ISLAMIC ISSUES 12-135: Was the killed Ambassador also raped?

Below is my response to an inquiry made by a counterterrorism specialist associated with one of my Intel Networks.  I didn’t think you would mind my sharing my thoughts on the matter. LJR-



Thursday –

September the 13th, 2012

1730Hrs; M.S.T. (Arizona)

As I looked at the actions in Libya, Yemen, and Egypt attacking our sovereignty through the Embassies of the United States, I seek to find any sliver of information that would lead me to think similar uprisings, or covert uprisings, could occur here on our homeland prior to the election. While still in that process, I did learn from former intelligence operatives now retired but keeping a finger on the pulse of events, America was warned of the clear and present and growing potential for assault on our compounds in the aforementioned countries. The excuse of the YouTube video mocking Mohammed was a deliberate antecedent act staged to give “legitimacy” to these well thought out attacks. In truth these attacks (possibly like the YouTube video) was planned and staged by al-Qaeda.  In-point-of-fact the Libyan Islamic Security Group (LISG) was a lead group in the attack carried out on our Libyan consulate, and they were augmented by a radical Islamic group named Ansar al-Sharia.  Make no mistake this long awaited wave of violence has been well orchestrated and methodically carried out given the fact that our embassies in Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen, Oman, Egypt, and even Israel have come under attack, too.  Intelligence sources who have kindly assisted me over the past couple of years also informed me that there is solid evidence that:

                                                                    1).  The U.S. State Department was aware of a planned major demonstration by the terrorist group Jamaa Islamyia outside the Cairo Embassy for August 30th, but just prior to initiation, it was called off.  Equally, the State Department was fully aware of the rocket attack on the British Ambassador in June while traveling through the streets of Libya.   

                                                                   2). Security at ALL American compounds was not reinforced or even placed on a heightened level of alert given Intel suggesting the annual 9/11-Remembrance could be a significant day and/or “Flash Point”.  And by now, we all know of the egregious and inexcusable order given that U.S. Marines should not be armed.  Initial reports also show a “slow response time” of Egyptian Security Forces when the American Embassy came under attack. Even today with two U.S. Navy destroyers standing off-shore of Libya, there are NO ORDERS, NO DIRECT MISSION. 

                                                                  3). The attack in Benghazi shows evidence of a well-coordinated military attack, as I referenced above.  There is now evidence showing the consulate had been under surveillance, the attack came in organized waves, the attackers were very well armed with heavy assault weapons, including RPGs.  The physical lay-out of the consulate, including “safe house” was known to the attackers.

                                                                  4).  Tomorrow, Friday, may prove to be an even more insidious day since the Muslim Brotherhood has called for demonstrations even during the Muslim Sabbath.  This is not unusual since all rules are situational in Radical Islam.  During the Arab Spring, Friday prayers were used to promote major demonstrations since a ready supply of folks were already congregated in one place.  In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood has called for a “Million Man March.” 

I believe you reap what you sew, and we are beginning to sew not-so-good stuff.  The United States, these past few years, has been slowly decimated in major categories – especially financially and militarily.  We are not able to maintain the level of strength we have all become accustomed to, and the world (at least those countries that depend on us for security and world stability) has become accustomed.  A very strong argument can be made that America is in rapid decline.  You factor in political people at all levels of our government who believe in appeasement, and who see the world through glasses, the likes many of us have no idea from which they purchased them, and we have events like the past 48-hours, with more to come.  United States intelligence and political leaders have greatly underestimated what is taking place in the Middle East, and there is an actual belief system rampant in Washington, D.C. that the Arab Spring (backed by Obama/Clinton/Panetta) was a good thing, a well-deserved event, and the countries that participated are functioning countries with developing democracies!  This is a crock!      

The failure of U.S. intelligence and political leaders to recognize (believe) you cannot respond to the war waged by radical Islamist terrorist groups by simply throwing more money at them, caving at their demands, fearing their threats, appeasing their ideology and trying to make friends has led to this serious probing of our sovereignty and resolve to protect our interests.  Going around a pounding on your chest with glee claiming the “Witch is Dead, the wicked witch”…oops, “Osama bin Laden is dead,”  and believing all is right with the world is naïve, sophomoric, and makes me wonder who really is minding the store and keeping watch over us?  America’s so-called leaders have grossly failed to grasp the significance of what is taking place in the quickly changing political climate in the post-Arab Spring States, and the Middle East in general. 

