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ISIS, ISIL, Daesh – What’s In A Name? More Obama Deception and..........

Immense significance, not just to our allies but to our enemies as well...

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This week president Obama addressed the nation in a rare Oval Office speech. The intent was to assuage concerns that the government isn’t doing enough to protect us from radicalized jihadists, like the couple in San Bernardino last week. But the speech may have raised more questions and apprehensions than provided answers or assurances. And perhaps the largest is in the language used to describe the threat.

The speech made reference to ISIL sixteen times. This is itself significant. ISIL is one of the retired acronyms the organization that prefers to be referred to as the Islamic State has used. The original acronym they employed was ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. ISIL, however, has much more broad regional significance, for it stands for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

The Levant includes some historically significant territory, including not just Syria, but the region referred to in Biblical times as Palestine. So ISIL includes the entire Fertile Crescent from the Persian Gulf through southern Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, and northern Egypt. In other words, the entire region from the Taurus Mountains of Turkey in the North, the Mediterranean Sea on the west, the Tigris-Euphrates river system on the East.

Our Secretary of State uses a different term to identify the group. Since late last year Secretary John Kerry habitually has referred to them as Daesh. Perhaps just as incendiary as the president’s insistence on using the ISIL acronym, Daesh refers to the Arabic name of the group, ad-Dawlah al-Islāmiyah fī ‘l-ʿIrāq wa-sh-Shām. The Arabic version implies that the Islamic State is a worldwide caliphate, with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as its caliph. As a caliphate, it claims “religious, political and military authority over all Muslims worldwide, and that the legality of all emirates, groups, states, and organizations becomes null by the expansion of the khilāfah’s [caliphate’s] authority and arrival of its troops to their areas,” according to Washington Post foreign affairs writer, Ishaan Tharoor.

The significance of the terms the administration chooses to employ in referencing the group cannot be overstated. With Secretary Kerry’s Daesh (or Da’ish) he may presume to be ideologically neutral, since it doesn’t have the name “Islamic” in it, (at least an English transliteration). He may also use the term in part due to his French allegiance. France’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has said, “This is a terrorist group and not a state. I do not recommend using the term Islamic State because it blurs the lines between Islam, Muslims and Islamists. The Arabs call it ‘Daesh’ and I will be calling them the ‘Daesh cutthroats’.” Perhaps they’re both being either obtuse or naïve, thinking they’re avoiding “Islamic” with the Daesh designation. But use of this term grants the group universal pertinence as a global caliphate.

The President’s insistence on using ISIL could well betray his perpetual downplaying of the influence, scope, motives, and successes of the terrorist group. After the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, the military vacuum in the country began to be filled by ISIS forces in Northern Iraq. The President called them “jayvee” terrorists at the time they initially encroached into Iraq. And even while repeatedly saying they were “contained,” they have expanded to include 20% of the 169,234 square mile country. To put that in context, California, the third largest state in the U.S., is 163,694 square miles, and the area of ISIS control in Iraq is equivalent to the size of the state of South Carolina.

Obama has been unrelenting in his denunciation of Israel, and unremitting in his criticism of its leadership. In the earliest days of his presidency, he made his now infamous “Cairo Speech,” where he referenced Israel’s “occupation” of Palestinian lands, and the “daily humiliation” and “intolerable” condition of the Palestinians. And it’s only gotten worse since then.

Several times over the past five years, Obama administration officials have leaked classified Israeli information regarding defensive measures and offensive plans related to Iran. The effect has been an unmistakable chilling of the relationship between Washington and Tel Aviv, as Washington’s objectives seem clearly at odds with the protection and preservation of the state of Israel.

Even the heralded Iran Nuclear deal was done over Israel’s objections, since it assures Iran will be nuclearized by year ten of the agreement, and Iran has vowed to “blow Israel off of the map.”

So, is it coincidental that Obama uses the ISIL name intentionally to include the Levant, which includes Israel? Indubitably not. Even by his chosen appellation for the terrorist group, the President continues his denunciation, disavowal, and rejection of the state of Israel. And rather than graduating to the more geographically broad “Islamic State” name the group applies to itself, he has chosen to stick with their earlier iteration which conspicuously includes the land of Israel.

Not only does our president consistently understate our enemies, and fail to accurately identify them, but he has severe problems recognizing our primary ally in the region, and providing the support key allies should expect from one another. If we’re to ever succeed in vanquishing ISIS, it’s not going to be by alienating our allies and placing them increasingly at risk.

Words matter. And in foreign affairs, the symbolism employed by policy-makers through their word choice, are of immense significance, not just to our allies but to our enemies as well. Our enemies should not be emboldened, and our allies alienated by the language they use.

