As far as I can tell the liberal community has only one thing on its side -- an uninformed public. Liberal actions throughout history around the world, the US Constitution and Founding Documents, our own US history, sound economic principles, traditional core values, our God given natural rights, logic and old fashioned common sense all work against you, your agenda, your future and your chances of success in a knowledgeable society. Long term, the odds are against your success and you know it.

The American populace mentally blocked out all things political many decades ago. A sad state, but apathy rules the scene today. You know that too. And because the lot of you lack character, integrity, honor, morals and common decency, you take advantage of this condition to further your leftist goals and agenda. Rather than try to educate and unite the people, you misinform, obfuscate, distort history and prey on the uninformed to divide us and to conquer us. Your self-serving manner trumps country, Constitution and liberty. Your personal goals are power, influence and wealth at the expense of others who aren't paying attention to politics and our state of affairs. Whether you're in elected office, the media, education, or the ministry, you use that profession to further your own goals while advancing your leftist community's goals, your party's goals, or the goals of those more powerful than you up the political chain. And anything goes. The ends justifies the means.

Today America is on a destructive path directly because of your deliberate actions and the inattention and inaction of the masses of our citizens. You are the few, working hard; we are the many, fast asleep. But why you persist shows lack of awareness on your part. If America became a totalitarian state, with our Constitution tossed aside, the military enforcing martial law to maintain order, the Court system declared null and void, and we were a nation of serfs with a ruling elite at the helm, do you actually believe that you would still be part of that ruling elite? History shows that those who helped the dictator achieve his position are quickly "eliminated" by that same dictator to remove any threats to his regime. So the Pelosi's, the Reid's, the Schumer's, the Durbin's, the Hoyer's, etc. etc. and the lesser known among you will see an early grave by your own leadership and be replaced by lesser capable puppets for the dictator to control through fear. Your wealth will be taken by this dictator, your posterity will be penniless and disgraced and become serfs along with the rest of society, if not also "eliminated." Thus you have no motivation to do what you're doing other than the immediate ego trip you're all on and the esteem you think you have. Those are short term aspirations. But the ramifications for our nation, for We The People and the world, are huge and long term. Additionally, you'll still have to stand before your "maker" someday and answer to him / her for all your evil deeds. The path you're on is a losing one, you are facilitating your own demise and hell awaits you.

Now to the scenario you're completely ignoring, or, are too stupid to grasp. The informed among us, the patriots of America, are going to throw water on your impossible utopian dream. We're growing in number daily. If you are so naive as to think we're going to just sit here and continue to let you destroy our country, shred our Constitution, make a mockery of our values and our culture, destroy the future for our posterity, and dishonor all those who have gone before who built this country, who bled and died for this country, then "stupid is as stupid does." You are backing the patriots of America into a corner who will explode forth at some point.

We The People are only going to be pushed so far before our numbers explode in size and anger. When we reach that flash point, you become the enemy; we're no longer "Mr. nice guy." The "militia" of American patriots is far bigger than those who we'll face and we'll defend this country against our "domestic enemies." Take the hot issue of the day being discussed in Congress and the media, our Second Amendments rights. Please do grasp that term "rights." Rights are granted by God, not government. It is government's role to protect those rights, not usurp them. Accordingly, government can't take away or reduce a right they had no hand in granting.

If you think there are only a handful of supporters for these rights, and all the opposition to your intended actions currently underway will eventually subside and go away, think again. The flash point of the millennium will be any law passed that directs confiscation of our personal weapons, prohibits future purchase of these weapons, ammunition or magazines, or in any way violates our God given right to have them. This right was granted us, by God, so as to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. A definition of a tyrannical government is one that usurps the rights of its citizens, just as you're attempting to do. Do that and you will experience the Lexington and Concord of the modern era. There will be a Patriot Army of 75 million or more against your relatively small band of misguided misfits. And your numbers will fade away quickly when they realize they have bitten off far more than they can chew. If we get to that point, this Patriot Army will complete the task and rid our country of any future threat from the likes of you. We will solve the problem for the long term.

So, a word to the wise and a promise to the unwise: Stop your anti-American ways, stop the assault on our Constitution, our core values and our liberties. Call out those who persist in their destructive ways, and rejoin We The People in the quest for "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Continue what you're currently doing and We The People will follow the instructions of our Founders and change our government.

(Mr. Reams is a family man, Army veteran and retired small business owner;