It's not just hussein obama ..... there are many just like him in our country. I'd like to know what this citation actually said and what exact authority it has. Is it law? Who the heck wrote that law, code, etc. We must get to the very bottom of this. Every traitor like hussein obama must be outed for their anti-American works. I hope a PFA member will take up this work for us as a group, this is something that can be done right from your home in front of your computer. If you need some boots on the ground in Georgia, go to our Georgia state group and ask for help from someone in that area. If no one steps up then out them for their complacency.




A McDonough business owner may just be vindicated after city officials fined him for flying patriotic flags above his restaurant.

A McDonough business owner tells FOX 5 he was just trying to show his patriotic spirit and give thanks to the military, but the city told him to take his flags down. A code enforcement officer cited CJ's Hot Dogs on Friday, but Saturday, McDonough City Administrator Frederick Gardiner told him that city law is not clear in the matter.

Hot dogs are on the menu at CJ's, but the restaurant has an appetite for service. Darren Miller says the whole place is dedicated to police, fire and military—and it's in his blood. His father is a Vietnam veteran, and he's a retired DeKalb County fireman.  

The walls of CJ's Hot Dogs are covered with patches from men and women who also served. Miller believes it's his right to salute them both inside and outside his restaurant.  Three months ago, he put up flags for country, state and every branch of the military.  But on Friday, the city of McDonough sent him a citation that said the flags have to come down.

"I'm just floored," said Miller. "And I called the guy and asked what they're for. And he said I'm in violation with my flags flying above my restaurant."

It didn't take long for outraged veterans to spread the word. Some called the citation sad, while others were outright angry.

The city administrator, who didn't realize code enforcement officers cited the restaurant until Shaw told him on Friday, told Miller that the ordinance that classifies the flags as signs is too vague and needs to be rewritten. For that reason, he says he's asking that the citation be thrown out.

It's a victory for Miller, the veterans, and what the flags stand for.  

"I've had enough of it," said Miller. "I'm tired of being pushed around for supporting our local men and women and I'm not going to be pushed around anymore."

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This is stupid, the city needs a good housecleaning.

I agree. This is vague and the law needs to go. Maybe some sort of boycott or help this patriotic man to pay that fine. Where is it written flags can not be flown?

The Government needs to back off at all levels, we are a free people in a free country and they need to respect that.

If what we are doing is not infringing on another persons rights, Then back the hell off!

I find this disgusting, we all must defend our rights now. Sooner or later we are going to have "boots" on the ground, here in the USA.. Are you all ready to defend this Country?  He must go....

Twana, I just forwarded this on to a friend who lives in Georgia.  Asked the friend to check it out if close enough to be feasible...


Push back!

Well, it seems that no action really may be needed now. The City Administrator is working on getting the citation thrown out. The idiot who issued it though should be fired.

I have to say that this makes me mad also but try to remember that the guy you say is a idiot is only doing his job, unlike several in Congress and this Administration.  But do agree greatly that the law should be gotten rid of like most in Administration and Congress.  This just goes to show that they have been passing stupid unwanted laws on us for a LONG time. 

Again Government proves they are incompetent, heartless, and greedy beyound reason!!!!  Shame, Shame, Shame on the city officials that did this!!!

The city needs to pay CJs Hot dogs  for the harm and distress caused  because some paper pusher --some gutless wonder  decided they  could penalize somebody --and since it wasnt the one who thunk up this stupid  charge  being penalized --woo woo. I say America should penalize the city and ONLY do business at CJs Hot Dogs.

I'm  also contacting  a  friend   Marine  Vet. in  nearby  DeKalb, cty. He'll  fill  me  in too..!!  I'll  find  their code-enforcement  phone--line  in  town  and  bother  them  all----night  LONG..!!  Folks  we  can  send  distraught  Xmas  cards  to McDonough  city  wishing  them  a  truck--load  of  COAL..!!   

They would use the coal and take credit for your donation.



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