Lets talk about taxes and jobs for a minute.

What’s the difference between Republicans and Democrats

Donald Trump said he was going to be the President of jobs and prosperity and wealth for America.
Trump said he would create jobs for Americans.

Barack Obama said “What’s he going to do – wave a magic wand or something?”.
Obama said “those jobs are gone forever”.

Well President Donald Trump didn’t wave a magic wand, all he did was lower the taxes on corporations and on the American people.

This is a classic illustration of how little Democrats, (and most people) fail to understand about business and corporations. Take people like Bernie Sanders who has never held a job in his life. He’s never operated or run a business in his life. And neither has Joe Biden or Barack Hussein Obama. These people have spent their entire lives sucking off the teats of the American tax payers.

Donald Trump on the other hand has spent his entire life running businesses and corporations. That creates jobs and income. Not only for himself but also for his employees and for people who he does business with. These are the small business and vendors that supply and provide products and services for Trump’s businesses.

These same business philosophies not only work for Donald Trump’s businesses but also work for all corporations and businesses across America.

Now here’s the part that Democrats and many people don’t understand.
When you raise the corporate tax rates on corporations – they move out. Many times a large corporation like General Motors, Ford, or others will move their manufacturing facilities to other countries due to as little as a three (3%) percent tax increase. The difference between 20% and 23% tax rate for a corporation is huge. On revenues of 30 Billion dollars like General Motors or Ford corporation is $900 MILLION dollars ($900,000,000)

Corporations like General Motors, Ford, and US Steel already own the manufacturing facilities required here in the US so all they had to do was move the productions back onto US soil.

That creates American jobs.
Take that $900 Million dollars in tax savings and multiply that over several years and all of a sudden it makes perfect sense to move production back to the USA.

In only four (4) years that $900 Million translates into 3.6 Billion in increased revenues.

Now I’m not a financial or corporate wizard by any stretch of the imagination. But it doesn’t take a magician to figure out that a 3.6 Billion in corporate revenue might be enough to get business and corporations to move their manufacturing back to America.

Democrats call that Corporate welfare, a tax cut for the rich.

Trump and the Republicans call that jobs and wealth for Americans.

Here’s a little table to help you figure it out.

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I quit paying taxes 7 years ago, I paid them for over 40 years, they've stolen more than enough from me.

Same here Lee, I quit when Obama was elected.

Plus I haven't made any money since then either.
Bastard ruined the Real Estate markets. Closed down all the industries and jobs around here.
I've lost $265,000 since that prick got into office. Markets and jobs still haven't come back here yet.

Probably never will now.

I've made money since I last filed for year 2012 but I barely make enough to pay the rent, utilities, insurances and necessitties. Our system is so corrupt I refuse to contribute anymore than the taxes I cannot avoid, like personal property taxes and sales taxes. I live in the (Commonwealth) Peoples Republic of Virginia and our governor is a caucasian version of Obama, except he was born in Virginia.(i.e. natural born) but still a tyrant.

(Still cannot find a local militia, so any help from others here would be great.)



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