Martin Sheen Calls Bush Administration "Killers" - and More!

Martin Sheen was interviewed on Irish radio (Newstalk Radio) by Karen Coleman last Sunday (10th April), in her show entitled "The Wide Angle". Mr. Sheen spent most of his time attacking President George Bush and the Republican party.

He said that the abuses committed in South America were "supported by my own country - it goes back to the Reagan administration". He went on to say that these abuses included "murders in Medellin, and blatant mass killings". He said that President Bush (whom he called "that guy from Texas") had "a personal vendetta - Bush wanted to hand Saddam's head on a platter to Bush Senior and say 'there, I did what you couldn't do' ". He said that George Bush is "a liar", adding that "the only weapons of mass destruction in Iraq are the one's we sent in there".

He called Bush a "bully" adding that he attacked Iraq because "Saddam was the easiest target". He asked why Bush did not "challenge North Korea or Iran instead of Iraq", and said the answer was that he would only attack somebody he knew he could easily beat. Sheen said that Bush had "NO leadership qualities". He said Bush should have pardoned the man who threw his shoes at him and said "I am sorry: I did something terribly wrong, it was obscene, I am sorry". Sheen said that Bush had "lost his humanity" Continuing his tirade, Sheen stated that "Americans would support a President if he attacked anybody - including Ireland"!! He went on to say that the Bush administration was "a gang of KILLERS"!!

Turning to the subject of Obama, Sheen said "Obama, he's GREAT, I ADORE him". His voice trembled with emotion as he said this. He said that by shaking hands with Chavez, Obama "has made a very good start". After this brief love-in interlude with Obama, Sheen again turned on Bush. He said that Bush's policies in Latin and Central America were "obviously as much a failure as his mid-east policies". He reached a crescendo by calling President Bush "a THUG, a MASS MURDERER"!!!

I made my views known to Newstalk, because the interview was recorded and, as such, I really consider that it was unfit for broadcasting. Readers might wish to contact Sheen and make your views known to him - and/or to the American media. I cannot see any contact for Sheen, but I am sure somebody might be able to get it. Also, somebody might be able to tell President Bush or one of his colleagues: I do think that this is quite serious stuff. By the way, the above quotations are all true and accurate. Best Wishes to All, Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

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