Constitutional Emergency

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Half of his relatives are terrorists, but that doesn't mean he is, or does it.

Pam Geller /Atlas Shrugged  suggests Maybe NO Walid Shoebat and on Michael Savage /Savage Nation the other day certainly NO! Shoebat suggests FBI allowed their release..Even an Obama connection possible,

Robert, I don't understand what you are saying...I'm sure it's just me...are you saying Walid Shoebat is not a credible source? 

that does not suprize me, on a site this morning- nesara show pictures of nirk Vogt is a actor who lost his leg in kandahan 11-2011- false flag again check it out yourself semper fi gene

Also don't forget that it is their holy mission to exterminate us by any means possible. That includes but is not limited to action. It is honorable for them to look us right in the eyes and lie to our faces. Whatever it takes to accomplish their mission. We are stupid enough to believe what they say. With our corrupt government it makes it easier for them to operate amongst us.

Just my thoughts...if he isn't innocent and released on some technicality, he will probably be waiting for his 72 virgins, in the that long line up above. ( either way )  Check the FACTS, if you have something on this government or is involved in anything...your days are limited. ( case point - how many SEALS involved in gov't ordered hits, are still around.. People need to wake up, we are all numbers in this Administration. Just my thoughts as a FREE American - for NOW.

Actors were used (and still are) at Sandy Hook, their actors guild profiles found online and other evidences. Victims can be created on paper, photos, online...or in this case, previously lost limbs can be made-up to appear freshly lost. The White House works closely with Hollywood.

Probably not which is why there was a meeting between Obozo and the Saudi Foreign Minister today and he is being immediately deported. His family has a lot of terrorist organization links.

I will be sharing some of this on my BTR show Monday evening...but Savage Nation is first on the show.



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