Constitutional Emergency

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    Correct me if I am wrong, but the Armed Forces are intended to be politically detached This being said, it is acceptable for a service member to have a personal political affiliation, religious belief or opinion; but it is not acceptable for them to sponsor any of those while in uniform (meaning on duty and using their affiliation with a particular service in order to influence the outcome of an election, the opinions of other or any other means. People can say what they want about others questioning government's intentions, but when the military is being inundated with briefs about hate groups, there is only one reason... to motivate them in one direction. It is no different than the briefs received before we deployed to places like Iraq, Kosovo or Afghanistan... get them thinking in one direction, preparing for A-symmetrical warfare.
    Articles: Is Obama Creating a Martial-law-ready Military?
    These are two questions to ponder when considering the strange happenings in the armed forces since Barack Obama took office.

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Probably not if you are volenteering to  be 1st ? What do you say to that  ? Then we can see what happens ?

The Nort American command was created just for such and emergency, as natural desaster, ETC. But it realy was greated for M/L and BHO's trying to become King!!!

Also BHO has been removing commanders that refuse to fire an Americans, has been doing so for some time now.

It's sadly true. What is  happening to America breaks my heart.  
















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