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I don’t get it. The Obama administration told the NY Post today that they “have no plans to release [Air Force One photos]” from their New York flyover. Now, that in and of itself doesn’t bother me one bit. Really, they’re pictures of Air Force One flying around NY. I’m sure New Yorkers care more about it, but normally I wouldn’t. However….

Last month, the administration released Secret memos explaining in detail how we interrogate people who want to kill us! They publicly divulge the limits of our efforts to extract information that will potentially save American and foreign citizens’ lives.

This month, no later than May 28 according to the Department of Defense, more photos will be released showing alleged detainee “abuse” in prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan. These photos will result in more resentment against the United States and most likely get our troops killed or injured at a increased rate.

So, divulging photos and memos detailing this nation’s national security tactics is free for the public domain but divulging photos of the White House plane that caused terror in the hearts of New Yorkers is somehow more worthy of being protected! Give me a break. This is flat out obscene.

Posted on May 5th, 2009 by CJ

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I have to say that I'd really like to see one day go by without another example of the unbelievable regime the people of this country, I hope primarily unknowingly, put in power over all our lives! If this is what Americans want, then the 50 million of us that did not vote for this chaos really should concentrate on succession. The state of Montana is now leading the way back towards Liberty and Oklahoma and a few others including South Carolina are heading in the right (pun intended) direction as well.

Peace through Superior Firepower,

Don't forget Texas. They're building a northern border fence (just kidding).
I own an apartment house with 6 tenants.
At night when all is still, a toilet will flush, breaking the silence of the night.
I listen, a grin appears on my face, then I roll over and dose off, sleeping like a baby dreaming of November.

Flush for freedom, Flush for Liberty, to the revolution!
Change is when we do it!

bill, a 48%er!
It's bizarre. this administration is sinister.
Twana, what bothers me is that this fraudulent administration is practicing exactly the politics that Washington has practiced for at least 77 years. And that is the practice of cloaking what they know could prove embarrassing (at the least) in the guise of "National Security". For example, much of the information from the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK, Jr., has been hidden from the American public rather than letting us have access to it for serious study. The Kennedy Administration hid from the American people the fact that Kennedy had had numerous sexual encounters with Marilyn Monroe, the actress, and shared the sexual favors of Judith Exner, the mistress of Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana during the three years of the Kennedy Presidency. And "by coincidence", Illinois in general (and Chicago in particular) was the swing State in the 1960 election along with Texas in which thousands of dead people were resurrected long enough to vote for the Democratic ticket of Kennedy-Johnson. Not much of this came out for years into the JFK years and then not until after the Johnson Administration was replaced by the Nixon Administration. The Soetero Administration is just practicing Democratic cover-up politics as usual, extant since the FDR Administration. We have a lot of freedoms in this country that are now in deep trouble because the newsmedia are in bed having intercourse with the new and fraudulent administration and the American people are blinded to the truth by the New False Messiah's charismatic voice and personality. So, yes, the pictures of the crowd's reaction to that damnable low-altitude flight by Air Force One and the fighter jet should be released and now, not later. We must stand up for the Freedom of Information Act or it means nothing.
I think they were doing this horrible plot to be used against us.It has somthing to do with our national security and I bet they enjoyed every minute of the fear they pour out on the people.We have nothing but devils running this country.I cant believe anything like that could happen after 911.can you think of the terror they impose on our citizens? They need to be horse whipped,an water logged.
I thought the reason for the flyover was a photo-Op? So what the heck, its not like it was a big secret, 6 millon NYC wards of the State saw it. Was it just a flexing of presidential muscle just because "I won" and can do it? This entire nation is a freakin joke if we have a two year old (mentally) running amok in the white house. This election was run like a high school popularity contest and the media just feeds the public more baby food, no meat, just eye candy for the children. We need some adult leadership to put an end to this nonsense.
Couldn't agree more!
As usual, they are probably hiding something & according to "them" - we have no rights. We are just "sheeple" & we are not suppose to care. Well, I am not a "sheeple" & I do not have my head in the sand or anywhere else, for that matter!!
Thanks for posting, Twana!!!
AMEN!! i was wondering if anybody else had their mouths drop when they thought about everything together! i'm scared to think what kind of shape this country will be in at the end of his term. and, to answer another post on here about obama being a citizen of this country and how we'd be lucky if he wasn''s on apparently, and unfortunately....he is.
something i've been wandering about...since we've found out about ACORN falsifying ballots....could someone call for a re-count? would it make any difference?
Manning's you tube video says from inside info, this was a photo shoot for Michelle to be as Lady Liberty in Obama's library. Michelle will be dipicted as "The First Lady of Freedom" I was supposed to be a gift to Michelle -----Statue will have Michelle's face.
Now, ain't that special?



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