Supplanted by the Three Amigos of Paul, Lee and Cruz, McCain became an informant, collaborator with the Dems, who nurse his fragile ego

In the Democrat-held Senate McCain is the ‘model prisoner’

By Neil W. McCabe (Bio and Archives)  Wednesday, August 21, 2013
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It is now clear that Sen. John S. McCain III (R.-Ariz.) has completed his transition from being the Senate’s “maverick” to becoming the upper body’s model prisoner.

It is not just that McCain is a snitch, running to the press or the Senate floor, whenever a rebellious conservative disturbs the good order and discipline of upper chamber. The son and grandson of Navy admirals now meets in secret with the warden, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.), to cook up new ways to undermine and thwart conservatives.

McCain was always a sketchy character. But, what really turned him into the warden’s pet was the worldwide phenomenon of Sen. Randall H. Paul (R-Ky.) filibustering the on the Senate floor from just before lunch March 6 until 12:30 a.m., the next morning.

Paul joined in his effort by the two other senators, Michael S. Lee (R.-Utah) and R. Edward Cruz (R.-Texas), the new Three Amigos. But, around 10 p.m., other Republicans senators showed up, including members of the GOP leadership team and the Minority Leader A. Mitchell McConnell (R-Ky.) himself.

The night was supposed to belong to McCain. He arranged for his GOP colleagues to dine that night with President Barack Obama, and because the partnership forged at dinner was brokered by McCain, it was supposed to make him the de facto leader of the Republicans.

But, all his plans were dashed as around 10:30 p.m., McConnell, who worked as hard as anyone alive to keep Paul out of the Senate, asked the other Kentucky senator to yield the floor to him, so he too could be part of the filibuster.

McCain was livid. He was so livid that the next morning he and Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R.-S.C.) came to the floor to denounce Paul and the other senators in the filibuster as “whacko birds.”

Soon afterwards, Reid hosted a closed-door meeting of senators to commemorate the 40th anniversary of McCain’s release from his North Vietnamese prisoner of war camp in the old Senate chamber.

After that meeting, whatever loyalty McCain held for the Republican Party or for conservatism was wiped away. The Republicans had moved on from the 76-year-old son and grandson of Navy admirals, but the Democrats loved him and respected him.

Jilted and confused by his loss of status, McCain switched parties without switching parties. In the next battle, when conservatives rallied to defeat new restrictions on gun rights, McCain supported the Democrats and spoke in favor of a background check amendment authored by Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D.-N.Y.).

Then, came the immigration bill, and McCain stood up for amnesty for illegal aliens and helped deliver another victory to the president.

In July, McCain helped the Democrats gut the filibuster itself in a magnificent surrender of minority rights, by which the Republicans agreed not to oppose the president’s nominees in exchange for the Democrats allowing the filibuster for nominees to stay on the books.

Paul had filibustered John O. Brennan for CIA director in March. In July, McCain made sure it would not happen again.

In the 18 months left in this Congress, conservatives must first recognize that no longer does McCain function as a conservative, nor a member of the GOP. He is a full-partner with Obama and the Democrats.

The primary option is not realistic. In 2010, former congressman J. D. Hayworth challenged McCain. But, Hayworth was not able to make the sale and lost by 24 points. Looking back, we see it was an opportunity lost.

All that can be done now it to treat him like the snitch he wants to be. The reason he does not formally switch parties is the chance the GOP takes over the chamber in the 2014 elections. If that happens, conservatives must be united in denying McCain a chairmanship or hefty boost in staffers that comes with being in the majority.


Neil W. McCabe is the editor of Human Event’s “Guns & Patriots” e-letter and was a senior reporter at the Human Events newspaper. McCabe deployed with the Army Reserve to Iraq for 15 months as a combat historian. For many years, he was a reporter and photographer for “The Pilot,” Boston’s Catholic paper. He was also the editor of two free community papers, “The Somerville (Mass.) News and “The Alewife (North Cambridge, Mass.).” Email him: Follow him on Twitter: @neilwmccabe.

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  • How tragic for America!!  McCain and Flake are absolute failures for Constitutional Conservatism!!  It appears that once in Office your soul belongs to the highist bidder!!

  • Can someone get me a link to the Recall effort?    I would like to donate to their cause.    When a man who has sworn an oath, and taken a position, and then reverses his whole program, and goes to work for the opposition, it is called lying, lack of honor, and treason.    John McCain is a Shadow Democrat, posing as a Republican.   He is doing damage, lots of it, and it is high past time, for him to be out of Office.    Although, I cannot vote in Arizona, I would like to contribute to those who are trying to rid their State, and our Country, of this reprobate.

  • WHOA BOY! Once I researched McCain where his fellow prisoners called him the "canary" Can't find that today but here's an interesting link...

    McCain's A$$ was "saved" because of his admiral dad . He refused to address the return of POW's --He refuses to open his recorded logs at the pentagon..His "stories" are as fake as John Kerry who served in Nam. His temper is called "volcanic."  I believe he witnesses torture and wrote and spoke as IF it happened to him. It sold his book, didn't it? It promoted him as a war hero, didn't it?

    Regarding his temper, I think that's because of lies he has carried with him throughout his life and that caused the death of many American men. Retire this poor excuse of a man!. Or is this fixed, too?

    He is NOT worthy of "Senator" title. He is an example of what wrong with this country--It's "who you know" and  your ability to fabricate incidences, ex., Obama, Hillary on Benghazi debacle 

  • Pretty good wrap...........

  • You know, as children, we witnessed many vengeance-driven acts of revenge by other children.  But upon reaching adulthood, I thought that childishness was a thing of the past.  It is difficult to learn and recognize that such is alive, well, and thriving in the halls of our very own Senate.  McCain should be stripped of all privileges and sent home to do his pouting where it won't further damage our country so drastically.  I wish the citizens of Arizona good luck on their recall efforts.

  • mcPain deserves to go done in history as a traitor. I think his war hero stories is just that stories. He always was a damocraps. Only tagged himself as a Republican because he lived in a republican state or he would never have been elected. We better take a second and third look at the war heros that come around. Remember Scott Brown (navy) and how fast he turned?

  • He has just been renounced by the AZ RNC!

    • Susan..........more please...........

  • Macain always was a scumbag

  • Collaborator is a kind term if considering what these men have to say...........

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