• No,  California

    • Its okay here. I did have a small problem but the site pops right up.

      God bless you all.

  • Seattle.

    Looked like your server was down yesterday - between 4 - 5 pm. Slow loading and inability to load pages. I kept getting "500:Unexpected error."

    OK today, though.

  • No problem on my site.

  • And yes i have to turn off my norton to read the post from the site from westen pa

    • Ray, we're using Norton 360 Premier Edition here in east central Nebraska, and though we're having intermittent slow-downs, they're not causing us any headaches; we don't need to turn ours off. Hope that your situation improves.  Know one thing for certain; somebody doesn't like this site, and they're out to shut it down.  Hope that the perpetrators are caught and fined to the max.

  • Problems with another site earlier today that is a ning site as well. WRAM site was doing strange things ealier

  • Yes the first time I tried, I got an error message and I live in N. Florida.  I got the  "500: Unexpected error" message.

  • Loading fine here in UPSTATE NEW YORK..

  • is there a way to overload there server? all on and submitt a? rofl

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