Is the Bundy trial over? What to know about the case.

One thing not mentioned in this AZCentral article is that the Federal prosecutor Steven Mhyre has been demoted and replaced. Mhyre is now the second in command in the Nevada prosecutors office. He now has a new boss appointed by A.G. Jeff Sessiions. Will this new boss continue the prosecution of the Bundy case ? or will he drop all charges against them all and declare the case closed? We may find out as soon as Monday January 8thm 2018.

Is the Bundy Ranch standoff trial over? What to know about the case now

Robert Anglen, The Republic | Published 6:42 p.m. MT Jan. 4, 2018

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    • Yes Bonnie, the Bundy's are free, for right now. But that situation could be temporary, their freedom could be short lived. The BLM or the federal prosecutors office could attempt to get the ninth-circuit court to over turn judge Navarro's ruling and the whole thing could start all over again.
      And this time they would go after the Bundy's with a vengeance. It is even possible that the feds would send an army in to arrest the Bundy clan and if they did that there would be blood this time.
      Plus there is still the larger remaining issue and questions about who really owns all that land.
      According to the Constitution the federal Government is limited in what land they are allowed to own, and they are limited in how they may acquire that land. They have to BUY it, and they have to get the approval of the individual states legislatures first. The Antiquities act and several other pieces of legislation from Congress over the years has changed all that.
      But then this raises the questions about legality of all this legislation pertaining to the ownership of the land.
      If/when we go back to the fundamentals of our Constitution then we find that any time Congressional legislation is passed that violates the Constitution, then THAT legislation is automatically null and void.
      So basically the entire Antiquities act and ALL legislation following that could be declared null and void.
      These questions still don't address the out-of-control actions and basic philosophy within the Bureau of Land Management and many other Federal Government agencies. This "Attitude" is exemplified in this article by this Congressman from Arizona, (Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz.,)  when he said “You’ve emboldened people like Bundy and the way they think — that it’s OK to threaten federal marshals with weapons, to occupy an area, armed, and talk about violence and foment that,” Grijalva said in an interview. “The extremists are not just the Bundys, they are in Congress.”..........
      This Congressman actually believes that it is acceptable for the Federal Government to attack a private rancher and his family, complete with a "KILL" list, and that if the family stands up against them, to defend themselves, that somehow that act of self defense is "domestic Terrorism". This Congressman apparently believes the American people are all potentially domestic terrorists, especially if we oppose him and his Federal Government controls.
      It seems to me that THAT Congressman (and many others) needs a lesson in American civics and the fundamentals of the Constitution.
      Yes, the Bundy's may be free at least for right now but this war is FAR from over.

  • Congress expected to hold hearings on dismissal of Bundy case

    WASHINGTON — GOP lawmakers, the Trump administration and Democrats were sharply divided over public land use and a Nevada standoff between federal law enforcement and a militia led by Cliven Bundy before he was freed from jail.

    A federal judge’s decision last week to dismiss conspiracy and assault charges against Nevada rancher Bundy because of misconduct by prosecutors in the U.S. attorney’s office hardened those positions and moved the battle to Congress.

    Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Republicans have accused the Obama administration of mishandling the 2014 standoff between Bureau of Land Management officials and a large group of militia that prevented them from rounding up Bundy’s cattle illegally grazing on what is now Gold Butte National Monument.

    Los Vegas Review Journal :

    Bundy trial errors cast shadow on Nevada federal prosecutors
    The government spent more than three years bringing Cliven Bundy to trial in the aftermath of the April 2014 armed standoff near Bunkerville.
    • " Meanwhile, Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., the ranking Democrat on the committee, has ordered a Government Accountability Office study on the scale of recent threats and attacks against BLM officials and property. The study is underway.

      Although mistakes were made by the BLM, Grijalva said, using the committee to “beat up” the agency sets a bad precedent and ignores the larger issue of illegal acts by armed men who openly threatened law enforcement officials.

      Dangerous precedent

      In any other context, Grijalva said, an armed occupation on federal land would be “tantamount to domestic terrorism.” The Arizona lawmaker said the implicit support of Bundy by the Trump administration and Republicans sets a dangerous precedent.

      He said Republicans in the House are misguided in their laser focus on BLM mistakes over the incident that prompted the standoff in the first place: Bundy’s failure to get a permit, grazing cattle illegally on federal land and threatening violent resistance to law enforcement.

      “You’ve emboldened people like Bundy and the way they think — that it’s OK to threaten federal marshals with weapons, to occupy an area, armed, and talk about violence and foment that,” Grijalva said in an interview. “The extremists are not just the Bundys, they are in Congress.”

      It sounds to me like this Congressman has no idea about the Constitution or what the relationship really is between the Government and We-The-People.
      This jackass actually believes that HE and Congress RULE this country over the people.

