Larry Klayman column
Media: Tell real truth about Obama!
Larry Klayman
Larry Klayman
February 16, 2015

President Barack Hussein Obama, downplaying, as has been the theme throughout his administration, that Islam has anything to do with terrorist attacks at home and abroad, recently went on the attack at the National Prayer Breakfast:

"And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ."

Obama's remarks come as no surprise. He has repeatedly demonstrated that he sees terrorism through the prism of his religious and racial background. Born to a Muslim father, schooled in madrassas in Indonesia, befriending and associating with black Muslims in Chicago and elsewhere (like the Rev. Louis Farrakhan and others), endorsing the Ground Zero Mosque at a White House feast honoring Ramadan, acting with hostility toward Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and allowing his staff to use off-color language to disparage the Jewish leader, and showing much favoritism to Muslims and his fellow African-Americans in general throughout his administration, Obama again seeks to shield his "fellow" Muslims from any criticism by disparaging and casting blame on others – particularly Jews, Israelis, Christians and whites – along religious and racial lines. Now he invokes the name of Jesus Christ to suggest that white Christians advocate killing "infidels," just as his Muslim brothers do in the name of allah.

This relativism is not only a false analogy, as neither the Crusades nor the Inquisition were sanctioned by Jesus Christ nor Christianity itself, as the killing of infidels is in the Quran, but they occurred about 1,000 and 700 years ago, respectively. Today, many centuries later, these acts no longer occur. To the contrary, however, Islam and its followers continue to believe that allah must be honored through the killing of Christians, Jews and other non-believers, and this so-called "religion" has largely digressed rather than modernized.

It is dangerous that the media, both liberal and conservative, have failed to call Obama out and educate the American people on the president's religious and racial biases, which so infect his dangerous foreign policy and other acts. Obama's biases favor Muslims and blacks over everyone else. As just the latest example, Fox News reports that the president spent his time the day it was learned that American hostage Kayla Mueller was killed by ISIS filming a video to promote Obamacare with undignified, goofy, low-class and un-presidential scenes of him taking "selfies" of himself. Previously, when other white Christian and Jewish-American hostages were killed, Obama disrespectfully went golfing or on fundraisers. And, given Obama's well-documented actions effectively but falsely blaming whites and white cops for discrimination during and after the Trayvon Martin and Ferguson tragedies, as well as a myriad of other biased actions throughout his administration, one does more than wonder if Obama would do an Obamacare "end zone" dance if a black American hostage was killed by ISIS.

It's time for the media to start calling Obama out for what he is. The president simply is not detached from reality or incompetent, as the media apologetically often depict his numerous foreign-policy failures and scandals. Even Fox News, which I congratulate and appreciate for its hard-hitting fair and balanced reporting generally, skirts this central issue: Obama's biases and prejudices and how they destructively affect his governance. Even if the media will not brand him as the anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic bigot he is, it is at least high time that reporters, columnist, and television and radio commentators say it straight up: Obama sees nearly everything and acts from the lens of his Muslim, African heritage, frequently to the detriment of the rest of us.

Last year I was criticized by the left-wing media for giving a speech satirically challenging the president to get up off his knees, to put the Quran down and to come out with his hands up. Given his prejudices and his myriad scandals, along with his refusal to call Islamic terrorism what it is – but instead casting blame on Jews and Israelis, Christians, whites and, by implication, Jesus himself – my words now ring truer than ever.

Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, is known for his strong public interest advocacy in furtherance of ethics in government and individual freedoms and liberties. During his tenure at Judicial Watch, he obtained a court ruling that Bill Clinton committed a crime, the first lawyer ever to have done so against an American president. Larry became so famous for fighting corruption in the government and the legal profession that the NBC hit drama series West Wing created a character after him: Harry Klaypool of Freedom Watch. His character was played by actor John Diehl.

In 2004, Larry ran for the U.S. Senate as a Republican in Florida's primary. After the race ended, he founded Freedom Watch.

The author of two books, Fatal Neglect and Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment, Larry is a frequent commentator on television and radio, as well as a weekly columnist, on Friday, for WND.com. He has been credited as being the inspiration for the Tea Party movement. (See "Larry Klayman — The One Man TEA Party," by Dr. Richard Swier.)

© Copyright 2015 by Larry Klayman

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  • Couldn't have said it better, Patricia.  Thank you.  Will look into Mr. Homolka's post.  We've got to turn this ship.......... SOMEhow.

  • I get so frustrated because I see a few of you working so hard without any help to speak of. This birth certificate thing has been around for years and yet he continues to get away with it. Sheriff Joe Arpaio had all the documents to prove he is not a legal US citizen and he was dragged through the mud, the courts and ended up wearing a house arrest ankle bracelet. Yet no Republicans will stand up and fight. Where the hell is John McCain, they made him show his birth certificate because he was born in Panama and had to become a naturalized citizen and he let this traitor to our count ry get away without showing his. They are all wimps with no guts. Even some of the so called Tea Partiers that got elected caved on the very first vote. So who can you count on or trust. I think only GOD>

    • If you are from Arizona, you are voting for the wrong guy. McCain is NOT and has never been a Conservative. He votes with the Dumbocrats 98% of the time. The only reason he runs on a Republican ticket is because he is from a Conservative state.

  • Yes, I was at OAS, May 2014 at Camp Liberty. Out of the 319 million U S citizens only a couple thousands showed! We are a nation of "all talk and NO action"! I am afraid it will be too late when the majority decides to take serious action. A famous quote, " I have but one life to give to my country..., Give me Liberty or give me death..."!
  •    Sir;;  it is obvious that the do nothing Govt. has nobody there to stop our demise, there is no leadership an no-one with any balls to step up to the plate an stand against this imposter potus. Therefore- the only thing that must be done soon should be a military intervention an removal of the president, fire the vice president for incompedence, an start with a hole new crew in the entire Govt.. Send all of the worthless FED employee's home until a new govt. is in place, down size the entire Govt. an

    the 3-letter gangs should be cut in half to rein in the Federal over-reach.  Do away with this bloated worthless out of control lunatic form of Govt. an get America back on track. I really do not see any other way to get this done an when nothing else seems to be working then what other option do we have?  The american people have had enough, we are tired of the muslum in the WH, tired of a do nothing congress, a stonewalling senate, what more proof do you need??

  • Thank you for all of your work.

  • The Crusades and the Inquisition were a result of about 500 years of Muslim terrorism. We have advanced socially and morally whereas the Muslims are still stuck back in the dark ages!

  • I concur that Obama is not our President and I also will never acknowledge that he is!  He has been planted in the WH to destroy America by our own CIA!  

  • Truth is the exact time, place, form, and event. Is what is. Obama's not the government nor the president. That illusion has come and gone. He's the enemy...Semper Fi Nam 66-67

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