Thank you for allowing me the chance to speak into this subject-matter.  I am fully aware there are others on this List who are far more versed than I on matters associated with Radical Islam.


      Lyle –



Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist

Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment

Private-Sector Intelligence Analyst

FBI InfraGard – Arizona

ASIS International

Association for Intelligence Officers

U.S. Border Intelligence Group

From: (REDACTED) Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2012 1:50 AM Subject: ISLAMIC ISSUES 12-135: Was the killed Ambassador also raped?

Picked up from another list, something that needs to be clarified.

"According to a Lebanese newspaper, he was also--and this is sickening to report--also raped:"

This link leads to an Arabic language website.   If anyone can read arabic, could you please provide a translation and highlight the portion addressing the possible rape of the Ambassador?



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Why not attack the U.S.A.  We have a liberal queer panty-waisted president.  What is he going to do?

Twana - I agree 100%... this is going according to plan to make the whole world a Caliphate, which is why he said last week "the United State of America"... 

This is what George Soros wants and he is getting it - using our $$ and killing our military.

Hello, We, as nation, have a long history, in dealing with " Caliphs ". It was the caliphs who ran the pirate cartels during the Barbary Coast Wars & it was only the caliphs who lived comfortably, while any of their subjects starved & led miserable lives. A far cry from the Mohammedems that led the thrust for knowledge in the sciences & received world acclaim during the pre-& middle ages The USMC's theme song includes ; ' from the Halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli ' denotes their & our timeline of involvments with the so-called ' Caliphs ' who were pirates, nonetheless. These pirates, by historical records of many nations, so accosted, held our citizens & other nation's, for ransom, tortured, beheaded, burned, on & on. The shores of Tripoli are still there, our Navy & the Corps are here, still, so are our citizens. We are incensed that the 1st response would be a sissy- ' consolation ' to the ' hurt feelings ' of the mob mentality that raped & killed so indiscriminately. The so-called ' Producer of this trash film, should be dragged to the nearest port to somewhere, exiled from US(A), YouTube should decide; ' What side ? ', or get out also. An opinion is ok, one of our Rights. Treason & collaboration, including ' aiding & assisting the enemy ', is not. Despite the New Age's ' Feel Good ' philosophies, this is still,  the " War On Terrorism " is it not ? Our Navy held the entire city of Tripoli at cannon-point until release was secured of one citizen; ' once upon a time '. How pathetic our ' leadership ' is, how blind those who are sworn to uphold the Constitution; The Law of The Land.    

From all accounts the Ambassador was analy raped before he was murdered. The rape was to tell us that "We are their bitches". I got their bitch hanging and  another locked and loaded  waiting for one of their sorry asses!


We hold freedom of religion as a pillar of our Country and this is is certainly worth preserving.


In the 21'st century an unintended consequence is that our petro dollars have emboldened the Islamists to once again startup their conquest of western society and governments.


Political correctness notwithstanding, we must take action now or face a holocaust like has never been seen before.


The best way to protect our country is to immediately by law and soon thereafter enact a constitutional amendment that defines: A religion is a belief system that teaches among other things complete absolute respect for and tolerance of those having a different belief system.


This simple one liner would mean that Islam and any other whacky belief systems that may come along would not enjoy the tax benefits and other protections, for example from discrimination and government intervention in their affairs that true religions enjoy.


If you believe this idea has merit feel free to make it known.

