Islamic infiltration of The Tea Party by a pro-sharia Muslim activist group

This is what happens when we link arms with anyone for the numbers game! We also know what sect of the tea party always defends "those poor muslims" and bashes Israel.



Bare Naked Islam

They call themselves ‘Muslims4Liberty’ – an oxymoron if ever there was one – and claim to be working from within the tea party to counter the movement’s ‘Islamophobia.’ Dig deep enough and you’ll probably find that this anti-Christian, anti-Jewish hate group has ties to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.

KleinOnline The group Muslims4Liberty, however, also decries American “greatness,” accuses the U.S. of “war crimes,” espouses seemingly anti-Israel ideology and slams the “evangelical and conservative Jewish bloc” of the Republican party.

The radical left Center for American Progress, or CAP, actually promotes Muslims4Liberty as a small organization of supposed tea-party activists “fighting against the right wing’s Islamophobia,” according to a CAP description.

Think Progress, the CAP’s official blog, noted how Illume Magazine documented the efforts of Will Coley, a self-proclaimed Tea Party member and Islam convert who co-founded Muslims4Liberty to confront “anti-Islam activists head on.”

WILL COLEY, Muslim convert, and wife Farah

WILL COLEY, Muslim convert, and wife Farah

Illume quotes Coley describing how he started going to tea-party events in Florida in 2009 but was concerned about the emergence of “Islamophobia” in the movement.

“I was watching the neocon takeover happen,” said Coley. “Literally overnight I saw groups devoted to economics and constitutional limits turn into something else. Suddenly there were invites to see anti-Islam speakers. This crazy anti-Islam message was taking over.”

After moving to Tennessee, Coley said he began outreach to local tea-party groups to explain how Islam and Shariah Islamic law is compatible with tea-party principles. Illume reports that after speaking with 14 tea-party chapters about Shariah, 12 agreed to reject so-called anti-Muslim appeals.  The chapters even supported a petition opposing a proposed “Shariah ban” in Tennessee. (Notice he doesn’t specify which chapters. If anyone know which Tea Party groups these are, please tell me)


Views espoused by Coley and his group on its website would similarly distance Muslims4Liberty from the views of many tea partiers. One posting by Coley, entitled, Dear Religious Right,” slams the GOP’s “evangelical and conservative Jewish block [sic]” as destroying the GOP.

Another Muslims4Liberty posting tea partiers may find offensive contains an image of the U.S. flag with text that reads: “War Crimes Alert! There is no flag big enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people! Ever!”

The posting, titled, “American Supremacy Disorder,” decries any notion of U.S. “greatness.” Muslims4Liberty member Ramny Osman complains, “The whole idea of ‘American greatness,’ ‘America the world super power’ or ‘American supremacy’ is a problem in itself.”  READ MORE


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Yes I understand they are infiltrating every organization they can get into.

That is what kills me James, People like this one says how wonderful Islam is but he would NOT go over there and take his children with him so the girls can come under  Shariah Islamic law. They would cut this idiots head off in a flash and be done with him and his wife and daughters would be treated like dogs and handed over to whom ever wanted them. WOW! I say HELL NO to Shariah Islamic Law in the US and if they don't like it then move dang it. We do NOT want it here.

9/11/01 and 9/11/12 were all I ever needed on the muslim issue...'systematic infiltration' is not exactly what I call 'positive participation' in any group.

They're your 'dear friend' until they cut your throat.

NO Thanks...May knowledge of Islam grow in the US and may their true colors show....

They are all working for Satan and can not be trusted.

America is in a war.  It is a war the likes of which the enemy can hardly be identified.  The spin-Meisters for the war are in Washington, D. C,. Through volumes of rhetoric, they spin confusing stories and always, it seems, "wrong for America" is settled upon.  But, they have reached "across the aisle."  How great is that? It's just another way of saying "we've compromised truth and the constitution."  The use of unmerciful gradualism has permitted the "sword packing" murderous Muslims an untouchable, exalted niche  in society, and protects them with a fence called "Islamophobia." Then the American "pro destructive Media"  kicks in to validate the entire destructive movement.  Our government, i.e. the three branches, has not a constitutional agenda.  They have a "Treaty Agenda"  with the United Nations.  That treaty has a "dis-armament" factor.  And is why the second amendment is under constant attack, "free speech" on the chopping block; Christianity increasingly expunged and Israel being flung into the out-house. The treason started with the adoption of the U.N. Treaty and by osmosis crept  into the American psyche and lain acceptably dormant thru the decades.  International economic leveling is coming even if it costs every American their lives.  The new tower of Babel, i.e. the U.N. will go to any length to achieve its objective of economic leveling of the nations and creating an international proletarian class.  A world of bowing and scraping slaves.

Hold on to the thought that the UN is mostly commies and moo slums.  Is that a problem?   We will either take our orders from the UN or we will settle our differences with Civil War.  Ready or not?

I agree with you.  But, are you ready to do that which needs to be done while we still can? 

We would be best served to suspend things as they are for a time, including suspension of attorneys and such, and simply begin our Final Answer for the commies and moo slums .  I support the Consitutional Referendum of 2013.   

Sad, sad, sad. If the Tea party can’t clean this up I guess I will have to distance myself from them.

I haven’t heard about this thanks for the info. I guess the list of true Patriots get’s smaller and smaller.

Was it David who GOD made him cut his army down to just a few?

Let's reverse the infiltrating and blog their sites with the truth. Put the desert rat flag on their website with bloody hands and heads. This guy has no brains. Maybe he caught the brain rot from being around the rats. When I read this type of garbage, the question that comes to mind is how many of pieces of silver did he get to sell his soul?????


Just boot the son of a bitch out, and his colleaques/sympathizers.    What you're looking at is a well planned execution scenario for the take over of Virginia.   The Silence of the Lambs, due to political correctness and our Constitutional rights is truly amazing. 

On another tact, our USA greatness has been the single most wonderful blessing the entire world has ever experienced.  The nations of the mid-east, in their inbred squallor and political intriques have brought forth nothing during the last 2000 yrs.

I'll know they are changed when I see their women folk without burka and garb, unmutilated genitils and making their own decisions.  Until then, nuke the ignorant bastards and their lying false religion.    

I joined the Tea party and asked about this.

This is what I got back,

"There was an article about this yesterday on this site and the comments show we were all non-plussed by it.  No-I don't think that it is possible for the muslims to successfully infiltrate the Tea Party-there are too many disparate groups.  There has been a lot of discussion in the last week about what sort of leadership we need if we are to be successful in continuing our mission to restore this country to its constitutional greatness.  Some one might have tried to infiltrate one group, but it would be impossible to infiltrate the Tea Party as a whole.  We are all independent thinking people, or we wouldn't be here!  There was one muslim "infiltrator" here recently but he was ousted very quickly when it became obvious what his intentions were, so to answer your question, I'd have to say-YES-we would do something to stop anyone who attempted to corrupt us!"

I also cantacted the Tea Party Patriots.

My post was never posted,guess it got cut.Also posted on FB page of TPP,no reply.



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