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I don’t get it. The Obama administration told the NY Post today that they “have no plans to release [Air Force One photos]” from their New York flyover. Now, that in and of itself doesn’t bother me one bit. Really, they’re pictures of Air Force One flying around NY. I’m sure New Yorkers care more about it, but normally I wouldn’t. However….

Last month, the administration released Secret memos explaining in detail how we interrogate people who want to kill us! They publicly divulge the limits of our efforts to extract information that will potentially save American and foreign citizens’ lives.

This month, no later than May 28 according to the Department of Defense, more photos will be released showing alleged detainee “abuse” in prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan. These photos will result in more resentment against the United States and most likely get our troops killed or injured at a increased rate.

So, divulging photos and memos detailing this nation’s national security tactics is free for the public domain but divulging photos of the White House plane that caused terror in the hearts of New Yorkers is somehow more worthy of being protected! Give me a break. This is flat out obscene.

Posted on May 5th, 2009 by CJ

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That certainly makes sense to me.
Big Brother's britches seem a mite small on him these days, eh? ◄Dave►
Thank God their is a revolution brewing.
Soon they will hear a flushing sound from the voters.
When voting, think of it as flushing your toilet!
As we vote out all incumbents we will flush this political crap down the sewer.
Anything will be better than the crap we have now.
I will be happier pulling the lever rather than the trigger... to the revolution!


bill, a 48%er!
OORAH..Gal..What we all need to do is find out where he was hatched ? They are playing game's about his brithed..if we are lucky he is not an Ameciran !! This would be better then hitting the LOTO...YES, for he brings us all down. and put our country in to deep DO,DO
So let me see, why are we in Iraq and Afghanistan? Did we follow the Constitution in going in to those two places?

It is underlying the article's premise. Follow the Constitution and we will always better off than not.
One more thing I forgot to mention, how well do you think the current administration and the majority representation in Congress, SCOTUS follows our Constitution these days? They have websites too. Do you want me to give you the URL's so you can educate them? I visit on a regular basis. You can find my memos to them expressing opinions online at[45].html When you open that memo, to read the ones prior to the most current date, all you do is click the "back" button and keep going. Let me know if you would like a copy of the Constitution as I have a couple of those links available also.
Well Sir Mike, it's like this...the majority of Congress voted to authorize this initiative and our troops needed something to do, so we decided to send them there to fight those who want, in fact, are trying to destroy our country by killing as many of our civilians as possible. If you remember, the majority of those who conducted the 9/11 attacks on our World Trade Center and the Pentagon, God knows what else they could have done if not for the sacrifices of those brave men and women who downed the 4th plane, were from that God forsaken place called the Middle East.

They were mostly Muslims, ...salafists, ...wahhabists, ...jihadists, ...fundamentalists and a few "raggies".

I wish I could make it a bit more clear, but I get a twitch up my leg every time I think about it. It makes me want to fly my American flag and sing the Star Spangled Banner. I even read my Speer Reloading Manual sometimes, when I'm not reading my Bible.
What is wrong with stating what our interrogation methods are anyway? All nations say what their limits are and then when convienent go beyond those limits.

I am the Champion of the Constitution in California's 52 Congressional District. will give you much more infomation. Besides all that, our interrogation techniques are suppose to correspond with the Geneva Convention.

Mike, with all due respect, did the AQ sign the Geneva convention, and exactly which nation do they represent?

How is it that religious fanatics, who murder, rape, blow-up, and otherwise wreak havoc on every nation in the world get a free pass by people like you?

I'll bet you don't like calling the War on Terror by its right name.

AQ gave up all worldly respect by all of the murders they have committed against civilians around the world. Try to understand - they are terrorists, and you can't negotiate with terrorists, and you can't be nice to terrorists, and you can't tell them your plan of attack.

By the way, if you are really a Champion of the Constitution, you must acknowledge that our first allegiance is to our own country. I can't remember seeing any part of the U.S. Constitution saying it's OK to give away military secrets to an enemy. Can you show me that part?
Lol, when we sign a treaty stating that we will not tortue that is our bond. War on terror is a war on a concept and you can never win a war on a concept. Interrogation techniques are not military secrets.




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