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good assessment.

all politicians in D.C. to include members of Scotus and the federal courts must be removed and detained.

all employees in the State Dept. must leave immediately.

Good post, Col, and Old Rooster......and great comments..... am in total agreement with all...... in the past, we've seen them picking us off one-by-one using various abuses and have not seen a 'macro' push against us all in aggregate... and they cannot accomplish that as long as we remain armed...... and armed we MUST remain!  So, we MAY survive the total undoing of our country and culture IF there isn't the complete collapse of our economy or an EMP attack.  Should either happen, we have to be positioned to survive and band together... there's no other way... this means stocking up on everything you will need short-term and long-term... to include seeds!  I pray we all have been doing this long before now mentally rehearsing our game plan of any such eventuality!

Folks Here's an idea for you. A small suggestion. This web site still maintains the original State groups. Every one of them is still right where it was back in 2014. Go back to those State groups and try to re-establish those contacts. And once you've done that go register with and find some of the other similar forum sites that have connections and contacts to the local Militia groups in your State. Some of you here may feel like you are too old to belong to a Militia organization, Wrong, The Militias are ALL of us. And most of these sites have more to offer than just running-and-gunning field training exercisers. Most of these Militia sites have lots of things pertaining to food storage, cooking, survival tactics, and yes, self defence. There is all kinds of great information on most of these Militia related web sites.
Many of you may remember a man named Randy Wiley. He helped us create and run the OAS site for over a year. Well Randy also has other web sites that he runs. Several of his sites are really pretty good. And he has links to many State Militia groups. He even has stuff on survival training, and food topics.

The Modern Militia Movement site is another good source for information. They are not themselves a Militia site. They are a connection point for all the groups around the country. Like this PFA site, the MMM also has State group pages.

Here's one of Randy's web sites.Look up the Various State Militia pages.

And Here is a linkto the Modern Militia Movement site. Once again - lots of information here.

You are NOT alone, you just need to make those connections.

Just remember - Don't abandon the PFA either. We are in a war folks, make good use of every available source of information you can.

good post.

we are without organized regional units and leadership.

when chaos erupts there is no chance one family alone will survive.

Lee... I am surprised that you would so easily take Gods Name in vein...
With that said what are you talking about, I don't see any posts that are saying what you are complaining about. If you disagree with someone you can convey your objection without that type of speech don't you think? Besides God dosent damn anyone, man damn himself when he rejects God if you want to be grammatically and Theologically correct!

Look at the three post above mine, when I read "zionazim" and "Israel is not an ally" I get pissed. The word "god" is a generic term, to be Theologically correct, the Creators name, the Tetragrammation, is believed to be YHVH/ YHWH. Whatever denomination you belong to has you boxed in to their "theory" not the Truth. Get off my ass Michael, you are where the devil wants you if you continue criticizing me for speaking the Truth. My teacher is the Ruach haKodesh, AKA The Spirit of YHVH, not you. Stand up for the truth or shut up.

Lee, justify all you like, God does not split hairs with His name and you capitalized God. We all know what you meant. But knowing you I realize you bend over backwards when your trying to justify yourself. If you were honest you wouldn't justify what is obviously the wrong use of Gods name, but that's between you and God. Nuff said..... I'll look those posts up, I don't see them but I'll look again. And if people are saying things you don't like remember, in life your going to be offended a lot, let's all make sure we don't offend God.

Okay Michael, you're splitting hairs too, godamnit, hypocrite, 'nuff said, don't want your oldtime opinions. You see and hear only what you choose to see and hear. Look back at the three comments above my comment that so offended you, and look closely and carefully.

OK, Mike and Lee, I'm going to ask you two to cool it here. I know both of you guys are very well educated in your individual religions. And I also know both of you are dedicated patriotic Americans. You have more in common than you do at odds with each other. And this web site is NOT the place to be continually bashing others because they hold a different religious belief, (unless of course it's radical Islam)

So --- cool it guys.,,,,,,,,,,, I'm NOT about to ban any of you on this, but I will monitor if I have too.

Old Rooster... Unacceptable speech is never accepted in debate or discussions as this forum clearly states. It wasn't accepted in my home and I doubt it was accepted in your home. It wasn't accepted in debate class when I was in schools and as you an Col. Riley stated it should not be accepted when speaking of various ethnic groups. YOU made me a moderator and what I was doing is "moderating" speech which is unacceptable to the majority of most people. As long as Lee or anyone else for that matter use offensive speech I feel a responsibility to hold them accountable. Lest any forget, " We are going to give an account for every word that procceds out of our mouth". I'd like to think that as a group trying to right the wrongs being done were better, more civilized, more noble than to have to succum to disparaging speech. If I'm wrong, please tell me how, I'm all ears......



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