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Judge tells students: Sue to reinstate La Raza studies

"Students also learned in the La Raza supported curriculum that California, Arizona, New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Texas are really Aztlan, the ancient homeland of the Aztecs, and still rightfully belong to their descendants, people of indigenous Mexican heritage."

A President Bill Clinton-appointed federal judge -- A. Wallace Tashima -- advised a group of Arizona students that they can sue their public school district for violating their First Amendment right by eliminating a radical La Raza studies program that ignites racial hostility, teaches disdain for American sovereignty and illegally segregates students by race.

"Only in America would a federal judge rule that a U.S. taxpayer-funded institution can get sued for refusing to provide such a divisive program that one instructor denounced for igniting racial hostility. The case involves the Tucson Unified School District’s Mexican Raza Studies program, nixed after state legislators banned funding for ethnic studies curriculums that advocate the overthrow of the U.S. government," stated the blogger for the public-interest organization Judicial Watch.

Tucson’s controversial La Raza curriculum was created during the Clinton administration in 1998 to promote the Chicano agenda. It was later renamed “Mexican-American Studies” to sound less threatening and extremist. In 2010 Arizona’s legislature passed a measure (HB 2281) banning taxpayer-funded schools from offering classes that are designed for students of a particular race and promote resentment toward a certain ethnic group (in this case whites).

However, a group of Tucson district teachers sued in federal court to keep the Chicano program, claiming that it would be unconstitutional to eliminate it because it would restrict free speech, according to the Judicial Watch blogger. 

In their complaint, the teachers said their free speech had been impermissibly infringed by the state. They further asserted that students who take the La Raza courses score higher on standardized tests, graduate from high school at higher rates, improve their overall grades and have better school attendance records.

Judge A. Wallace Tashima rejected the teachers’ claims, but this week ruled that students have a standing to sue the district for killing the La Raza studies program because they’ve made a “plausible showing of a First Amendment violation” based on allegations that “viewpoint-discriminatory criteria” are being used to remove texts and materials from the curriculum. The Clinton-appointed judge also said that “at some point in the future students may be able to make a stronger showing that irreparable harm is likely….” though they have not yet met the criteria.

The Tucson program first gained national attention when a Hispanic history teacher, John Ward, who taught in it denounced the curriculum’s biased theme that Mexican-Americans are victims of a racist American society driven by the interests of middle and upper-class whites. Kids were taught that the southwestern United States was taken from Mexicans because of the insatiable greed of the Yankee who acquired values from the corrupted ethos of western civilization, the teacher wrote in a newspaper opinion piece for the Tucson Citizen.

Students also learned in the La Raza supported curriculum that California, Arizona, New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Texas are really Aztlan, the ancient homeland of the Aztecs, and still rightfully belong to their descendants, people of indigenous Mexican heritage.

Also, the former Tucson teacher said, students were told that few Mexicans took advanced high school courses because their “white teachers” didn’t believe they were capable and wanted to prevent them from getting ahead.

The curriculum engendered racial irresponsibly, demeaned America’s civil institutions, undermined public servants, discounted any virtues in western civilization and taught disdain for American sovereignty, according the teacher. He also revealed that many of the instructors who taught the courses were not certified to teac

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  • It is great to see an unbiased judge in court these days!

    I mean after all those biased judges threw  out all  of the complaints filed against obama, this is very reassuring.

    Judges are above the law till I see some of them removed or convicted for anyone of a multitutde of reasons.

    I am guessing Wallace Tashima will be the judge of record, appointing himself. If this comes to trial.

    Judges and politicians fear no evil,...because they ARE evil.

    Driving a wooden stake through a few of these pagan hearts would put the fear back in them!

  • Classes teaching blatant RACISM.... yep that sounds about like the kind of division the Liberals want to push across America. Separate all the people into squabbling groups and they can shove their agenda even deeper into the America.

  • What can I say....!  Ignorance is bliss....!  Listen up those of you who have your ears open...!  " You can fool most of the people some of the time..:; you can fool some of the people most of the time...BUT, you CAN'T fool all of the people all of the time.."  Time is coming......!  I think we will see a major reaction when the election is done depending on who is to be our next Pres.  Oooooo...Raaahhh...!  Semper Fi..!


  • Mexico is a failed state.Can you believe it?

    Mexico is a paradise of landscapes that could be attracting people from all over the world and the bright culture of Mexico could be attracting artists, writers, and entrepreneurs to their schools, universities and unique way of life based around cathedrals and open markets. Why aren't these these good citizens of Mexico contributing to this goal? Don't they love their country?

    LaRaza with a big fist for America, how pukey is that? These Razas resemble more and more the followers of Islam who are here to steal our country while their own countries are wastelands of poverty, cruelty, and slavery.

    Why don't they all just do what is right; go back to their own homelands and work to contribute something to their countries? How do they sleep at night, these thieves? Every one; LaRaza and bHoods, blamers, shirkers, parasites and pirates. Criminals.