Marc Goldstone

Bullhead City, AZ

I respectfully disagree with Mr. Rapacki.  The intelligence was there, but ignored.  Before and  ever since obozo has been in the WH, his goal has and will always be to destroy America.  The power hungry greedy pond scum such as the Clintons along with obozo and his band of thieves and thugs think they can control the incest brain rot that is present in every desert rat.  If the satanic desert rats should gain control of the world (God will not let that happen) they would immediately kill all their useful idiots such as carter, clintons, pelousy, reid the red, barney flake, chris clodd, stoney hoyless, jesse jackass, al sharpless, etc.  For now the brain rotted pedophiles desert rats are satisfied with raping, sodomizing, torturing and killing any non desert rat for a thrill.  But eventually they will turn on each other.  They will never be able to satisfy their lust for evil.   If the rats thought for a moment they make full out war and win they would do it.  They know that will not work so they will take a step at a time using the greedy, power hungry useful idiots.  All the fore mentioned are traitors  and crooks.  They deserve the strongest punishment allowed by law, especially for treason.  They sacrificed our citizens and pretend they had no clue is beyond disgrace.  It is pure treason all for power.  Include obozo and his band of thieves and thugs in the posting.  obozo is a radical muslim through and through.  For now he is content on playing his role of the assh _ _ _ he is.

For forty plus years kids have been watching Sesame Street and hearing "I'm OK, you're OK" bull shit. 

During this same time frame the collective has breed into most of us the thought that a degree in something is

essential and one must have the liberal arts education to understand the larger picture.  Nowadays, the picture

encompasses the entire world/globe and all the population.   Imagine 7 billion folks all thinking everything is going

fine.  Its obviously easy because almost each and every day our nation steps up to bat in a liberal stadium of

one sort or another and takes yet another swing into oblivion.  They never get it that they're actually striking out

every time they give citizenship a try.  They always think the other 7 billion are thinking just as a Judeo-Christian

citizen of the USA.   As we draw closer to an end of what was once the world's most legitimate democracy we

can only hope for a peaceful, calm dissolution of all we have ever known.  The times are changing and you live

in those interesting times. 

There are too many pieces that have precisely fallen into place to call this all coincidence and/or that the video somehow was the cause of these attacks and murders oF four Americans.

This video is beginning to look more like the tool that was used as justification for their outrage and was meant to deceitfully appear to trigger the revenge from these maniacal maniacs. They knew Obama would pathetically slobber all over himself, apologizing for the film that they used as the bait to pull him in hook line and sinker. This is what they do best… they lie and figure out how to throw it all back in your lap. There is no honor with these cavemen. They’ll smile and lie to your face, then shoot you in the back. They’ve managed to build about 1500 caves here so far, but a cave-free America is in our best interest… let’s go caveless…. ASAP.

Search amb anne patterson and see her history of bad actions in mideast-WHY is she still being paid??

'Ambassador Anne Patterson, the US Ambassador to Egypt, experienced her 'April Glaspie' moment yesterday when she blamed Americans instead of Egyptians for attacking, storming and desecrating the US Embassy in Cairo and the US Flag.

Old hands will remember, April Glaspie, who was a rising star in the State Department's constellation of diplomats. Her notorious conversation with Saddam Hussein in early 1990 led Saddam to believe that the US encouraged and condoned an Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

Having worked closely with US officials for a decade in the struggle and war against Iran, Saddam understood that everything after the Glaspie talk was plausible deniability by US President Bush, 41.

Glaspie misunderstood and misjudged the Iraqi leadership and the situation in Iraq. Patterson's operations at the US Embassy in Cairo bespeak a comparable misjudgment of the Egyptian Arab situation, its volatility and the depth of anti-American sentiment.

She did not permit US Marine guards to carry live ammunition, according to USMC blogs. Thus she neutralized any US military capability that was dedicated to preserve her life and protect the US Embassy.

In this respect, she did not defend US sovereign territory and betrayed her oath of office. She neutered the Marines posted to defend the embassy, trusting the Egyptians over the Marines.'


Pentagon and State deny this but this admin blame everybody else and take NO responsibility for anything. ow can they order pizza for lunch if they can't act or be responsibile for anything??


You nailed it Edward........and to think, Obama is sending our warriors to their deaths while he plays with Hollywood, late night hosts, campaigning...everything but focusing on responsibility...but you know what, the sorry piece of sh.t is doing the best he can......incompetence and hate of America is resulting in his goal being accomplished..........destruction of our nation.



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