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Robert I hope you considered my criticism as constructive rather than negative.  I sometimes don't do a very good job of getting my message across.

All good Brother thats just feedback.. here is something we paid 140 million dollars a year on from our current GUY in the White house while so many of our returning vets cannot even find work.. His plan on forced Multicultural training..... through an Exec order... mind numbing... I lost most of my right side movement and am blessed to have all my parts but I faught with kids that lost limbs and we waste money on this mandatory training...



Couldn't agree with you more.  I'm in the VA system and it's a joke.  It breaks my heart every time I see one of those Wounded Warrior ads on TV.  But what really ticks me off is the fact that there shouldn't be a need for organizations such as Wounded Warrior.  All that Wounded Warrior and all of the other organizations dedicated to helping wounded vets do should be done by the government.  All you guys are getting is the minimum they think they can get away with and a great deal of lip service.  By the way, if you're interested in knowing how the government shafted POWs in the past get a hold of a book called Soldiers of Misfortune.  God Bless you my friend.  Where are you located?

Am I to understand we have no idea on the status of the two men?  Does anyone know how many more of our people did not return home?

Thank you for your sevice and God Bless you and the unknown numbers missing.


Just reading today on commonts , thanks Tawanna and King was meant as a NON term of endearment, anout someone who is supposed to represent ALL Americans. I served 5 tours in Iraq and Afganistan and am sorriful for the ignorance of many of my American Brothers and sisters. We lost so many just to let a MTV style wizzard to fool our country into what he is trying to become a monarch or in common terms King.. not as long as I or some of my fellows from the old 82nd ABN still breath!


While I don't want to dismiss the plight of these two individuals, this is not the first time our government, both Republican and Democratic administrations have allowed this sort of thing to happen.  At the end of WWII the Russians refused to repatriate tens of thousands of Americans who were in prison camps overrun by the Soviet Army.  Not to mention aircraft crew members who's aircraft were forced down in Soviet held territory.  The same thing happened in Korea and Viet Nam.  In many instances they (the government) were handed hard evidence that these people were still alive and they still refused to pursue the subject.

The USSA is not concerned about their military or the constitution.

They left 4 Americans behind in Benghazi -- leaving these HEROES behind is standard operating procedure.

How sick and sad.

A King treats the servants better than this -- he is no king.



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