Constitutional Emergency

The live feed won't embed here. So you can go here to watch it and also chat if you'd like....The chat is not very enjoyable.

There is an Iranian in the live chat by the name of reza ??? asking where is Iran's George W. Bush. They want George Bush!

The sucky thing about this chatroom is there are many american's on there fighting about American politics.

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coming soon to a city near you
We want a George Bush back...anything, just about, is better than what we have now.

Thanks Twana.
I love it when liberals refer to G.W.B. as using "cowboyish" methods for dealing with such problems. What the hell do they think put this nation where it is today? Having a Nancy Pelosi-ish approach? How about a Barney Frank-ish one?
I love this. Great point.
Thanks, Twana!
george bush cared enough to keep us safe. I thank him for that
Twana, a "neocon" is what the lilly-livered liberals call those former democrats who finally saw the light in the 70's, converted to Republicans and became "new" conservatives.
Thanks Twana. Wouldn't Washington pee their pants if there were crowds like that on 9/12 on the Mall and all around the country.
Please join us. I as the CC2009 State Coordinator for Massachusetts pray that you listen and consider this.

The Continental Congress will re-convene Nov 9, 2009.

We are a national organization supporting this CC 2009 that may die this fall if millions of us do not support the 150 soon to be elected delagates, 3 from each state.

The time for hearings and talk is over.

The time for action is now.

If we can get enough of us ....5%....1 in 20....the government will stand down and have to peacfully talk to the people about violations of the rule book....our constitution.

If there are not more than the tens of thousands of us presently....the government will clamp down on us.

The time to stand is now. We are almost out of time as a free people.

Are you with us ?
Reply to Paul.. Let's see! You own a section of land in Texas, You mend and build fences and corrals You have cattle. and a ranch house... sounds like a Cowboy to me..
I encourage everyone to go to Twitter. You can sign in under your name and use the hashtags #iranelection, #netrevolution and #gogreen. I am trying to get them here, but they are afraid. They have been tortured and killed by the basij which is the militia. They do not want to live under a theocracy anymore. What they need the most is our support and any survival techniques we might have for them. They will eventually win over the clerics and destroy their current government and install a Democracy. George Bush would not have tolerated any of this and they are finding out about Obama. How we treat them they will remember. Please Twitter there enough to bring them here to help them. Possibly we will not have to deal with nuclear warfare. Many Americans have been fighting for them over the internet because they seek a Democracy, Freedom, and Liberty. How can we ignore them? Obama has declared "Tea Party" protesters as low level terrorists by the DOD. We could be the next Iran. We need their hand in friendship! Anyone willing to Tweeter to get them here?

Molon Labe,

Patriot Rose



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