Constitutional Emergency

MUSLIM Jihadist Nidal Hasan, Fort Hood mass murderer, has been paid more than $278,000 in salary since the shooting…

fthoodaddT…while some of the surviving soldiers struggle to keep food on the table.  The Army said under the Military Code of Justice, Hasan’s salary cannot be suspended unless he is proven guilty. But that isn’t true. His  pay could have been suspended after 7 days. Meanwhile, more than three years later soldiers wounded in the mass shooting are fighting to receive the same pay and medical benefits given to those wounded in combat. But cannot, because the Obama Regime insisted on calling the act of Islamic terrorism “workplace violence.”

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There is NO ACCOUNTABILITY because there are NO CONSEQUENCES . And what have the victims of this TERRORIST act been given ..... An "ACT of WORKPLACE VIOLENCE" and no JUSTICE !

Disgusted with this.....

This is absolutely disgusting!!  I have called my Congressman Paul Gosar and My US Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake and urged them with all of my heart to Give the wounded and Killed at Fort Hood, KIA and WIA status!!!  No less is a shameful and cowardly on the part of Barack Obama!!!  SHAME!!!  SHAME!!!!  SHAME!!!!!!!!!   

WTF IS RIGHT........wait, he is an obama boy, no wonder

Why is he still alive?  Is he being kept away from the general population?  Something is wrong when the muslims cry for equality and then they get a special cell away from the real Americans!  Oh, sorry I forgot, the idiot-in-charge is also a muslim...

i will start this way.....Thank you so much Gunny for your sevice and years. i know you have to feel so betrayed that the blood you and your fellow soldiers have spilled for all of US and this "thing" is still alive. put into a cell away from people...he needs to go into general population, but that won't happen like you say, he is a muslim, truly sad for "OUR" Country. now, if "WE" could just get the other one in either a single cell or general population The USA might be able to get back in shape. thank you again Sir for your service.

Thank you for your good words, Chris.  Some people tell me I am too harsh, but I have learned that if you knock someone down, they can get up and knock you down.  It is best to take the bad guys out shot, one kill, and, I will pay for my own ammunition.  I only need the right hunting license!

And, Craig Young, you are correct.  While awaiting Courts Martial, the military prisoner does not post a bail and does receive his/her pay.  I do not beleive you play devils' advocate, I think you made a correct statement.  Now, wouldn't it be great if we can get the politicians to do the same.  Semper Fi!

no Gunny, no harsh word here, my Dad was a Buc (sp) Sergeant in the Air Force and i can a sure you he is rolling over in his grave. what i don't really understand is why this thing didn't fall in his tracks while he was doing his deed ??? And Craig Gunny says you are correct, this I didn't know, but what about the folks that lost if money could help, but where is their help ???

Hating to play the Devils advocate, if he has not been convicted in a Court Marshal, he is, unfortuanately entitled to all of his pay. Once found guilty on any or all charges, he will forfeit all pay and allowances.

So when is this guy being tried?  Have they decided the beard issue? What is holding up the trial now?

The situation is a slap in the face to members of the military and to us as citizens of the United States.




Methinks the hold-up has the initials of barry sotero / barak hussein obama ii and his number one, eric holder.  Oops, I forgot, I was supposed to use initials, Filala...

The MAIN issue to me ..... is the "workplace violence" BS, first of all, is that fact that determines the lesser benefits to those injured by this demented piece of crap! You take care of your own!.......But, isn't that what Obama is doing ?!?!? Who on this God's green earth would say Fort Hood was Workplace violence"? Only the antithesis of right, the rule of law, and common sense, would cause Obama to interfere on the part of this, killing, murdering, Muslim, against our Military protectors of our way of life and Country! .......Swift justice with pigs blood.

This is No Ordinary Scandal

To anyone who has studied the radical influences on Obama: Saul Alinksy - the father of Community Organizers mentored by Al Capone's gang, Frank Marshall Davis - his "real" father and anti-American Communist activist - Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright - Weather Underground terrorist - Bill Ayers - the logical conclusion is that this Manchurian President was PLACED here by evil Anti-American forces with the express purpose of taking a wrecking ball to the Constitution and using all the instrumentalities of Govt to intimidate, to coerce, to corrupt and ultimately DESTROY (Transform) American from a representative Republic to a Marxist style Banana Republic. Are his actions "high crimes"? Of course they are if you believe in America's Classic Liberal heritage. If you are a brainwashed state school educated drone, you like the former head of the NAACP Bond, think targeting the Tea Party is justified because instead of being an independent FREE man who follows MLK's imperative to judge a man by the content of his character - you are a house slave of the Masterminds who insist on judging men by the color of their skin. Is the lame stream media waking up? Are the Repubican cowards in the House of Representatives ready to stop funding Obamacare by closing the govt down? Are the people who elected this radical wrecking ball ready to correct things by electing more conservatives in 2014, and making sure that Hillary or some other Socialist activist is not elected President? I doubt it. If a future historian is writing America’s version of the The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire – I suspect we’re closing in on the last chapters.
By Alan Liss



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