Is Orly going to be deported immediately from the USA??

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Want to confirm that America is about to explode??

Then let some Judge or other bureaucrat try to remove Orly Taitz citizenship.......there would be hell to pay....

When an American can't take issue with politicians, then it's clearly time for boots on the ground as a final resort.........

While I don't believe Orly Taitz citizenship is in jeopardy, there are many other things that have happened in America over the last few months I never thought would happen...........
I am a strong supporter of Orly Taitz's work on the eligibility of Barack Obama issue. AND...

since I am a natural born citizen of the USA isn't it just too bad Janet NAZI-politano can't deport me!

I think the same applies to many other people on this blog and elsewhere.

WE are NOT giving in on this issue--now or ever.

And by the way, what is the Obama Administration afraid of anyway? Being exposed as a massive fraud perpetrated on the American people by Vladimir Putin, the KGB, Moammar Qadafi, and George Soros et al?

memo to Bill Clinton: We know YOU were a part of this attack on MS. Taitz. And this is NOT over by a long shot. America is not a fiefdom despite what you may have been led to think.
Kenny, I am glad you brought this question up because this is the first I have heard anything about this. And I am thankful for Harry Riley and all of the other wonderful comments because they have all been able to put this discussion in perspective!



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