Letter to the Sheriff;

A few years ago I wrote a letter to our local Sheriff and police chief, I was trying to tell them about our American Militia and the men and women who make up those Militia groups.
The purpose of my writing that letter was to warn them about what we are seeing today from these radical left-wing anarchists.
I asked both the Sheriff and the Police chief what they thought they would do when 300-400 angry mob anarchists stormed their city. The Police and Sheriff’s departments would quickly be out numbered and chaos would rule. Who did they think they could call as back up reinforcements?
The Sheriff said he would call the Texas State police, (DPS). Then I asked what was his next option, he replied the Texas Rangers, and then the Department of Home Land Security. When I pointed out to him that everyone of those choices were at least thirty minutes away, and most likely more than an hour before any reinforcement arrived. He seemed to think that was okay, that they could “Contain” the matter until then.
Then I told him that he already had more people at his disposal than both the DPS, Rangers, and the DHS combined and that they are local, right here in his own community. His comment was that he could never place the people of his community in such a dangerous situation. I informed him that the people I was referring to were all already trained and well armed.

They were referred to as the Militia, the citizen’s Militia.

Forty or fifty years ago when the local County Militia groups announced they were having a field training exercise and meeting, over half the Sheriff’s department and half the police departments would show up at that meeting. Not because they were expecting trouble, but because they were all part of those Militia groups. Half the members of those law enforcement communities were Militia members, and half of the Militia groups were in law enforcement. They were mostly all veterans and well trained. I told the Sheriff that all he had to do was help organize those groups. He could help the people defend their own communities by organizing those local Militia members into a cohesive auxiliary force to be part of his law enforcement community.
He scoffed at the idea saying he already had an emergency management team in place and that they didn’t need any more than that. When I asked who he was referring to he said the local EMT’ and volunteer fire department. The local ENT’s and fire department are great at fighting grass fires and helping during a natural disaster, I asked if he thought they were trained and ready to fight a war.
He had no response to that except to say that’s never going to happen.

I wonder what he would say today.

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To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace.
Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.  



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