Recently Joe Robertson became the latest victim of our tyrannical government.  He has been fighting this fight for years, and even though a court said he had done no wrong, the EPA went ahead and has put this disabled veteran in prison.   Now the government is taking his only income he has away from him.  His family needs this income to survive and also pay his attorney's fees.   He is going to lose his entire property to this corrupt government.

Joe soon after being sent to prison, suffered a stroke which was not tended to properly, he is still suffering and they were actually doing to him what many call "Diesel Therapy", and that is when they take a person out of their cell load them up and take them somewhere else, and load them up again to another location.  His wife was uninformed of his whereabouts, and it was just terrible.  They had him separated from his dog, which is his partner as his disability requires him to have this dog.

These prisons and the people working them are animals.   Since I have heard testimony from those in Oregon and Nevada as to what they have endured I can only imagine how awful this might be for Joe right now.  I have personally talked to some of the guards in these prisons out west and all I could say to them was, "I will pray for you to see what you are doing", as most of them told me they are just following orders from the government and are abusing these men because they have to do their job.  

Here is the article recently published by Redoubt News that explains what is going on, with a link to a Go Fund Me account.   Just even $5 would help this family out so much.  I wanted to share this story on this forum because I know there are many on here who are veterans and Joe is really in need of help.  This link to the GoFundMe was set up by a friend of Joe's.  It is legitimate, as I already made sure of that.  Many of our groups out west on Facebook are sharing this same link for this GoFundMe and it also comes from our Patriot Mail Project where they get all the information on all political prisoners so we can send money or write them......

Joe has not done anything wrong and doesn't deserve this, just as many of those in Oregon and Nevada and other States who stood up for our Constitution and another rancher who was unjustly incarcerated.  The government has lost their mind, lost their ability to treat the very people who put them into office like humans anymore.  I am disgusted with the way things are going.  Obama is doing everything and anything he can to destroy this Country before he leaves!  Trying his darnedest to start a Revolution if you ask me.

For those on Facebook here is another link with the GoFundMe link and also how to send checks if you wish......

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Here's another video from that Facebook page.

Sounds like the Tree of Liberty needs a little EPA fertilizer.

How many Americans does this make now in prison and loosing everything, for doing nothing???
We're never going to beat the system by working form within the system.

Thanks Old Rooster....that was a good video, done up by Gavin Seim.  I forgot about that one that was passed around.  He explains a lot in this video.

Another late breaking update from Montana:

A farce of a sentencing trial took place today in Missoula, Montana for Joe Robertson, the 77 year old disabled veteran that was wrongly convicted of building a stock pond on his property.

Missoula, Montana Judge Malloy.

Prosecutor Nelson

It's foolishness to expect Justice within an unjust system. Some have suggested voting the corrupt judges out. But their just like our politicians, they are all members of the same "Good old boys club". Rightly does Lady Justice have a blindfold on. The only thing she is blind to is "JUSTICE"! They refuse to acknowledge the Common Law or the CLGJ system. And do you really think they will rule against them selfs?? They are corrupt to the core and they have vertiual immunity. They system is corrupt from its head to its toes starting with the president all the way down to the local court system. Those who suffer the most are the ones who are "Awake",who know what the system should be and how it is suppose to function. Unfortunatly the majority of people are ignorant, asleep and live in delusion and denial.

There will be no justice and with the precedence they are setting in Oregon right now with trial for the Bundy men and David Fry starting on 9/13, look out.  If they can illegally charge them, and the jury is unaware of the corruption taking place in these cases and condemns them because they are given orders from the judge on how to be jurors, then I fear the worse for these men.   What they are doing in these trials even before they start is horrible.  They were told they cannot dress like they are accustomed to because they are afraid if they wear any belt buckets, cowboy boots, or any type of metal things at all, they could use them to attack anyone.  Also the US Marshall demand this as they said that this family has been threatening them (horse shit).   Also the US Marshall has so much security around the Federal Courthouse that when the jurors see that they will think that they are judging people who are harden criminals, and very dangerous.   The attorney for the Bundy's argued with the judge, said you are condemning these men before they are proven guilty, but the judge is allowing this to all take place and all before there is even a trial.   These men have to wear black loafers with white socks and horrible looking clothes.  Unreal!

I wonder if any of the jurors own their own homes......
I wonder what their responses would be if their were told to get-out, the Government is taking their home.

AND then they will STILL be expected to finish paying off the mortgages anyway.

I wonder if any of those jurors would stand up and say "Screw-You" You ain't taking MY home.>>>>>.......

But of course the judge would never allow such a question to be asked in his court room.

What would be the response if the defence attorney asked the jury if they have ever read the US Constitution?

Good time of day, worthy citizens of America. I want to thank each of you for what you are, without fear of criminal prosecution by the state authorities, expressing their independent opinion, for what you are trying to maintain law and order. Special thanks to Colonel Riley, for the fact that he stood at the head of this movement. I understand that your strength is not great. I understand that those who oppose you will be much stronger. But I am sure that your just cause must win. And I wish you good luck ... Today I read this article: I was shocked! I think if all this is true, then Malloy judge should be outlawed. My theory on the World Disabled genocide is one more confirmation. Malloy judge should be subject to criminal prosecution under genocide. Prosecutor Nelson should be prosecuted for the same offense. The unprecedented attack on the civil rights of persons with disabilities started in the world. And this atrocity involving public authorities and other public officials, including judges and prosecutors. Disabled people are defenseless against their tyranny. I am advocating that every official should be personally responsible for their crimes. And the land should burn under their feet. If they do, the judges and prosecutors violate and pervert the law, then the law should be us! And they will judge us according to the rules by which they are judged !!! And then tyranny is over! The power of the majority, the rights of the constitution, law and order will prevail in our land, and we will believe in the happy future of our children and grandchildren. I can not personally make a difference, I'm too far away. But the disabled need special care. We must use every opportunity to help Joe Robertson. How much will actually organize a retrial? Who can do it? And how quickly it is possible to organize?



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