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I don’t get it. The Obama administration told the NY Post today that they “have no plans to release [Air Force One photos]” from their New York flyover. Now, that in and of itself doesn’t bother me one bit. Really, they’re pictures of Air Force One flying around NY. I’m sure New Yorkers care more about it, but normally I wouldn’t. However….

Last month, the administration released Secret memos explaining in detail how we interrogate people who want to kill us! They publicly divulge the limits of our efforts to extract information that will potentially save American and foreign citizens’ lives.

This month, no later than May 28 according to the Department of Defense, more photos will be released showing alleged detainee “abuse” in prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan. These photos will result in more resentment against the United States and most likely get our troops killed or injured at a increased rate.

So, divulging photos and memos detailing this nation’s national security tactics is free for the public domain but divulging photos of the White House plane that caused terror in the hearts of New Yorkers is somehow more worthy of being protected! Give me a break. This is flat out obscene.

Posted on May 5th, 2009 by CJ

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Special? It's absolute Blasphemy!! Just lemme see a billboard like THAT alongside the road!!
she's supposed to be the "first 'lady' of freedom"??? when she's JUST RECENTLY become "proud" of her country?? oooooooooooo, i'd LOVE to see that sign...i'd SO burn it down!
Is there no way to stop the madness..?
is this not treason?
when you enlighten the enemy, and put your country at risk for personal gain, in my book, it is treason!
it would have been much better for those traitors that hate America to have departed our country for lands that they love, rather than stay here. Oh, to be leaders of the socialist party! That is where the power comes!They will do anything to bring us down. We can only pray and keep contacting our senators and governors as I have been ,so much so, I am sure they know me by name..
PEBO cares more about exalting Americas enemies then America itself



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