Is the Bundy trial over? What to know about the case.

One thing not mentioned in this AZCentral article is that the Federal prosecutor Steven Mhyre has been demoted and replaced. Mhyre is now the second in command in the Nevada prosecutors office. He now has a new boss appointed by A.G. Jeff Sessiions. Will this new boss continue the prosecution of the Bundy case ? or will he drop all charges against them all and declare the case closed? We may find out as soon as Monday January 8thm 2018.

Is the Bundy Ranch standoff trial over? What to know about the case now

, The Republic | Published 6:42 p.m. MT Jan. 4, 2018

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Yes Bonnie, the Bundy's are free, for right now. But that situation could be temporary, their freedom could be short lived. The BLM or the federal prosecutors office could attempt to get the ninth-circuit court to over turn judge Navarro's ruling and the whole thing could start all over again.
And this time they would go after the Bundy's with a vengeance. It is even possible that the feds would send an army in to arrest the Bundy clan and if they did that there would be blood this time.
Plus there is still the larger remaining issue and questions about who really owns all that land.
According to the Constitution the federal Government is limited in what land they are allowed to own, and they are limited in how they may acquire that land. They have to BUY it, and they have to get the approval of the individual states legislatures first. The Antiquities act and several other pieces of legislation from Congress over the years has changed all that.
But then this raises the questions about legality of all this legislation pertaining to the ownership of the land.
If/when we go back to the fundamentals of our Constitution then we find that any time Congressional legislation is passed that violates the Constitution, then THAT legislation is automatically null and void.
So basically the entire Antiquities act and ALL legislation following that could be declared null and void.
These questions still don't address the out-of-control actions and basic philosophy within the Bureau of Land Management and many other Federal Government agencies. This "Attitude" is exemplified in this article by this Congressman from Arizona, (Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz.,)  when he said “You’ve emboldened people like Bundy and the way they think — that it’s OK to threaten federal marshals with weapons, to occupy an area, armed, and talk about violence and foment that,” Grijalva said in an interview. “The extremists are not just the Bundys, they are in Congress.”..........
This Congressman actually believes that it is acceptable for the Federal Government to attack a private rancher and his family, complete with a "KILL" list, and that if the family stands up against them, to defend themselves, that somehow that act of self defense is "domestic Terrorism". This Congressman apparently believes the American people are all potentially domestic terrorists, especially if we oppose him and his Federal Government controls.
It seems to me that THAT Congressman (and many others) needs a lesson in American civics and the fundamentals of the Constitution.
Yes, the Bundy's may be free at least for right now but this war is FAR from over.



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