Marines' legal counsel is urging the base's private clubs to ignore the federal marriage law and admit homosexuals "spouses."

Marines Fight for Bragg-ing Rights

The Defense of Marriage Act is before the Supreme Court, but it seems the military has already issued its ruling. In a breaking story from Fort Bragg, the Marines' legal counsel is urging the base's private clubs to ignore the federal marriage law and admit homosexuals "spouses." Fox News's Todd Starnes got his hands on an internal email from the Marine Corps' Staff Judge Advocate, who seems less concerned about the law than the amount of publicity a fight like this could case. "We do not want a story like this developing in our backyard."

Too late. The Marines' decision to strong-arm Fort Bragg's "spouse clubs" and order them to accept homosexuals has already created a firestorm. Most officers feel betrayed. After all, the decision not only violates DOMA's definition of marriage, but the Pentagon's own report! During the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT) debate, the military made it quite clear that " there are a number of those benefits that cannot legally be extended to gay and lesbian Service members and their same-sex partners, even if they are lawfully married in a state that permits same-sex marriage." North Carolina, of course, just enshrined man-woman marriage into its state constitution--making this memo all the more outrageous.

Also frustrating is the fact that the Marines try to cloak the decision in a non-existent, non-discrimination class. "We would interpret a spouses club's decision to exclude a same-sex 'spouse' as sexual discrimination," the Staff Judge Advocate wrote. Yet, in its comprehensive review of DADT, the Pentagon reiterated its recommendation that "sexual orientation" NOT "be placed alongside race, color, religion, sex, and national origin." Unfortunately, these assurances, like so many under this administration, are proving meaningless. As our own LTG Jerry Boykin said, the military is the last vestige of traditional American values--but if the President continues down this path, it won't be for much longer.

** If you missed our live show, Washington Watch with Tony Perkins" in the 5:00 p.m. hour, check back tomorrow on to hear from Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) and FRC's own General Jerry Boykin.

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This is intimidating - normal people do not want to socialize with gay people. They have nothing in common. This act is to destroy the moral fiber of the USA. Just look at what is squatting in the Oval Office.

The Corp is not the US Military ! It is the US Marine Corp and the branch that you join and eork to be accepted in ! It is not a branch of the Military that the members are drafted into. There was a time when the Marines got the left over used, scraped and wore out C-130 air craft. They got 2&1/2' discarted or left behind by other branches of the militarty. they took the left overs and imprived to make use of what they could aquire or capture to make theirs. They have their own unwritten codes. A Marine Fire team is only as strong as it;s weakest link. All these new rules eat away at the core values of the corps ! You can;t shove an unnatural way of life on the last fiber of the American way left in this Nation. They have managed to hold true to Duty , Honor , Country inspite of all the liberal ideas they see these laws and the salute the flag and when the sun goes down theyy are still :MARINE: what is going to happen when the liberals finally break these Few and Proud or will they even with this be able to beark the OHHHHHH RAAAAAHH ! ! ! from the most elite fighting group in the world that takes pride in their duty to adapt and over come but mainly they are not peace keepers they are who we call on to die first and to kill 1st so leave them alone and let them do their jod ! TO heck with politics or polotocally correct !

The Marine Corps should not be able to tell any of the spouses how they should socialize.  It is that


My husband was a Marine from 1953 to 1974.  As his wife I knew there were certain things he did not

want me to do or say, because he was not sure if it would affect any promotions he might earn.  I

accepted that.  He never told me the M.C. says you have to do this or that. 

His first squadron was VMA-212 in MCAS Kaneohe.  He was a 21 year old 2nd Lt. and I was 19.

Any coffee or luncheon I went to was normally hosted by the wives of senior men in the squadron. 

These women had husbands who flew during WWII.   The next group of women, in that same squadron,

were wives of men who flew in the Korean War.  Trust me, if they had been told what they could or could

not do as to who would attend any social function, there would not have been one male Marine standing,

that includes any Marine Corps lawyers.

We wives did feel we also earned the opportunites to run our social lives they way we wanted to.  We did

have some Marine Corps wives, rare, but we had them, that were very loose morally and so we simply shunned

them.  We felt their actions reflected on the Marine they were married to and we also felt they degraded us,

as Marine Corps wives.

If I were a C.O.'s wife today I would come up with trick after trick to work around spouses, female, meetings.

In fact it would be a great challenge to me. 

There was only one time I saw Marine Corps wives, whose husbands were high ranking, tow the line of the

Generals.   Many of the Marine Corps wives who husbands were all ranks, started selling POW-MIA bumper

stickers.  We had all volunteers working at two Marine Corps bases.  We collected so much money for the

POW-MIA families.  They needed it to simply fly to DC or their state's capitol to call attention to plight of those held

in Hanoi and other areas.  LBJ had said he wanted no wives, including the spouses of those POW-MIA's to

even talk to each other.  He wanted the whole issue shut up.  Well, thanks to a couple of outstanding spouses

of high ranking military men who were either POW or MIA, said the heck with that and that is how the whole

movement started and finally the families started to find out, slowly if their husbands and dads were even alive.

Not all learned that but many did and it finally put pressure on the commies.  Nixon opened that whole thing up

and totally supported the POW-MIA spouses in trying to get info and send letter, etc.  So you see how powerful

military wives can be.  I would NEVER let this president or any commandant tell me what to do.  I hope most

Marine Corps wives today carry on and do what they wish at any social event.  Jo. D.

I am sorry this took so long but it is near and dear to me as a subject.

I must be missing something in this.  Fort Bragg is an Army Base and the Marine Corp has issued a ruling for this?  I read the LA Times article but cannot square why the Marine Corps got involved with an Army Base issue.  It probably will come up at a Marine Base, but why now at an Army base?  As a former Marine I can see this issue spilling over to effect unit operations especially when they enforce it in the EM (enlisted men) clubs.  I see fights that may break out and the aftermath will certainly affect the unit with involved personnel.

I guess if you want to destroy the Marine Corps you must get rid of God first.   Honor becomes meaningless and without Honor you do not need Courage.  Committment will be to what?


Semper Fi 

I'm with phrowt on this.  What does a happening at Fort Bragg have to do with the Corps?  And maybe I'm just behind the door on this "spouse club" business, but when I was in,  51 - 54,  I never even heard of a spouse club.  Anyone I knew who had a spouse, and they were few and far between except for the older WWII guys coming back for Korea, their spouses were primarily back home.  With regard to clubs I spent a good amount of time in the slop chute when stateside, but that was it.   Guess I'm just too old to get it, but the whole discussion about spouse clubs and gay rights in the military doesn't talk to me about the Marine Corps I was in.  Times change, I guess,  but I sure as hell hope the Corps maintains the integrity and fighting spirit I was proud to be a part of way back when ...

Semper Fi,




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