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This is LaRaza's call to action:






We must respond immediately to the failure of the Senate and the Congress to act.  We must let the President know that we will not accept the continuation of injustice under what all agree is a broken law. Familia Latina Unida calls for coordinated actions of civil disobedience at Homeland Security offices across the nation beginning on December 20. We want a Christmas without fear, a Christmas in which children celebrating the Holy Family are not in fear that armed men will come to their homes to take away their own family.

The failure of President Obama and the Democratically controlled House and Senate to pass legislation to fix our broken immigration system has left us all with one objective: a moratorium on deportations and separation of families until legislation still pending in the house and senate is finally acted on. We salute Congressman Gutierrez for his leadership in passing the Dream Act through the House, but we recognize that for nearly ten years the Democratic Leadership has been playing with us saying they were committed to comprehensive immigration reform, which included the dream act, but doing absolutely noting to move it forward. On the eve of a desperate election, they agreed to put forward the dream act alone. We do not believe they did this in good faith.  History will show that Congressman Gutierrez finally forced their hand in the House of Representatives.

Every day, 1100 people are deported.  Every day, six million children and young people, 80% of whom are U.S. citizens, 20% of whom are dream act eligible, live in fear of having their families and their lives destroyed. Instead of working to provide these young people with education and health care and decent housing and a way to live productive lives, our government gets up every morning with new plans to destroy their families.

All of this is happening in spite of the fact that we elected a President who committed in no uncertain terms to stop the separation of families. The recent elections have solidified the deadlock in Congress on a way to fix our broken immigration laws. Yet the President still has the power to stop the deportations until the Congress finally addresses this national tragedy.

In response to the demands of the families and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the Department of Homeland Security has given President Obama a seven point memorandum outlining his powers to stop the deportations until the Congress can act. The President must be compelled to keep his promise.

Congressman Gutierrez has called for a nationwide movement for the moratorium. He has said that now The Movement is the Moratorium, the Moratorium is the Movement. He explains that we must act to get the President to act and we must also struggle in every city and town to stop cooperation between ICE and local law enforcement through the 287g and Secure Communities Act programs. We must fight for every family that is struggling to keep their lives and their families together.

Congressman Gutierrez has said that we can no longer allow our movement to be determined by the legislative priorities of politicians and parties more concerned with their reelection than with the lives of our families. The Congressman has said that U.S. citizens must be prepared to step out of their comfort zone and be willing to fill the jails until the President keeps his promise and stops the deportations.

`The Movement for the Moratorium has begun! Every Monday in Chicago pastors, elected officials, family members of those facing deportations and youth leaders have blocked the doors of the Homeland Security Headquarters in Chicago and organized mass arrests. Let the nation hear us on December 20th. We will not be silent.




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  • Jack, I am sorry for your sister, and others in like situations.  I understand the situation very well, having have experienced a couple like situations myself.  I was hit by an illegal on 3 separate occasions, twice fairly hard. Always rear ended. And of course not speaking English, no license, no registration, no insurance. Always given wrong  information as where they lived, or who they were. On two separate occasions a Mexican cop was to the scene and provides the information, who I think was deliberate by the cop to give the information. Fortunately I was not physically injured. The cops never issued a citation to the Mexicans. Also near my daughters home a drunk Mexican city worker with a city pickup truck hit a car with 6 kids in it. They called the cops who never showed up, and they refused to let the driver leave. When I learned of the matter I called the cops, finally calling the mayors office and did (surprisingly ) get a cop out. The kids insisted they give the driver a drunk test (three hours later) which he could not pass even then. The cop told the driver to leave, while providing the kids with a traffic report. The drunk city driver as he went to leave he promptly backed into the police car. Another cop (another Mexican) was called out, who put the drunk city driver in the police car, and drove away as if to arrest him. As I knew a cop at the police station of jurisdiction, I had him check, and the driver was never arrested.  The first police car was soon towed away. Some 4 or so hours later, another city truck (semi truck and trailer) came and hauled the city pickup away. But remember the laws only pertain to the public, not the cops or city workers,

    Earlier there was a posting sounding skeptical about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation providing a huge amount of money for "education" via La Raza. I know little about the interworksings of La Raza, however, I know quite a bit about the Gates Foundation.


