Men Who Are Working Together To Destroy The U.S. Constitution

09 November 2015

By Publius Huldah

Men Who Are Working Together To Destroy The U.S. Constitution:

"I recognize aspects of Fabian socialism in the leaders of the so-called 'Convention Of States' and the 'Compact For America' gang.

Socialists fall into basically two camps: The Fabians [the intellectual elite should run everything] and The Syndicalists [the workers should run everything]. 

Fabian Socialists took over America 100 years ago - the Progressives of the early 1900s were Fabians; and both major political parties ever since have been controlled by Fabians.  Fabians hold the view that the masses are so stupid that they need to be steered, directed, managed, and controlled by the 'intellectual' elite - by means of laws and regulations and government controls (including population control). 

We KNOW, from Mark Levin's 'liberty amendments' and from Michael Farris' 'parental rights' amendment, that they want an all-powerful central government which controls every aspect of our lives.  We KNOW, from Nick Drania's version of a 'balanced budget' amendment, that he wants Congress to have the power to improve a NATIONAL SALES TAX and a NATIONAL VALUE ADDED TAX - in addition to the income tax.

Americans!  You better start looking at the 'fruits' of these people instead of what they tell you.  They tell you what you want to hear.  Meanwhile, as the texts of their proposed amendments show, they plan to enslave you and reduce you to poverty. 

Use your heads!  If you continue to go by what these people tell you - instead of going by the texts of the Amendments they propose - then you will have proved that Americans really are so stupid that they deserve to be controlled by the 'elite'.  Open your eyes!  God gave you a brain - why do YOU refuse to use the Gift God gave You?

Time is running out.  You better open your eyes now." 

Mark Levin's 'liberty amendments': 

Mike Farris' 'parental rights' amendment - delegates control over families to the federal government: 

Text of Parental Rights Amendment: 

Nick Drania's Compact For America and a Balanced Budget Amendment:

Imposes a national sales tax and a national value added tax (VAT) in addition to keeping an income tax. 

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Stand up America, time is not on our side, be ready.

17 November 2015

This Supreme Court Case Soon May Remove Your Right To Hire A Lawyer: 



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