of the posting of this article. That way I can isolate the emails that are being blocked. I am also sending out the emails without my signature containing URLS so I can try to determine if it is those or my email address that is triggering the blocking of my emails.

          I will inform you of the results. I am far from being an Internet expert, so I would also appreciate any suggestions about how to protect my emails and blog from these attacks.

Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly blog



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came thru to me


Received your email. Thank you! 

I received the e-mail notification that some e-mails are blocked.

FYI, a group of us are also experiencing non-receipt of e-mails of  religious/ Catholic subject matter. We suspect Satanic interference, or his good buddy Barak.

I receive these from you  about once a week. and they're informative so I thank you

Click-Click  Getting them Lima Charlie !!

M. Connelly:  I am receiving your e-mails with no problems;  I have Comcast Xfinity as my e-mail provider.  Keep your e-mails coming, and Thanks!!!

       Geoffrey Nichols

Not surprised, its going to get worse until the Obama and chief is gone. I'm hoping that the POTUS change will correct this, at least our inquires will be addresses ?

I read an article yesterday that Verizon will be editing emails that have hyperlinks in them? I wouldn't know a hyperlink if it bit me. They said they were doing it to cut out spam ....

Julie - noticed your response to on-going discussion.

"Hyperlinks" are typed url's relating to specific content that the sender to you wants you to go to view, get further information, comment upon via a reply to the sender. It is an 'active' link that brings you to a specific web location. For example, Julie > if I wrote you about some video & information I viewed on YouTube, or a specific site, I would include a [url] link to that specific site. In your received email, you would left click your mouse [ or some few other combination of keys]. This would then bring you to your browser with that link shown in the upper location bar; with the specific site displayed in your browser window. To close the link, you would just close the browser. You would then return back to your received email.

   I noticed that you wrote previously that you did not know how to start a conversation here. Julie - just write a reply. You can ask to write to your email address; or - you can return later to view the comments about what you wrote.

    As for 'Jade Help' [15] > it's alive & well & active with media suppressing nearly all the news & reports about it. You can find more about it on Jade Helm & only a few other websites.

   If I can help or give you some suggestions, feel to write my email.


I have rec'd your info via my yahoo account thru mediacom internet.

I received your email to my gmail address, verizon provides my dsl service.  I haven't noticed a problem with blocked emails.  Keep up the good work.

Received the email. Have a Comcast address.



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