Constitutional Emergency

I wondered what was up, I went looking for a youtube video. Several that I clicked on I was told I couldn't view it in my country because of copyright restrictions. THAT WAS NEW!

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Well we knew it was coming and here it is. No surprise here and it will get worse just wait and see.
Dept. of Justice? What an oxymoron. Maybe we could ask the black panters to get the doj to drop the charges and unseize the web site. After all they dropped the charges against them, they must have a special bond. Maybe they could say it's a black web site, that will do it, seizure dropped! IMPEACH NOBAMA NOW!!!!!!
There may be something, if Governor Brewer will follow through. An offer was sent to her asking her to file a quo warranto demand Obama prove he has the right to have his appointed AG file the lawsuit against AZ, which a pair of Constitutional attorneys have offered to file pro bono. He last claimed against the LCOL Lakin case that ONLY a signatory to the Constitution can demand he do so; AZ is a signatory and Governor Brewer is our designated representative... he wouldn't be able to refuse to show proof he has the right to be in that office, in court on the record and subject to the same scrutiny as any other evidence presented in court! You can encourage her to do so, too, at
I prefer the Gadsen version where the snake says "I bite!"
Obama's had censors working the Internent for quite awhile. He's just getting more open and public about it.
Twana, this is really scary stuff. It is getting so bad. We need to pray for our country. Thanks for the heads up!
I went to watch a video on U tube and got a message telling me that it was no longer available. I believe that anything that pertains to evidence against the government and what they are doing is being systematically taken off the internet. It is imperative that when we get to watch one, we should copy the feed to it. Though, this may not work either. Lord, please help us to defeat these people who are denying you and destroying our Constitution. In Jesus name we pray. Amen
Thanks to the Dept. of Injustive. Welcome to the world of the New Black Panthers.
Well, in Phoenix, probably in court this morning... the first hearings on SB 1070 were held.
WAAAY ahead of you on the latter and answered the former on another post. First hearing was this morning; and I know where she stands squarely {I live in AZ!} I contacted her office 2 days ago, and have been posting that like crazy too, including other sites where I post.
after doing some research on this site, it seems it was an illlegal site so the FED shut it down. Remember movies are protected by the ROLALTIES (sic) and Copywrite protected. I guess you could say it was PIRATING the movies! IT was legal for the FEDS to do this!



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