  • After we get rid of Hussain, we need to get rid of the fed judges he has appointed and that is approximately 75 so far.  Make it a rule that they have to prove their decision by pointing out the call in the constitution!  The Judges are helping Hussain become a dictator and take away our rights!  I say that only the people should be able to vote, appoint federal judges!   Think about this, all judges are lawyers and we have the highest number of lawyers per capita than any other country.  Who do you think writes the laws that Hussain wants?  Lawyers  Then you appoint lawyers, (judges) to rule on other lawyers!  Who's side do you think they are going to come down on?  Not we the people, but the buddy's they work with all their lives.   They have a group that is worse than the thin blue line!  They are the "red Line", communists, socialists and power hungry themselves, slavemakers behind the scenes!

  • How did this JUDGE get to be a judge in the first place? Let's get rid of ALL these sons o bitches and start ALL over? A complete change of government is the ONLY solution!

    • Yes there are a whole bunch of Judges we need to get rid of!!! Plus a whole bunch in Congress and the Senate and the WH that allow stuff like this.  They have seemed to forgotten that Judges DON'T MAKE LAW!! CONGRESS IS SUPPOSE TO -- BUT -- they are not doing their  job and the "LAWS" they do make have been illegal and against our CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS!! Personally I think we should get rid of all from the lowest local level all the way to the top of of the Fed level OF ALL WHO DO ONT STRICTLY ABIDE BY THE CONSTITUTION AS IT WAS WRITTEN BY OUR FOUNDING FATHERS!!! Just one woman's opinion.  AND if we aren't able to do it at the ballot box, we will have to take our country back by force!!  This judge is a disgrace!!!

  • Well, the action being taken in Georgia, is to sue on a State Level to keep Obama from being on the Presidential Ballot on the basis of his father NOT being a citizen.  Read the Constitution and review case law, both dictate "Natural Born Citizen" has BOTH parents as citizens before a person qualifies to be the President.  Taking Obama to court on a Federal level is futile, because he and his Democratic Party controls the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branch of Government.  Please enter the TEA Party !!!!!!!!!  Who is propounding these radical groups?......the Democratic Party !!!  So, come on down to Georgia on the 26th of this month and see if Obama ownes the State Judge !!!!  If not, then Georgia is gonna send that devil packing and he can pack up his fiddle and go home !!!!!  We'll give him his due..............

  • When I went to school, what seems like a 100 yrs ago (I graduated in 1966), we studied "History of the United States of America". We also studied the Constitution of the United States of America AND were REQUIRED to take and PASS a test on it in order to graduate in Kansas.  I moved to Missouri in the middle of my Junior yr., and IN ADDITION to that, they REQUIRED studying and Passing a test on the Missouri Constitution!!! The History course in HS was a full year, and the Constitution of the US was a full yr course.  My Missouri Constitution course was a full semseter. In the 8 yrs before high school we studied American History every year with each yr having more advanced as per our ages. Do they study these and require test over them any more?  Two of my daughters attended DOD schools and the History and Constitution of the United States were REQUIRED BACK THEN. Are they now? One of my daughters has 4 children, 3 of whom are grown. She is Home Schooling her youngest, because she didn't like what they taught the older ones in school, but more importantly SHE DIDN'T LIKE WHAT THEY DID'T LIKE WHAT THEY WEREN'T TEACHING THEM IN SCHOOL!!!  HISTORY!!! She says, they have rewritten it and eliminated important facts, and feels if you don't know your history -- IT WILL REPEAT ITS SELF!! Where are the other parents in this!! Why don't they SUE THE JUDGE AND GET RID OF THESE EDUCATORS THAT WANT LA RAZA TAUGHT IN SCHOOL!! ALSO why is it allowed to have "reverse discrimination? If for one second, someone wanted to have a course THE WHITES  or THE BLACKS  or THE ASIAN ---NO JUDGE IN AMERICA WOULD ALLOW IT OR TELL THE STUDENTS TO SUE!!!   NATIVE AMERICANS have very little TRUTH written about them in American History books.  I would say IF ANYONE HAD A RIGHT TO THEIR HISTORY BEING TAUGHT IT WOULD BE OUR NATIVE AMERICANS.

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Group was mixed, Whites, Blacks, and everything in between.Age groups also covered the full spectrum from kids to old people, (like me).Some Bikers showed up, about 12-15, several showing Military veteran status.Col. Allen West was present and gave some good interviews, some with news media people, and…
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Important timing.
Something that is of critical importance is the timing of everything that is happening right now. The “Fake News Media” is and has been declaring Vice-president Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 elections. But NOT one single vote from any State has been certified by any States Attorney Generals as of this date. This main-stream news media is trying to convince the American people that Joe Biden won the election without having all the LEGAL votes counted yet. Timing and current…
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