Constitutional Emergency


It is unbelievable what has happened to our nation, over the past 20 or so years, but most noticeably (by far) over the last 5 years, with a man in office who is so clearly not an American that it is beyond unbelievable that no action is being taken to protect us from him. But even the lack of action by the two houses of congress, the judiciary, and all the other government officials sworn to uphold the highest law of the land on the issue of the true identity of the imposter in the White House pales compared to the atrocity now happening in Massachusetts.

Congress (both houses) are now complicit in the kidnapping and, if nothing is done to rescue this poor, innocent child, the cold-blooded murder of Justina Pelleteir. That is what it will be if this girl dies of neglect. This intentional perversion of justice cannot be allowed to stand. In letting this happen (and there is absolutely no doubt in the minds of The People that the government is LETTING this happen) you are complicate in this monstrous, inhuman behavior. If nothing else you would expect decent people with political clout and the ability to use the press to do what they could to stop what is happening.

I believe you have reached the point where you have lost touch with reality. The people see what is happening to this country; the lies you tell in front of the mic and the self-serving decisions you make instead of looking out for the best interests of this country. I ask you to reverse your position and fight for justice. The outrage over Justina is building. It will only grow, and mark my words-it will grow. We the people demand justice. We demand it of you, our elected officials. You have completely stopped making the effort to do what is right by us, and we can not allow this to stand. It may have been easy for some to pretend your failure to prevent the rise of communism and the subjugation of the citizens who own this country wasn't happening; that the ridiculous attitude known as 'progressivism' was something other than the murder of our country happening slowly, or that those claiming to be progressives were anything other than enemies of the United States.

But now the government is sanctioning the abduction of a child who is loved by and cared for by her parents, all so she can be experimented on by monsters in human form who want her for 'research'. If you do not stand against this you are part of it. And you will be required by the the people you work for to stand and answer for all that happens on your watch.


Dave Bertelsen

U.S. Citizen

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