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Jamie Glazov Moment...........A Real Threat From The Muslim Brotherhood.........

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Trump says he will not pursue prosecution of Hillary Clinton,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Well for me this brings back an old saying that my wife used to tell me; "Patience Jackass, all good things take time".

So with that I will add, IF Trump DID threaten to go ahead with plans to prosecute Hillary Obama would simply Pardon her on his last day in office. Now this way if Obama does Pardon Hillary that is an admission of guilt, for all of them. The truth may yet lay in what Trump DID-NOT say. He did NOT say that he would block any further investigations, or that he would BLOCK any future prosecutions by his Justice department or AG.
Instead he just dropped the issue saying that right now they have more important issues to deal with.
Yes, failure to prosecute Hillary and the entire bunch pisses me off too. But I would rather wait a little while, cast a much bigger net, and get them ALL at  the same time.

And nothing has been said that would stop any of us from filing criminal charges against any of them. Besides - Saudi Arabia may handle the problem for us, after all THEY are the ones who poured millions into her Canadian trust fund.
Now what was that address (and GPS coordinates)  in up-state New York?

Drain the swamp, yes, but Remember - There are some pretty big alligators in that swamp.

Exactly Old Rooster, my first reaction was to feel betrayed by Trump, but after all this hype and the possibility he can turn things around, it just did not make sense.  I know the rhetoric of the campaign does not carry over into Presidency.  I have seen a few elections.  Campaign mode does not fit Trump's personality, in my opinion. And with all the fake news out there, we have to wait first until the electoral college is done.  Big potential hurtle. Where is Hillary now, plotting over the electoral college with George Soros???  I suspect.  So, one possible scenario is Trump is placating the left and buying his time to get past the electoral college.  He may have made a deal with Hillary?  He may know she is really not well.  It may be terminal or extremely the point a proxy other than her VP was a possibility. Meeting with the NY Times was a surprise and futile effort, except for the public's benefit.  I question his lack of going on FOX, except for Hannity.  He needs a news media outlet?  maybe not?? There was talk within his group of purchasing one?

Bottom line........first hurtle is the electoral college, second hurtle is the inauguration.........

I think one thing we should all be aware of and keep in mind is that the MSM is still reporting all this garbage.
They are not only reporting it but they are making it up as they go along. 99.999% of all you hear on the MSM or any other news media site is pure garbage, made up trash.

Be careful what you re-post or share as being "News",,,,,,, Truth is Trump hasn't actually done anything yet.

So far he's just talking to people trying to assemble his team.

Yep - they put out that Huckabee was offered, and accepted, the position as Ambassador to Israel.  Per Huckabee, that was never even discussed!  Cannot believe some people are being so reactionary and wringing their hands when the man isn't even the President yet!!!!  SMH  I agree wholeheartedly that we need to hold him to his promises but goodness, can we not wait until we actually see what happens instead of falling for all the rumors and fear-mongering???

I was able to find a list of all the Electoral College members, so that IS out there if anyone really wants to find who they are.
I'm not going to publish the names or the link here or on Facebook, No sense in making it easy for them to find and threaten these people.
Someone here posted a link to a Federal law that indicates that anyone who threatens or engages in conspiring to get other members to change their votes in the EC could potentially face some really severe penalties if they did vote against their States choice in the election. The problem is of course if the EC voted to stop Trump and then the Congress appointed Hillary as POTUS NO ONE would ever be charged for changing their votes. The corruption would simply continue and would probably escalate even greater.
The MSM is in full panic mode, their lies and BS has been exposed for all to see. So now they are attacking Breitbart and Drudge calling everyone "Fake News" outlets. That of course includes us here on the PFA. So now we are not only 'Deplorables' but we are also "Fake News" . We have to stay-the-course, Do NOT lighten up, maintain your position. Hold your ground.This fight is far from over. IF and when Trump is inaugurated we have a lot of work to do.

Obama has appointed 126 Federal Judges And most of them need to be removed from the bench. They are all left wing liberals and Communists. This is an issue that has not garnered much attention during the campaigns but it IS an issue that needs to be dealt with. Under a Trump administration these judges could easily be removed, but only IF Trump is confirmed by the EC.
Don't let the MSM sway your decisions at this point. The November 8th election was only one small battle, the WAR has not yet been won - - -or lost.




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