Constitutional Emergency

"Joint Chiefs chairman to retired military: Stop slamming Obama!" <---Spineless Career Politician General

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Penned by Jim Kouri,

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   I yesterday attended the funeral cortage for US Navy Seal Glen Doherty in Winchester Mass. I was among  hundreds of fellow Americans assembled there to show respect for this brave young American hero . The media  described Glen as "  one of three others killed "  The people attending the memorial knew this young man as  Glen Doherty !!  The callous criminals who stupidly placed our people in such a deadly position must be held accountable !!  Gen. Dempsey should be in the forefront in defending our brave young men , and not defending the likes of Obama ,& Hilliary

Thanks for sharing Charlie...........

Dempsey is the most disgraceful example of a military officer I have ever seen.  He is the one playing partisan politics rather than those who are speaking out.  Being retired military or veteran does not negate one's right of free speech.  The sad part is that he will never be held accountable for his disgraceful conduct nor for the many deaths and injuries that his boot licking has caused to the troops he commands.  He will retire with his $200,000+ retirement while the pain and suffering he has caused will last a life time for the injured troops.  Should Romney be victorious I wonder what the possibilities would be of holding this scum of the earth accountable.

Dempsey has always been a self serving traitor.  He along with obozo and his band of thieves and thugs can all be tried for treason and murder.  They do not uphold the Constitution or protect our military personnel.  

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army Gen. Martin Dempsey said, in an interview on Monday during his flight to visit Turkey, that using the uniform for partisan politics hurts the trust Americans have in their warriors.

Do you see how subservient generals serving not people, but Obama could be? Does he ever realize that "his warriors" have no trust in high command namely their "commandante" Obama? By now almost every foot soldier knows what traitors we have, what orders they are getting for battle engagement and how eligible is their Commander in Chief, his military background and what fraud he is.

Dumpsey is the most incompetent, political kiss ass traitor the military has ever known. Along with obozo and his band of thieves and thugs, he should be tried for treason. Under his gutless leadership if you can call it that, our military people have been murdered, tortured, abused, disabled, disrespected by obozo and gang, allows enemies within and without to go unfettered. He is worse then Benedict Arnold. No bullet for him just a used rope.



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