Constitutional Emergency

Message from Col. James Harding, USAF, Ret. Col. Harding to ALL who have served...

Message from Col. James Harding, USAF, Ret. Col. Harding


Message to ALL who have served...


I am honored to be a United States military veteran and very proud of my country and our flag. I am proud of all you veterans out there, whether you served in combat or combat support, war time or peace time. Your role was, and is, extremely important. We're a team; a very important team, that must help keep the United States of America free from tyranny, free from oppression and free from external and internal terrorist forces.


Our country, unlike at any other period in our history, is now faced with an enemy who has no uniform, no visible weapons, no publication of force but, nonetheless, is a very real and present enemy. There are forces within our borders from source countries all over the world that are sworn to the destruction of the United States and freedom as we know it.


Everyone is member of a family. Many of you have children, parents and even, like me, grandchildren and great grandchildren.


As an Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine or Coast Guard veteran, you swore in your oath of office to defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. THIS OATH DID NOT RETIRE BECAUSE YOU ARE NO LONGER ON ACTIVE DUTY. We all need to do our part as fighting veterans; to help defend our country in our greatest time of need. Encourage other veterans to join Veteran Defenders, as I have, to become the "Eyes and Ears of Freedom" because we all know the price of freedom is not free.


The Veteran Defenders website will explain everything you need to know.


For you veterans that have field experience as a leader, I encourage you to lend your talents and leadership in various leadership opportunities that you will find on the website. Become a regional, zone or field leader, wherever you feel your talents are needed and well suited. We need leaders now in every state across this great land of ours.


We veterans are, and must continue to be, warriors. Your family, your community and your country needs you because, as a warrior, you very well may be the last line of defense for the United States of America. Civilians have always counted upon us to lead during time of great challenges and peril. We have led in the past and we must stand ready to lead again now.


I urge every Veteran member to volunteer for a leadership role in your community and for you to urge all fellow veterans to join with us in our unified stand for freedom, liberty and justice, by joining our ranks at 


Our country needs you. We will not rest until freedom, liberty, our Constitution and our Republic are once again safe from enemies here and abroad. I ask you to call upon all fellow veteran contacts to join us and take an active role in deciding the future of freedom and liberty in America.


We need leaders in every county and every state. Please contact Twana to volunteer your leadership in your area right away.


We will keep our oaths to protect and defend, not just stand down in the face of tyranny, no matter the cost, just as our forefathers did. We will not leave a broken nation to the next generation. Please join me in this honorable cause today.



Col. James Harding, USAF, Ret.

Veteran Defenders of America

The United States Patriots Union


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count me in here in Washington state

Great message, Col. Served from 1973 to 1977 in the U.S. Navy.  When the call is given, I will live up to the OATH I took and if need be Die rather than live under Tyranny.   I do think, and hope you and the other officers are working on a master plan, if the ballot box doesn't do the trick, meaning BHO doesn't get booted out or executes "Marial Law" before the elections. I for one am very concerned that we VETS don't have a clue as to what the "Battle Plan" is, if one of two senario's above happen....If you need help, contact me on e-mail post to VDA site on the secure posting. I understand planning and logistics.

Just another heads up Patriots. Check out this clip showng BO telling the leaving Russian prime minister to let Putin know that after he takes thenext election he'll have more breathing room.

Also a MichaelSavage.commore is told and can be listened to this behind the curtain discussion went. Same people running this country in the dirt are planning on taking this next electio, again... Time to take the gloves off. 

Our first hope is in the LORD.  Col. James Harding you and all the others that are willing to lead us non-military defenders are our second hope.  May GOD grant you and all the willing VDA wisdom, guidance, strength, courage in the days ahead.

You give everyone hope and courage.

GOD bless our country so we can glorify him. 

Col. Harding, I have served and will serve again. I read another post asking if there are plans in the works and I surely hope that there are. I understand the need for secrecy and remember the need to know basics so I will not push for further info. Just know that I stand ready to do what I can in support of your efforts. Former E-7, USN.



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