    These people are not to be trivalized, taken lightly or viewed with disputed motives. They make money available in huge numbers to fight disease and support education.


    Unlike many charities that came before them, the Gates Foundation INSISTS on results and monitors those results to verify the funds are not wasted and are used for the approved purposes! They will suspend money yet in the pipeline in a nano second if they even suspect failure to perform. Recipients are also required to sign agreements to return any monies not used as approved.Doing so may take years or decades but, that's tough for those that fail. If they fail to perform, they are simply not given more money. Simple and straightforward.


    Of course, you are free to disagree with their choices but, it is their money, they earned it and, in my view, can do with it as they wish. I just wish they'd send me some.

    • You might want to check a little more closely how the Gates Foundation is tied to the UN, WHO, and Codex Alimentarius, among other less than worthy "charities" and how they're doing more harm than help in some of the those nations where they're spreading their "aid".  These folks are NOT on the side of what's best for America or for humanity at large!  And if NOT members, they're closely associated with the Bilderbergers.
  • We in this country are fighting the terrorist in foreign countries, while our biggest enemy is Obummer and his band of thugs. And if what I am about to say makes me a racist (in the minds of idiots) that is great, it will make me proud to be. We need to fight the enemy where it is, and starting with the anti Americans in congress, and in the Whitehouse in particular. There is more corruption in the political establishment in DC, and the sorry assed illegal in the Whitehouse (as well as the last few) is not about to try to correct it. We as Americans need to stop them in their tracks by what ever means necessary. Lets deport at their host governments expense any all foreigners who have not qualified for or have statrted becoming American citizens. And if their home country compplains or refuses paymnet ofr cost, fly them over in cargo planes and drop them out, DO NOT bother to land. Then any anchor babies revoke their alleged citizenship, any/all kids even in schools who were brought here by their parents illegally. This is hard for me to say as I generally like kids, but the mental attitude of those warrants their deportation. Stop funding the various Mexican and Muslim organizations with taxpayers money, stop funding going to any/all foreign countries who do not like us. Revoke/suspend or terminate by what ever means of any/all anti American sympathizers in government such as ( congressman Gutierrez) even senator McCain if need be. He changes like the wind on the matter. We have the military strength, and training bases in the border areas. put the recruits there with weapons. Fly drones over the border, with orders to shoot to kill anyone illegally crossing the borders, Shoot to kill the spotters for illegal drug runners in their hideouts. If they happen to be American citizens tough they are terrorist. If your concerned they might have families, kids and such, and you think it is so bad to separate them, just remember we have many people currently in prisons who have kids and families as well, who are separated from their kids. And you don't give a rats ass about them. If they Mexican government objects treat them as any other criminal. And they will, between the monies we give them , and the billions of dollars shipped to them by illegal's and other residents here, it is their second largest import. Also pay attention and DO NOT buy anything from Mexico. (including American products)  we're importing many food products from there, because our sorry assed government has killed the farming areas in California. Further more DO NOT pay any more taxes that you can avoid. Save them set aside until or unless the government acts to protect us. If they refuse to do their job, no more taxes to them. You can piss it off in a better beneift to you then they are can't you.
  • Just keep digging your own graves. Impudent, entitled and disgusting. This is not your land. Come in legally or stay the hell out. We owe you nothing!!

    • Several of the restaurants in the area where I live were closed and the home improvement stores all had mexicans out there with picket signs.
  • Just turned 50 this month, and suffer with sever back problems, had my back broken several times. but I still get around so I am not in a chair yet.

  • When they learn to speak English, pay taxes, and come here legally, then I am all for it.  But as it is, I am paying for all of it!!! SICK AND TIRED!!!!  They don't want to integrate themselves into the American lifestyle.........like the Cubans, they choose to segregate themselves, and demand we "The American People" pay their way..........BS!!!!!!  When is our government going to wake up?????  Quit printing in Spanish!!!  WTF!!!!  How much extra does it cost us who PAY THE BILLS, AND THEIR SALARIES???????


    • Mention that to your state legislators and governor; I have, when they were looking for ways to cut the budget.  Also teaching classes in Spanish, not to teach the language.

      • Cut out all spanish classes and stop printing everything in spanish also.That would save how much money. just in voters form that would save 100s of 1000s of dollars and more even so that would be a great savings

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