Glenn is sharing the TRUTH about what is happening right now regarding the Boston Bombing suspects and how the government is involved.  He is talking about Saudi families....

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Whether you think Glenn Beck is a brash egotist or a supreme patriot, please pray for him especially over this weekend and on.  He announced just a little while ago he has received information about the Saudi who was the first "person of interest" who was in the hospital who is now scheduled for deportation on next Tuesday.  GB brought up the entirely unbelievable story put out that the prez "just happened" to meet with the high level Saudi official then said he has some incredible information about all that.  He challenged the admin to tell the truth because on Monday, on the program, he will reveal the truth about what's going on.  I'm sorry this is rambling and not all exactly like he told it, but the first thought which came to my mind was Brietbart's death right after he said he would be revealing information.  I personally believe GB is an extraordinarily honest man who is using his own personal resources to get the truth out.  If you don't, that's alright.  I'm certainly not typing this to argue the point.  My request is only to ask you to pray.

Thank you for posting this, Twana! 

I, Mark L Harvey, ALREADY know what Glenn SHOULD say on Monday.  I have it ALL written down at my web site.

I served YOU the people of the USA for 28 years of my life, in the trenches, in the mud, in the mountains of just about EVERY "stan" country and I KNOW what is happening and what will happen to this nation...and I TREMBLE at the thoughts and ideas and treasures that we are about to live through because YOU the people haven't given a DAMN for many, many, many years.

Take a look at the "tabs" index at the top of each page.

Give 'em HELL, Glenn.  No one listens to me.  Perhaps they will listen to you.

Sounds like a good message to give, Mark, but I think Glenn's announcement is about the goods he has on Obama...oops, That Guy.  I'm sure you've already read somewhere that the FLOTUS visited the Saudi in the hospital...while he was in the hospital.  Lots of interesting bits of information seeping out.  This is a weekend to pay attention and pray!

Yes and everything that Glenn Beck will do and say, "we" have already said but, "we" are merely "stupid people with guns" and Glenn, according to the FRUIT LOOPS, is an idiot.  Neither are the Truth and I HOPE Glenn Beck does what he says he will do...get some pop corn because we will all watch the libtards freak!!  I can hardly wait for this!

Judy-- Quick John F.Kerry --the other JFK from Mass. who was a Hero of the Communist Revolution memorialized in Hanoi -- Visited the Saudi PM Al Feisal. Then Barack Hussein Obama saw him as a guest in the White House.Then Michelle ma bell visited the smiley faced Saidi National in the hospital--during all this Govt. intrigue --Americans are told before the bombing the smiley faced son of a VIF in Saudi Arabia was scheduled for  deportation--(but he was allowed chill in Boston until the family friends could do a little pressure cooking.) Why the american people do NOT insist the Mosques and Islamic Schools where these enemy are radicalized Why we do not insist the Islamic clerics that foment Islamic violence int he name of the Islamic tradition and Holy War /JihadWhy we do we NOT insist the Saudi be sent clear message that their importation of Islamic Jihad their support of Islamic terror and Jihad is no longer to be tolerated in America -why that message i sNot clearly and forcefully sent defies Logic.But you are so right.T'anks.

Well, this will be interesting, but I seriously doubt this government will ever come clean.  This government is nothing but liars, cheats, deceivers and has too much blood on its hands and wants to subjucate the American people under its will. They want it so bad they can taste it, that is why this Resident in the white house wants to out-law all weapons, so his Muslim Brotherhood can come in and wipe us all out with the help of the UN Troops and what is left of our Military that support his ass and objectives. See them in hell when TSHTF.....Molon Mabe.

I hope Glen Beck goes into hiding between now and Monday, when he does the reveal. It could be bad for him and his family if the government decides to go after him and/or his family, too.

When every one on this site understands that the Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Muslim faction are;all driven by the ideology expressed in Mein Kampf, they will continue to be lured away from the truth.  The one world destination

plotted for this nation has been in their cross hairs for many many years.  It isn't Socialism, it is Sharia.  They have been dragging each amplified crisis in front of the masses, and the masses have been alavering , chasing to ball to their tune.  I have said, that the PIed Pipers tune is to lead you out of the comfort of a free existance.  The Officers that were relieved from the Central Command, silience.  The remnants of the Benghazi incident, silence.  The whole story of the school incidents, Muddled and twisted, and totally incomplete.  Reminds me of the many times we were given tasks to accomplish in such a way, that they never were completed.  Just keeps the troops busy.  You better start analyzing all that you hear and see and not follow the bouncing ball.



Well I will say this. I am waiting for Monday to get here so I can see what he has to say. You can watch him on Dish if you have the full package or you must pay $10 a month for the Blaze on there. You can get a ROKU device if you have internet and watch The Blaze on there if you subscribe to The Blaze TV but it is worth getting. I have learned a lot watching his 1700 show every evening and listening to him in the am can be a learning experience. I just hope he has news on the Saudi they are giving a free ride out of town come Monday because we know the others will not report this nor will the Government come clean on any of this crap. We shall see and I agree if he does have damning info they will go after him full bore. He had better be ready for that to happen and they will use his family to get to him if necessary I believe. He is either a lunatic or one hell of a brave man, that remains to be seen and Monday should tell the story for sure.

Personally, I think he is a very brave, determined man.  If "Patriot" could only have one person's name, I think it would be Glenn Beck.  I also hope and pray that his sources are extremely careful and keep their heads down.  GB does have a security force that rivals the president's.  Some of his guys are former secret service.

If a person can't afford GBTV, they can sign up for a 14 day free trial then cancel before the trial is up.  I know GB doesn't think this is scuzzy for a person to do because he encourages people to do it all the time!

I hope he lives to tell his story. Many have not. I'll be praying for you Glen.

Glen, hire the best security you can afford!!  I already know that the wounded Saudi is Abdul Rahman al-Alharbi, is from a very wealth and powerful Saudi Arabian family with many terrorist ties!!!  The FBI should detain him until we understand why he was in close proximity to the two Chechen brothers who placed the Boston Marathon bombs!!  BARACK OBAMA, JOHN KERRY,  What did you talk about, when you met with the Saudi Ambassador, a day or so ago!!!!!!!!!   



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