• I have not experienced any problem using my smartphone.
  • I have not experienced any problem at all this morning,Twana. Phoenix, AZ - Cox Communications - basic broadband,lowest tier.

  • Running extremely slow and dropping off of the site.

  • No problems from Royal Oak, MI via Comcast on my laptop.

  • No problems - North Florida

  • Yes !  It was my guess that someone or something (Computer server filter ? ) doesn't like your e-mails.  I did forward them to my alternate E mail address and had no problem opening same.  How many folks having this problem are using Yahoo?

  • No problem here.....whoops...........I take it back....running slow

  • several times today. just signed in again, now seems ok

  • It is slow for me, Comacast out of Monterey CA, it's taking 35-45 Seconds to load pages. Netflix is playing HD though, I tested my connection and I am getting 25 MPS. Might be the Ning servers are getting hit because of the New Years Day holiday.

  • Website a little slow opening but no error.  I am however getting duplicate emails which is no problem.  I just delete one of them!

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