Below are several images of Harry Riley COL. Ret. with Michelle Malkin at events protecting our Veterans against the likes of Kokesh and the ilk he runs with.  H/T Harry's daughter Kathie M.



Dear VPU Members and Friends,
It appears that a "Set-Up" is in the works to SMEAR the law-abiding gun owners of America. 
Activist Nut, Adam supposedly organizing an armed march on Washington, D.C. on July 4th, 2013.  Don't fall into this is a Set-Up.  VPU is calling this for what it is!

At this point, it is entirely possible that the above mentioned event on July 4th, 2013 in Washington D.C. is a purposeful attempt to paint law-abiding supporters of Second Amendment Rights as crack-pots and law-breakers.  It is not hard to imagine that this "Washington D.C., July 4th SET-UP" could be used by the current "powers-that-be" to try to unlawfully disarm law-abiding Americans across the nation.

Leftest turned "stated Libertarian"...Adam the IDIOT that is organizing this stupid event...(No offense meant to law-abiding true Libertarians).
Background on Adam Kokesh from Michelle Malkin (click below):

(By the the above article...Col. Harry Riley (U.S. Army Ret.)...a VPU Member was one of the two main organizers of Gathering of Eagles in 2007...see attached photos of Michelle Malkin interviewing Col. Riley)

Current article by Michelle Malkin (click below): 

Current article from the Daily Caller (click below):

VPU states for the "record" that the Adam Kokesh sponsored event for July 4th, 2013 in the nation's capitol is BAD IDEA and should NOT be attended by any law-abiding citizen.

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.Thank you Twana, Col Riley, and Michelle for giving us a heads up on the activities of Kokesh!!

Thanks!!  I will pass this on!!

Yea I thought it a bad idea when they said "ARMED MARCH" Uh are you kidding? WOW! What the hell and I hope NO ONE falls for this. I would bet though there will be those that do it though.

Who in the world could possibly think that this could be a good idea??

It isn't that difficult to understand that any group of morons that intend on marching into the Nations Capitol with loaded weapons are bound to be arrested. I will go hot when the conditions are right and there is a clear and recognizable threat. I will not act alone. I am not Superman! I will operate as a member of a team.

I can appreciate that this could be a bad Idea, but only because DC still does not have known right to carry laws fully resolved in the courts. Here in WA state, a couple thousand of us showed up on the State Capital Lawn for a 2nd Amendment rally a bit ago and I can tell you that practically everybody was armed, locked and loaded as the saying goes with everything from pea shooters to 50cal sniper rifles...and hardly a policeman in sight. My wife remarked that she never felt so safe in all her life with so many armed peaceful solid citizens as companions!

Anyway California, DC and a few other states still belong more to the ilk of the USSR than these United States! We need to work tirelessly to liberate their abused citizens.


I want to reiterate the warning here, Do NOT fall for this march on DC BS. I know some of the people that are planning on attending. They are so far out right-wing that it's hard to tell where right and left meets, they're full circle 180 degrees around the other end if you know what I mean.

Stay as far away from this thing as you can get,,,,,,,,,,,, BUT - and I do mean BUT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Be prepared for what might happen immediately after this Armed March on DC.
There is a distinct possibility that the Administration could use this as an excuse to initiate full and complete state-of-emergency and full gun confiscation orders.

Be away and stay awake, and stay away from this BS.



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