  • At this point your right.... this is far from over... neither side will back down I don’t believe... the BLM will approach the situation more cautiously this time and cross their T’s and dot their I’s. The Bundys are correct that the land belongs to the people of Nevada and when the BLM tries again the Sheriff of Clark county needs to do his sworn duty along with local law enforcement, if they bow to the demands of the Fed’s the Bundys will be back in prison.
    As a group we should become proactive. What we can do is communicate our conversations and concerns to city, state and national leaders including president Trump. In speaking with those who attended the trial I was reminded we need to do more than just talk amoungst ourselves, we need to take a noticeable stand. On a local level the Sheriff and other elected law enforcement officials need to hear is if they don’t do their sworn duty they will not be re-elected, neither will governor Sandavol or the Mayor. Trumps needed to be reminded that the swamp is here in Nevada and Oregon as well and he needs to keep his campaign promises.
  • Yes, The Bundy's are free -  for right now.
    But this battle is far from over. None of the under lying issues have been settled at this point. Bundy only owns 150 acres. In order for them to return to cattle ranching he has to continue grazing his cattle on public lands. Which the BLM still claims they own. Now  - Now that Cliven and Ammon have been in prison for two years the issue of his water rights could become an issue. In order to maintain his water rights he has to USE those rights and the water. Well he's been in prison for two years, how could he claim to be using the water ? Will the BLM attempt to revoke his water rights? They could try.

    Also the on-going battle over all those minerals, and the fact that Bastard Obama turned the whole darn valley into a Federal Monument. Trump and Ryan Zinke reversed some of those Obama monuments and reduced the sizes of some, but that was up in Utah, not Nevada. So at thins point the BLM could actually put a fence around the Bundy's 150 acre ranch and tell him "Don't cross that fence", and the whole damned thing will start all over again.

    Will Cliven Bundy continue to refuse to pay the BLM for grazing fees? I think he will refuse to pay them, he believes they do not own that land, (Here we go again)  ?????   Secretary Ryan Zinke has requested a BLM Geological Minerals map of the entire western states. They want to know how much and what kinds of minerals are out there. And where are the largest deposits. That doesn't sound to me like the BLM is ready or willing to give any of that land back to the States or the deeded owners.
    This battle is a long way from over, and we still have Ryan Pane headed to prison in Oregon, we still have Terry Trussell in prison in Florida.
    I'm not putting my guns away yet.

  • I was at the Bundy trial today to pray and support the members. I have come to know some and they are the salt of the earth. Good, honest, hardworking patriots each one and their families who came down for the verdict. By now you know it was dismissed with out prejudice. Judge Navarro said the government had over reached and withheld evidence and documents continually which violated the defendants right to a fair trial.
    Don’t know if the media will report it but their were hundreds of people there. One lady told me during former court dates she watched the media wait till everyone went to lunch and then took pictures of only a handful of people as if to paint the picture no body cared, nothing could be further from the truth. I was also told that a team of 500 lawyers were involved in writing a 97 page brief asking for a retrial to prosecute. The powers that be did not want any of them to walk. The ones I talked to and explained I was a member of Patriots for America and we have been following and supporting them, writing letters and praying for them said “Thank You”. The feds win 95% of their cases so you can imagine how upset they are that they walked. Now...please continue to support Terry Trussell. This is his second Christmas in prison. I just got a letter from Terry and he’s pretty much treading water waiting to see if they will move on his appeal. He said to thank all of you for your support. He enjoys hearing from you and getting letters really lifts his spirit, it reminds him he’s not fighting this battle alone heres his address and I hope some will take 10 minutes and drop him a line like the Bundy’s and those who support them, Terry is the salt of the earth. He’s fought for his country and has tried to do what any honest citizen would do when he saw corruption happening in his home town.
    Terry Trussell I 15405
    RMC West H 1143s
    PO Box 628
    Lake Butler, Florida 32054
    The Lord said as we’ve done to the least one of these... so we’ve done it unto him.
    Praise G-d for victory for the Bundy’s.
    But the fights not over.
    • Yayyy!! He's FREE!!!!!

  • Charges against rancher Cliven Bundy, three others are dismissed

    A federal judge dismissed all charges against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, his two sons and another man on Monday after accusing prosecutors of willfully withholding evidence from Bundy’s lawyers.

    U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro cited "flagrant prosecutorial misconduct" in her decision to dismiss all charges against the Nevada rancher and three others.

    "The court finds that the universal sense of justice has been violated," Navarro said.

    “Either the government lied or [it’s actions were] so grossly negligent as to be tantamount to lying."

    - Judge Andrew Napolitano

    Fox News Report

    Images by Michael Regan


    Cliven Bundy walks free as federal judge dismisses Bundy Ranch standoff case
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